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Best Apps for Physical Activity

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 13, 2021

Are you puzzled by the reduction of excess weight or calories consumed? Are you interested in the distance covered during the day or the number of steps taken? Then you should definitely install the best fitness apps for android for free. Moreover, you do not need to purchase additional accessories or fitness bracelets. A smartphone running on the Android OS is enough.

Pacer Health Pedometer

The app counts the number of steps, the distance traveled and the calories spent. Weight loss tracking is also available. The basic version is downloaded for free, to unlock additional features, you need to pay 3.7 USD monthly. The required OS version for installation is 4.1 or higher.

The home screen is divided into three windows. The central one displays a counter of steps taken during the day, calories spent, time and distance traveled. You can view statistics and records for the day/week/month; compare information in the form of a graph. There is a registration/authorization in the service to save the current progress. And for active users, weekly calorie consumption goals have been added. The application also allows you to keep statistics of weight changes.

Pacer Health Pedometer app

On the left side of the screen, a fat burning plan is drawn up. Beginners are proposed to use the prepared sets of exercises. In addition, the developers have prudently added a description for proper execution. And for a better understanding, you can download short videos with a visual example and voice-over.

On the right there is a button for starting exercises: walking or running. First, it is needed to activate GPS navigation in the device. This is necessary to view the distance traveled, count the steps taken and calories consumed. It is worth noting that the application allows you to enter the type of workout and duration, which affects the amount of calories consumed in the process.

The settings contain pedometer and GPS parameters, reminders, weight and activity log, archiving and recovery, units of measurement and a goal with the number of daily steps. There are parameters for automatically activating the step count and disabling it at a specified time. The operating mode is also adjusted, which affects the power consumption. And also sensitivity, for accurate determination of steps and disabling counting when transport is used for movement.


The Pacer application is suitable for both the usual measurement of steps and calories consumed, and heavy grueling workouts that would bring the body back to normal. There are blanks of exercises with a visual video, which will be useful for beginners. At the same time, to get a significant part of the functions and disable advertising, you need to make a new subscription every month.  

Download Pacer Health Pedometer from Google Play

Google Fit

The program allows measuring physical activity on a smartphone or watch with Android Wear. It is downloaded for free and runs on Android 4.0 and higher.

At the first launch, Google Fit will prompt you to select an account for syncing information. Next, make a plan: add activity or start a direct workout. Moreover, when choosing an activity, the application is not limited to standard running, walking or cycling. A lot of sports and activities are available is up to 75 activities.

The application also allows you to track the change in weight, with the daily indication of the exact figure. Count the calories spent, the steps taken, the distance traveled and the time. For active users, you can set a goal with a specific result. The completed routes are saved in the history and are available for viewing/comparison.

The settings allow you to set basic user information, units of measurement, link an account and increase the accuracy of the definition, and also activate voice prompts and notifications.

Google Fit app


Google Fit does not contain pre-installed exercises or visual video lessons, but there are a lot of activities in the application that will allow you to more accurately measure the number of calories spent. In addition, there are no ads, and you also do not need to make a paid subscription. Apart from the merging text, there are no critical comments. 

Download Google Fit from Google Play


The app measures physical activity from a smart watch/fitness bracelet and a smartphone. The minimum Android version to install is 7.0. It requires 154 MB for installation, RAM – 250 MB. There are no ads, there are in-app purchases.

At launch, Fitbit offers to tie up a wrist accessory with sensors to track the main parameters: heart rate, calories consumed, distance traveled, etc. If there is no wrist accessory, the application will allow you to track only the number of steps due to the onboard sensors of the smartphone. Also keep a record of the goals set.

The start page displays the measured data and the set goals. In particular, measuring and tracking weight, training; accounting for water consumed and food consumed. This makes it easier to track the amount of water taken and calories from food. And to avoid setting calories for most common foods, a barcode scanner is built into the program.

Among other things, there are competitions and trainings in the application, which will allow you to compete in various types of strength exercises with other participants. And on the community tab, the user can search for friends or create a group, view statistics of other users, etc.

Interim Result

Fitbit is a convenient application for maintaining various statistics and physical activity. The program keeps records of various data, which allows you to better monitor your figure and health.

Download Fitbit from Google Play


Apps for measuring physical activity will help you calculate the calories spent, the distance traveled and evaluate the quality of sleep. Thanks to a detailed description of the main features, advantages and disadvantages, you can easily choose the most preferred application.

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