15 Apps worth getting rooting your phone for

15 Apps worth getting rooting your phone

by Alex Gustman

Updated: December 23, 2021

On the Internet there is an ongoing debate about the appropriateness of obtaining superuser privileges. Some believe that rooting your phone is necessary, while others strongly oppose it, saying that rooting makes your Android device vulnerable. And while there is no clear-cut solution, here are 15 apps worth getting ROOT access for.

Titanium Backup

When it comes to backing up your data, there’s nothing better than Titanium Backup. It is an essential tool for quickly restoring apps after a firmware update or factory reset.

When it comes to backing up your data, there’s nothing better than Titanium Backup. It is an essential tool for quickly restoring apps after a firmware update or factory reset. It also saves the data of installed applications and settings that users have previously made. It also supports freezing and uninstalling system apps, clearing cache and data, etc.

Titanium Backup

Download Titanium Backup from Google Play

Viper4Android FX

Advanced equalizer to improve the playback quality with various sound effects. The app allows you to enjoy lossless HI-FI quality sound. And thanks to the extensive settings, you can access settings that are not available in normal firmware without root access.

viper4android fx


Reflashing a device manually takes a lot of time. That’s why Flashify is specially designed to save the user’s time and do the hard work automatically. The app knows how to create backups and send it to the cloud storage, install the firmware partially or completely, install kernels, recovers, archives, applications, etc.



The application helps to extend battery life by putting tasks running in the background to sleep. It is worth noting that Greenify also works without Root access, but the latter opens up additional possibilities for the user.


Download Greenify from Google Play


Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the cause of accelerated battery discharge. But the BetterBatteryStats application is able to provide a detailed informative report about the battery consumption. The utility displays the running time and the number of modules, system cores and processes running. There is a convenient presentation of information and description of some sections.


Download DiskDigger from Google Play

ROM Toolbox and Device Control

The app can replace dozens of other apps.It allows you to install third-party firmware, manage installed applications, control CPU clock and free memory. It also includes a built-in terminal emulator, a file manager and also includes a section for changing graphics and rebooting the device.
Device Control has a similar functionality, but includes several features that are absent in ROM Toolbox. In particular, it has advanced CPU and graphics gas pedal speed control, as well as easy viewing of statistics.

ROM Toolbox

Download ROM Toolbox from Google Play

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Recording video from the screen of a mobile device is not very popular among users, but that does not mean that it is useless.

GameKiller, GameGuardian and the like

Handy tools for hacking games and mining game currency in games installed on your cell phone. Suitable for facilitating the gameplay and getting other game benefits for free.


Not all devices can record a call, and in some smartphones, the function is blocked at the system kernel level. The CallRecorder application with superuser privileges supports two-way recording, which is useful for users whose work is connected with calls.


With superuser access privileges, it will be possible to control the network activity of the mobile device. For example, Droidwall can restrict the Internet for each individual app, allow only wireless or mobile network use.

LBE Security Master

A universal tool for mobile device security. The application has an antivirus package, includes a powerful ad blocking and energy saving tool. The program also includes a system garbage cleaner and much more.


There are many task schedulers on Google Play, but only Tasker with root permissions has such an impressive set of features.The utility is capable of automating various processes and launching applications when certain actions are performed or when a certain time or date arrives.


Download Tasker from Google Play


A powerful tool to change the firmware without having to install it. Allows you to customize the style and design of the shell, layout of elements and much more.


The software is designed for placing patches inside installed applications. This removes the limit of the trial period, removes advertising, as well as sets the amount of game currency in the games.



Rooting the phone allows you to install some applications that require root access for full functionality. Such applications can provide the user with additional features: saving traffic, time, saving energy, increasing productivity, etc.

However, you should keep in mind that careless rooting can lead to a device crash. aSometimes rooting a phone can lead to a complete phone breakdown. And the rooted phone usually gets out of warranty, becomes more vulnerable and requires a special control from your side. Not to mention the risk of getting a “brick” instead of a rooted device.

So before you root your phone, think about whether you’re qualified to protect it from hacking. And before you make any changes, it’s a good idea to be thoroughly familiar with the app’s capabilities.

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