Best Android Apps for productivity

Top Android apps for productivity

by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 21, 2022

When working on any project, it is always important for you to meet certain deadlines and follow a plan. To succeed, you need to manage your time and reduce downtime. Here are the best productivity apps for Android devices to optimize workflow and improve work efficiency.

TickTick: Things and Tasks To Do

Key features:

  • records and notes management 
  • schedule planning
  • reminders of upcoming events
  • sharing.

Android version required: 4.1 and later.

Installation space required: 53 Mb.

RAM usage: 446 Mb.

Application version:

Latest update: January 17, 2022.

TickTick is a task scheduler. The application allows recording notes and ideas for one or a group of users, creating to-do lists for each day, and planning short-term and long-term tasks. Task scheduling enables you to distribute your workload over a certain period and not to miss important events.

Sorting and grouping options make it easy to find the desired record. You can tag each entry, mark it with a label, and place it in a specific folder. You can save all unsorted and sudden ideas and thoughts in a separate folder. Scheduled tasks for each day or week are displayed in the list panel. You can also add and edit lists on the panel according to personal preferences or team wishes. For convenient planning, the application has a calendar with several views.

In TickTick, you can assign a priority to each entry. You can also create a list of tasks and add subtasks to it. There is a function to reschedule a task if you can’t complete the assigned task or if you need to adjust your plan. You can share an entry or move it to another app, such as Google Keep, as well as track the history of changes during teamwork on the task. Integration with your calendar, popular apps, and voice assistants will help you sync or transfer your saved notes.

In the settings, you can select the main tabs to increase the efficiency and convenience of working with the application, adjust the visual appearance, notification, and general parameters when working with the application. A basic version with limited functionality is available for free. To get full access to the app, you need to subscribe for $2.5 for a month or $25.37 for a year.

TickTick: Things and Tasks To Do

Key benefits:

  • No ads.
  • Easy to keep notes, ideas and make a daily schedule.
  • Collaborative work on specific tasks is available.
  • You can reschedule or postpone tasks.
  • Tag and prioritize notes.
  • Integration with voice assistants and the calendar.

Main disadvantages:

  • Some features are not available without a paid subscription.


TickTick helps you plan your work and allocate your workload over a certain period for effective time management. The ability to collaborate on tasks reduces delays when coordinating or distributing responsibilities. The application is free and ad-free, but some features are not available without a paid subscription.

Download TickTick: Things and Tasks To Do from Google Play

Digital Wellbeing

Key features:

  • app usage timer 
  • disabling scheduled notifications
  • bedtime reminder
  • phone usage statistics.

Android version required: 9.0 and later.

Installation space required: 15 Mb.

RAM usage: no data available.

Application version: 1.0.410515141 (329097).

Latest update: December 9, 2021.

Digital Wellbeing lets you track how often you use your smartphone, how much time you spend using apps, and how many notifications you receive. Features to limit app usage time help you develop useful habits and better organize your leisure and work time. A timer sets the amount of time you use a particular app during the day. When that time expires, the app can’t be launched until the next day. To prevent blocking at inopportune times, a notification will appear before the timer expires to save changes to the app.

Digital Wellbeing allows you to turn off sound notifications for certain applications and focus on the task at hand. You can customize the schedule by selecting the day, start and end time of blocking the sound alerts.

Key benefits:

  • Set a timer for a specific application.
  • Turn off notifications to focus your attention.
  • Reminder to go to bed with calls and messages blocked while you sleep.
  • Mobile device and app usage statistics.

Main disadvantages:

  • The application is available for devices with Android version 9 later.
  • For full functionality, you may need to have Google services running.


Digital Wellbeing allows you to set certain limits on app usage time, as well as bedtime reminders for work and life balance. It can also disable alerts from certain apps to concentrate on work or a specific task. The app is free and has no functionality limitations. However, the application requires Android version 9 or higher, and you may also need working Google services.

Download Digital Wellbeing from Google Play

Todoist: To-Do List and Tasks

Key features:

  • task manager 
  • task scheduler
  • sharing
  • reminders about upcoming events.

Android version required: 6.0 and later.

Installation space required: 39 Mb.

RAM usage: 146 Mb.

Application version: v9104.

Latest update: February 1, 2022.

Todoist is a task manager for making daily routines, planning various single and recurring events. The application is suitable for individual and joint use.

For each task in Todoist, you can set a priority and due time, set tags and reminders, and choose a directory for storing the recording. The app supports commenting on each entry, sending links to the entry to another user, and viewing the history of changes. To set an exact due date, you can select a day and time. The option to reschedule the task is also available.

All tasks are located on the task and project panel. On the panel, you can also view your current tasks and calendar with upcoming events, a directory with tags, and create projects. You can add users from your contact list to a project or invite new users to perform tasks together.

Todoist can track your productivity by setting goals and objectives for a set period: day, week, month. The app supports a vacation mode that pauses activity tracking.

The settings allow you to set the view, navigation in the application, and the parameters of reminders and notifications. Todoist is free and ad-free. Some features are unavailable or limited or only available after paying for a subscription. A monthly subscription costs $4, and an annual subscription is $35.52.

Todoist: To-Do List and Tasks

Key benefits:

  • No ads.
  • Several options for sorting and grouping tasks.
  • Support for collaborative work on projects.
  • Setting up reminders.
  • Tracking productivity, setting goals and objectives.

Main disadvantages:

  • Registration is required to work with the application.
  • The basic version contains functionality limitations.

Todoist makes it easy to keep various records and work on personal or collaborative projects. The app allows you to organize your daily routine and distribute your workload evenly. Productivity tracking helps you measure your productivity statistics. However, the unsubscribed app has limited functionality, so it doesn’t work for large or regular team projects.

Download Todoist: To-Do List and Tasks from Google Play


This article contains the best productivity apps for Android. The presented programs will help you plan your schedule, evenly distribute the workload, work on collaborative projects or limit app alerts so that you can concentrate and not be distracted by trifles. At the same time to fully use all the features of the applications, you need to subscribe, in particular when working on large and regular projects.

What ways and applications do you use to be more efficient? Share your experiences with other users in the comments below the article.

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