Sending a scheduled message

How to schedule emails in Gmail

The Scheduled Messaging feature is a convenient way to schedule your work

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How to use the google lens

What is Google Lens and how to use it

The Google Lens app is a universal tool for searching and translating

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top antivirus apps

25 best Android antivirus apps

The widespread spread of malicious programs contributes to the appearance of antiviruses.

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how to transfer application backups to the cloud

How to Backup Android Apps to The Cloud?

It is taking a lot of time to manually reinstall all the

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how to enable automatic updating of mobile apps

How to make apps update automatically?

Applications are quite useful little programs helping us in different ways. Sometimes

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how to delete instagram

How to delete Instagram account permanently on Android app?

Social life online is an important part of peoples’ lives. We love

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how to remove applications from the computer

How to Delete Apps on Android From the Computer?

Smartphone manufacturers tend to pack the new smartphones with so-called bloatware. Most

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how to get application package name

How to Get App Package Name in Android?

One of the things required to start testing a mobile application is

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how to find package name with activity.

How to Find App Package and App Activity in Android?

We all love applications since they make our life easier. On the

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how to check how much memory an application is consuming

How to Check App Memory Usage Android?

Apart from the processor and the brand, we compare two main numbers

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how to check the activity of programs

How to Check App Activity Android?

People use apps without thinking about what they consist of and how

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how to check an update on an iPhone phone

How to Check for App Updates on iPhone?

Our mobile devices, thanks to the ability to host apps, have become

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how to check the update on.

How to Check For App Updates on Android?

More than half of the Earth’s population has already got a portable

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how to update apps.

How to Update Apps on Android?

There are tons of apps available in the Play Store – one

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how to uninstall an application on a smartphone

How to Delete Apps on Android?

What do we start with after purchasing a new and shiny smartphone?

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how to find an application on a mobile phone.

How to Find Apps on Android?

Migrating from iOS to Android might be somewhat burdensome. Both operating systems

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how to close an application on an android mobile phone

How to Close Apps on Android?

Battery saving is a very popular topic of numerous internet discussions. Optimizing

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App permissions

App Permissions

Applications make smartphones very valuable and important for us. One can easily

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how to remove an application on android

How to Delete Background Apps on Android?

New smartphones usually work excellent and fast until crowded with various apps.

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how to find hidden application

How to Find Hidden Apps on Android?

There are various applications to any taste available in the Play Store

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