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applications for root

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 7, 2021

The availability of root rights opens up wide opportunities for the user in terms of configuring and customizing the mobile device. For example, they are removing unnecessary standard programs, installing a more economical scheduler for the processor, etc. At the same time, by default, root rights are blocked on most mobile devices, but the block is easily removed with the help of specialized apps. What programs will help you get root rights, and under what conditions you will learn from this material.

Important! The programs described in the article are mainly focused on working with devices running on outdated versions of the operating system. More modern versions use other methods of obtaining superuser rights.

Before getting root rights, you shall carefully study the possible risks and consequences. An unsuitable utility or a mismatch of conditions often leads to a breakdown of the mobile device. There is also a high probability that you will be denied warranty service and repair if you fail to obtain root rights.

Ways to Root Android Phone

Conditionally, programs for obtaining superuser rights are divided into two types:

  1. Mobile phones.
  2. For the computer.

Mobile apps are designed to be installed on a smartphone or tablet, where the whole process of rooting takes place – getting root rights. Most actions are reduced to pressing a couple of buttons, so there is nothing complicated.

Computer programs are installed on a PC or laptop, with a connected mobile device. The rooting process is implemented on the computer. Apps are usually built in such a way as to exclude user intervention as much as possible. Therefore, more often it is needed to tap only on a couple of buttons, confirm something and that’s all.

The order of actions in both cases is similar. More often it is necessary to do the following actions:

  1. Charge the battery to 75% or more.
  2. Provide access to the Internet.
  3. Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  4. Enable USB debugging.

If you need to perform other actions, detailed instructions will be described in the program for rooting.

Important! The process of obtaining a root by mobile or desktop software is based on the hacking method. The software analyzes the system and looks for available vulnerabilities. If successful, a hack occurs and superuser rights are obtained. Otherwise, the software will inform you that it is impossible to get a root. Before using a particular utility, it is recommended to ask on the XDA forum or from the software manufacturer for successful rooting.

Apps for Android Root

Below we will look at the most popular programs for rooting on a mobile device.


It is a program with getting root in one touch. Mobile devices with Android version 2.2–6.0 are supported. The program is regularly updated, so the list of mobile devices and supported systems is gradually expanding.

Kingo Root

Obtaining superuser rights is also performed in one touch. According to the developers, about 103,000 devices that run on Android 1.5-5.0 are supported.


The service works on a paid basis. You need to register, make a payment, and then the service will provide tools for obtaining root rights. Rooting is available up to Android 7.0. 

Romaster SU

This program allows you to root about 8,000 models. Mostly old firmware versions up to 4.4 are supported. The utility is also in Chinese, but it is not difficult to understand. Just tap on the green root button and wait for the result.

360 Root

The utility with a 90% probability allows you to root up to 9,000 models of smartphones and tablets. At the same time, devices with Android version 2.2–4.2 are supported.


The program roots devices with Android version 2.2–4.4. One click, reboot and the root is ready.

Baidu Root

The app roots Android 4.1–5.1 smartphones and tablets.


The app roots mobile devices on Android 4.0–4.4. The project is not developing, so you should not count on rooting modern devices.

Programs for rooting an Android phone from a computer

Now let’s look at the most relevant programs for rooting using a PC.


The service also has a mobile version. It allows you to root devices on Android 2.3–6.0.

Kingo Root

The desktop version allows you to get root on the firmware version 1.5–5.0. The service is updated on a regular basis.


Paid service with regular support. Getting root rights is available on many popular models, with firmware up to Android 7.0.


The utility installs the root mainly on firmware versions 4.0–4.4. Some smartphones of Chinese manufacturers on Android 6.0 are amenable to successful rooting.


The article contains the most relevant specialized programs for obtaining root rights. Some software does not develop and does not support the rooting of modern systems. Other projects like KingRoot and OneClickRoot, on the contrary, are actively developing and allow you to root modern mobile devices.

And what method of obtaining root rights do you prefer? Leave comments below this article.

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