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Updated: July 18, 2023

To avoid loss of personal data and restrict access to your mobile device, you need to install a screen lock. In this article we will tell you about 6 ways to unlock your tablet or smartphone, the instructions for installing a lock, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

What is a screen lock?

The screen lock is the mode the device automatically enters when it is turned on or wakes up from sleep mode. To remove the lock, you must enter the correct data: code, password, or graphic key.

screen unlock methods
Ways to lock the screen.

What unlocking methods are available?

Swipe the screen

The standard way to unlock your phone or tablet. Requires you to swipe in a designated area of the screen or move a shortcut from one area to another. Allows quick access to your device, but provides no protection.

Swipe the screen
Swipe the screen

Graphic key or pattern lock

In the case of the graphic key, you need to draw a certain figure. A convenient and quick way to unlock your smartphone or tablet. In this case it is not difficult to unlock the pattern, if you know the combination beforehand.

pattern lock
Pattern lock.

Symbolic password

This type of unlocking your android device requires entering a character password consisting of at least four letters and numbers. The longer the password, the higher the protection level. At the same time, the password is easy to spy on at the moment of unlocking or to forget.

Symbolic password
Symbolic password.

PIN code

To unlock an android phone or tablet, you need to enter a numeric code of at least four digits. As with the character password, the numeric code allows you to quickly unlock your android device. It’s also easy to spy or forget the code.

Numeric code
PIN code

Automatic unlocking

Allows you to unlock the android phone screen under certain conditions or with an electronic device: smart watch, bracelet or other accessory. Instant and convenient way to unlock the device, does not require you to remember passwords and provides good protection. In this case it is necessary to buy additional equipment.

Biometric protection

Fingerprint or retina scanner can be used to unlock the lock. A reliable security system that is difficult to tamper with. It also does not require you to remember the password and other data. In this case, unlocking does not always work from the first time, and in devices of the initial and budget segment with 3-4 times.

How do I set the screen lock?

To activate the graphical, character or code lock, you need:

  • Go to “Security” in the device settings.
  • Open the “Screen lock” item.
  • Select the desired locking method and follow the instructions.

To add a biometric lock:

  • Open the appropriate item in the device settings or app menu.
  • Add the biometric data.
  • Enter a code, password, or picture key for a backup unlock.

To set up automatic locking

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Select the “Security” section.
  • Tap “Trust Agents” and activate the “Smart Lock” feature.
  • Go back one level. In the “Device Security” section, select Smart Lock.
  • Enter your security sub, password or picture key.
  • Follow the settings.

How do I lock my phone for children’s use?

You can use the parental control feature. The function allows you to prohibit the download of certain applications from Google Play, Track your child’s location if the device is with your child. View which apps your child is using and how often. You can also set a time limit for using the device.

How do I block my phone on YouTube for a child?

The parental control feature built into the system is suitable. Through settings, you can specify preferred restrictions for the child. You can also activate the “Safe Browsing” function in Youtube settings. In this mode, most inappropriate content will not be displayed.

How do I lock my iphone screen?

You need to open the phone settings. Depending on the generation, select “Face ID and passcode” or “Touch ID and passcode” or “passcode”. Then select “Turn on code-password”. Then specify unlock type and password. Finally, confirm the password.

How do I lock my phone after a call?

You need to press the lock button or put your finger on the fingerprint scanner, which will immediately lock the phone.

How do I lock my phone if I lose it?

To lock your iPhone, you need to open iCloud. Then select “Find Phone”, then select the function to lock the phone. For Android, open the “Find My Device” application or the corresponding section in the account, select the device and activate the phone lock function.

How do I lock my samsung phone remotely?

You can use Android’s built-in Find My Device lock feature. To lock your device, you need to open an application on another device or a section in your account where the remote lock button is available. You can also use the Find My Mobile lock function, which works in a similar way.

Smart Lock is a feature on Android phones which allows your phone to open without a password if its in a location it recognises. However, this feature must be enabled before you lose access to your PIN. 

Source: https://www.techadvisor.com/article/725850/how-to-unlock-an-android-phone-if-youve-forgotten-your-passcode.html


How do I lock my phone during a call?

It is necessary to press the lock button after answering the call. The screen will go out, but the connection will not be interrupted. In this case, in the phone settings, you must turn off the “End call with lock button” function.

How do I change the autolock on my iphone 6?

Open the phone settings, then select “Basic”. In the new menu select “Auto lock screen” and then set the desired time of automatic locking.

How do I block my iphone 6?

Open the phone settings. Select “Touch ID and passcode” . Then select “Enable passcode”. Then specify the unlock type and password. Finish by confirming the password you typed.

How do I block mobile data on Android?

You can disable access to the Internet via the SIM card menu.

How do I lock my phone without hanging up?

Press the screen lock button. In this case, the “End call with lock button” function must be disabled in the phone settings.

How do I lock the screen on my iphone 6s?

It is enough to press the screen lock button on the smartphone body.

How do I block my iphone 7?

Open the phone settings. Select “Touch ID and passcode” . Then select “Enable passcode”. Then specify the unlock type and password. Finish by confirming the password you typed.

How do I lock my phone in the app?

It is necessary to install the corresponding application. Open the program settings and set the blocking parameters.

How do I block my phone number?

Open the application to make calls. Go to settings and select the number blocking section. Enter the number.

How do I lock my phone while watching YouTube?

Any application with a touch lock feature, such as Touch Lock, will work. To lock the screen while viewing, slide the status bar and tap Touch Lock.


An unlocked android phone or tablet is an easy way to get the owner’s personal information. To avoid this, you should set up one of the available unlocking methods. Due to the high level of protection, it is optimal to use a biometric or automatic unlocking system. If this method is not supported, then you should use a picture key, a character password or a numeric code.


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