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by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 10, 2021

For many users, getting up in the morning is a painful event. To make this process pleasant, the designers have created smart alarm clocks. Such applications contribute to a better awakening, thanks to a smooth exit from the deep sleep phase.

I Can’t Wake Up

It is a free app with ads. To disable ads, it is needed to upgrade to the PRO version.

The program is aimed at users who do not want to get up in the morning, often turning off and postponing the alarm for a late date. To prevent this, a task or puzzle is launched at the moment of awakening. The right solution will allow you to turn off the alarm, otherwise, the music continues to play on and does not allow you to fall asleep.

In total, the app contains eight tasks with three levels of difficulty. For example, you need to scan a previously entered barcode or solve a mathematical example in your mind. According to the designer’s idea, this will not allow you to fall asleep again after waking up.

I Can’t Wake Up also includes an extensive set of parameters and settings. 

alarm clock can not wake up


The I Can’t Wake Up app is designed to make you get up, not to make you wake up pleasantly. Clever puzzles, the solution of which requires clarity of mind, will not allow you to fall asleep again. 

Download I Can’t Wake Up from Google Play


It is a free alarm clock for smartphones and tablets, without ads and in-app purchases. The app was purchased by Google, so it does not work without the services of the search giant.

The initial window is divided into three screens: alarm clock, clock and timer.

When creating an alarm, you are prompted to select the time and day of operation. Specify the name, activate Smart Rise (30 minutes before triggering, the melody plays with increasing volume), the melody and vibration. There are also three tasks for guaranteed waking up in the morning.

The watch includes three dials, which will do for use on older smartphones and tablets.

A timer with a countdown and two buttons: it adds 15 seconds to the time and turn it off.

As such, the application does not have any settings. You can set the length of the volume increase, the repeat of the signal and the volume of the alarm clock. There is also a choice of graphic settings for each screen and manual adjustment.



Timely looks the most balanced. The app is not overloaded, it contains the correct localization, functionality and a pleasant design. There are also no ads and no in-app purchases. Suitable for easy and guaranteed awakening.

Download Timely from Google Play


Alarm clock with smooth sound amplification functions. It includes several disconnection methods for guaranteed lifting. It is downloaded for free, but contains ads. 

The initial window displays a list of active/inactive alarms, with the time and days of operation; buttons for the side menu and settings. The user can create a new alarm clock, copy the current one, check and skip the nearest one. There is also an alarm clock/timer for setting a certain time.

When creating a new alarm, it is needed to specify the time, description, days of operation, sound, vibration and off ways only. In addition to the traditional shutdown by pressing a button, there are: shaking, solving a problem, scanning a code or creating a photo. Such ways will effectively wake up users who prefer to sleep a little more in the morning.

In the app settings, the alarm volume is set, the duration of the volume increase for a soft wake-up and the time of automatic shutdown is set. There are also buttons for blocking and prohibiting the removal of the app, choosing one of the seven themes and setting the weather. View weather conditions in the side menu.



Alarmy contains a simple interface and settings for a smooth volume increase. And the combination of additional settings and several types of disabling the alarm clock will not allow you to fall asleep in the morning. 

Download Alarmy from Google Play


The article describes in detail the main features, advantages and disadvantages of the most common alarm clocks. In comparison with the built-in app, alarm clocks offer advanced wake-up and sleep capabilities. And setting the alarm to turn off is guaranteed to help you wake up at a given time.

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