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by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 13, 2021

Advertising on the Internet and apps increases the consumption of traffic, as well as increases the duration of page loading. Clicking on banners on questionable sites also leads to downloading files and applications, often of a malicious nature. This article will let you know how to effectively block ads on Android, as well as exclude downloading files of a dubious nature.

Ways to Block Ads

Ads are blocked in two ways:

  1. In a browser.
  2. In a system-wide application.

Blocking ads in the browser is carried out due to the tools built into the browser and does not affect the blocking of ads in other applications on the device. The principle of operation is to filter traffic, which disables the display of ads without harming the information contained on the page.

The browser designers decide which ad blocks are blocked and which ones are displayed. Slow and untimely updating of the block list leads to the display of some advertisements. And browsers are distributed for free, so funds are required for support, which is often solved through the same advertising or partner agreements. So, a part of the unblocked advertising in the browser is one of the variants of the agreement between the designer and the advertiser.

The Google Chrome browser deserves special attention. There is an ad blocker in the application settings, but after activation, the ad continues to be displayed. This is explained by the fact that one of the main revenues of Google is advertising. And who wants to lose key earnings? At the same time, the company claims that the option allows blocking aggressive and intrusive advertising, which overlaps the information on the page.

Ad blocking in a system-wide application also uses traffic filtering. As a rule, for this purpose, advertising requests are redirected to a non-existent address, which allows you to effectively remove ads on all built-in applications on the device, including browsers.

This method of blocking is not approved by Google and prohibits downloading such programs to the Google Play app store. The reason for the refusal is a violation of Rule 4.9 of the Google Play Agreement on the Distribution of Software Products. Since the advertising built into the application is a way of earning money for most designers, which is regularly abused by Chinese designers, this item allows protecting the earnings of designers. Therefore, applications for global ad blocking can only be downloaded from the official websites of the respective designers.

Browsers with Ad Blocking Function

This section describes the possibilities of blocking ads in the browser.


The Brave browser provides effective blocking of ads, pop-ups and trackers. It also blocks scripts and third-party cookies. Thanks to this, browsing sites becomes safe, and the probability of identity theft and downloading malicious applications is minimal. In addition, the HTTPS redirection and data encryption function is available if a normal HTTP connection is detected.

For convenience, statistics of blocked ads are also displayed when the app is launched. Separate statistics are maintained for each site to clearly know about the number of blocked ad blocks.

brave app

Specifications and System Requirements

  • Main features: blocking ads and trackers, forced switching to an HTTPS connection, blocking scripts and cookies, the presence of blocking statistics.
  • App cost: free of charge.
  • Required Android version to install: 5.0+/7.0+.
  • The required memory for installation is 193 MB.
  • The amount of RAM used: up to 300 MB.

Download Brave from Google Play

Firefox Focus

The application blocks advertising and analytics trackers, blocks social and other trackers that are used to collect data and measure user activity. Blocking of web fonts, JavaScript and cookies is also available. The last two parameters are aimed at reducing user surveillance, but they can lead to problems with displaying content on the page. The browser also does not save the history, which has a positive effect on the owner’s privacy.

Firefox Focus app

Specifications and System Requirements

  • Main features: blocking trackers, ads, JavaScript and cookies.
  • App cost: free of charge.
  • Required Android version to install: 5.0+.
  • The required memory for installation is 166 MB.
  • The amount of RAM used: up to 256 MB.

Download Firefox Focus from Google Play


The browser does not have a high speed, but it copes with ad blocking. By default, only intrusive ads are blocked with the option not to block non-aggressive ads, which is disabled in the settings if desired. For convenience, the application notes the number of ads blocked on the page, as well as the total number of blocked ads for the entire time of use.

Adblock app

Specifications and System Requirements

  • Main features: ad blocking, viewing statistics.
  • App cost: free of charge.
  • Required Android version to install: 4.4+.
  • The required memory for installation: 169 MB.
  • The amount of RAM used: 213 MB.

Download Adblock from Google Play

System-Wide Programs


Free filter of advertising and malicious sites. Some of the basic version functions are blocked. At the same time, a one-week trial period is provided for familiarization. To remove the restriction, it is needed to buy an annual or permanent license. The cost is affected by the number of connected devices and the duration of the action. See the detailed price on the official resource.

It is also worth noting that due to Google’s policy, the application is downloaded only from the official site of Adguard.

Ad blocking is carried out in one of the modes: a local VPN connection or a local HTTPS proxy server. The first is aimed at devices without ROOT rights, the second with ROOT rights. It is more efficient to use an HTTPS connection.

The home screen displays the connection status, statistics of saved traffic and blocked ads. Brandmauer with statistics and traffic consumption is hidden in the left sidebar. There are also application settings there. It is worth noting a wide number of parameters and settings, including a white list and setting up a custom filter.

adguard app


According to my personal feelings, Adguard works more efficiently, thanks to an impressive number of installations and parameters. The application allows saving traffic better by disabling unnecessary elements and buttons. At the same time, the initial installation will take some time. And for full control over the application, you need to purchase a license key.

Download Adguard from Google Play


Ad blocking apps will help you block unwanted ads and save traffic. And thanks to the detailed description of the main features, advantages and disadvantages given in the article, it will not be difficult to choose a suitable application.

And what software do you use to block ads? Share your opinion in the comments below the article.

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