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by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 21, 2022

Android music making apps allow you to assemble different melodies from preset samples. By selecting effects in a certain sequence, you can create a unique melody for a ringtone or a soundtrack for a social media video. In this article, we take a look at the best music creation apps for Android, what features they offer the user, as well as their main advantages and disadvantages.

Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

Key features:

  • 48 beats for each genre
  • saving the recording to memory
  • overlay sound effects.

Pricing: conditionally free of charge. Subscription: 10.71 USD for a month or 48.21 USD for a year.

Android version required: 5.0.

Installation space required: 150 Mb.

RAM usage: 478 Mb.

Application version: 1.10.0.

Latest update: December 23, 2021.

Groovepad allows you to create compositions of a particular genre from 48 presets. Each preset is grouped in blocks of 4 and contains a short repetitive recording, combined in a different sequence. It is impossible to start more than one record from the same block marked with the corresponding color, except for the four Fx and Vox presets from the lower-left corner of each side.

Also, an overlay of effects from four categories with application only to a specific preset is available. You can save a melody to the memory of your mobile device. At the same time, you can re-record old recordings when the memory is full. In addition, you can listen to recordings and delete them within the application.

Groovepad is free to download. The basic version contains aggressive ads that appear after a few actions within the app. There is also no access to a selection of genres and effects.

Disabling ads and unlocking features are only available after a regular subscription – $10.71 for a month or $48.21 for a year.

Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker

Key benefits:

– 48 blanks for each genre.

– Additional sound effects.

– Recording the melody to the phone memory.

Main disadvantages:

– Aggressive advertising in the free version of the app.

– Most features do not work without a subscription.

– No possibility to record voice.

– High RAM consumption.

– No useful settings.


Groovepad is not a challenging application to learn, in which you can create an interesting melody in a matter of minutes. That’s why the program is great for beginners. In the basic version, the choice of effects and genres is limited, and aggressive ads appear steadily after a few actions. Therefore, there is nothing to do in the application without buying an expensive subscription.

Download Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker from Google Play

Music Maker JAM – Beat & Loop Mixer

Key features:

  • selection of blanks from various styles and directions of music
  • split a song into multiple parts
  • saving the project in order to change the composition or continue working
  • choose the quality of the composition you want to create.

Android version required: 6.0.

Installation space required: 138 Mb.

RAM usage: 556 Mb.

Latest update: February 4, 2022.

The Music Maker JAM allows you to create music from a collection of presets of different styles and musical directions. The workspace consists of 8 customizable controls linked to each section of the tune. Each new project starts with one section and expands as you see fit.

Each knob lets you set a specific melody rhythm, repeat a specific part of the tune, or all parts. You can select chords and record a specific part of the tune to use as a preset. A selection of effects is also available to apply to the entire track or a specific instrument.

In Music Maker JAM, you can save a finished tune or just a specific part of it as a file. And the save project feature lets you make changes to the finished track or continue working on an unfinished piece at another time. You can also import and export projects to refine existing tracks or download and continue your work on another device.

The application settings consist of quality adjusting, file format, and storage medium choosing. The basic version is free and ad-free. Some features are only available by subscription for 4.64 USD: access to chords, effects, and high-quality recording in WAV format. Collections with additional effects are purchased separately for game coins. The user can get some coins at the initial stage for passing the training.

Music Maker JAM - Beat & Loop Mixer

Key benefits:

– Different effects on each of the 8 controls.

– Possibility to divide the melody into several sections with a different set of effects.

– No ads.

– Setting the format and quality of the output file.

– Saving, importing, and exporting the project.

Main disadvantages:

– Some features are not available in the basic version of the application.

– You need to buy additional styles or subscribe.

– High RAM consumption.

– Voice recording is not supported.


Music Maker JAM is a functional music editor with the ability to choose different effects from various music styles. Therefore, the application is suitable for both beginners and professional music creators. It allows you to save all changes in a separate project to continue working at another time or to make edits to the finished composition. Some features are not available in the basic version without a subscription, such as picking effects from music styles.

Download Music Maker JAM – Beat & Loop Mixer from Google Play

BandLab – Music Making Studio

Key features:

  • voice or sound recording
  • recording the sound from a musical instrument
  • sampler
  • looper
  • a large database of sounds and files.

Pricing: free.

Android version required: 5.0.

Installation space required: 194 Mb.

RAM usage: 432 Mb.

Application version: 10.12.0.

Latest update: February 4, 2022.

BandLab is a free platform for creating music and communicating with other users. The multiplatform app allows you to work with it on Android, iOS, and PC. The app lets you find friends, collaborators, and musicians to work with or create a music group. It also supports publishing and listening to finished tracks.

In the application, the user can use:

– Import a music file for editing.

– Sampler to create music with any sound.

– Voice/microphone for recording any sound.

– Looper for looping a chord, rhythm, or melody.

– Guitar and Bass to record your playing.

There is also a collection of different MIDI sounds, sound sets for looper, sampler kits and vocal presses, songbooks, metronome, tuner, and mastering instruments. All instruments, modes, and files are free, and sounds and pressets can be used to refine your music or create new playback.

In BandLab, 16 tracks are available for creating music, with the possibility of overlaying various effects. For each track, you can record your own sound, import a previously recorded file, or load a file from the application’s library. It is possible to add a note or lyrics to a song.

There are no settings in BandLab. Of the useful features, it is worth noting the ability to set a password to log in to the application. 

BandLab is distributed free of charge, with no ads and no built-in payments. At the same time, all users can donate any amount of money to the developers.

BandLab – Music Making Studio

Key benefits:

– Free access, no ads, and no additional fees.

– Tools for music mixing, voice and sound recording.

– 16 tracks for creating music.

– Choice of effects.

– Availability of a database with melodies, songs and sounds.

– Ability to work on iOS, Android and PC.

– Setting a password to log in to the application.

Main disadvantages:

– Registration in the service is required for the application to work.

– Few useful settings.


BandLab is a full-featured music editor that lets you create a melody from ambient sounds or a song with a vocal overlay. There are many modes and functions and a database with various melodies and songs in the application. It will be of interest to both beginners and true professionals. In addition, the application allows you to find users for collaboration. BandLab has no significant drawbacks, and free distribution helps users create quality electronic music.

Download BandLab – Music Making Studio from Google Play


This article contains the best applications for creating music on Android. The presented applications can help you create amateur and professional tracks to put on your ringtone or publish on social networks. The leader of the top is BandLab. The functionality of the application surpasses some desktop programs for PC, and free access without advertising, subscriptions, and purchase of additional modules will facilitate the production of quality music.

What Android music creation apps do you use? Share your opinion in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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