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by Alex Gustman

Updated: November 25, 2021

The protective glass helps to prevent damage to the main glass as a result of falling or to eliminate the formation of scratches during operation. The article contains the most famous manufacturers that offer the best protective coatings for smartphones, tablets and mobile accessories.



ZAGG offers premium protection for flagship smartphones manufactured by Apple, Samsung and Google. A protective coating is also available for iPad tablets and Apple Watch.

The peculiarity of ZAGG glasses is in certain properties for some models:

  • Shock-absorbing layer means the presence of an additional coating to soften the impact as a result of a fall.
  • Blue radiation protection-filtering of the blue spectrum emitted by the screen to reduce the visual load on the eyes.
  • Hybrid coating is a combination of strength and flexibility, which allows you to withstand high loads without breaking.
  • Antibacterial spraying-prevents the spread of bacteria on the surface of the glass.
  • Confidential filter-does not allow you to view the information on the smartphone screen when viewed from the side.

Protective accessories are subject to a limited lifetime warranty. For example, if the glass or film is worn or damaged, the company will provide a new protective coating, provided that the device for which the product was purchased is available. Detailed conditions are described on the official website.



Supershieldz company specializes in the production of tempered glasses, matte and glossy films. Basic characteristics: Mohs hardness – 9 units, transparency 99.9%, olefobic coating.

The peculiarity of the protective coatings of the company Supershieldz is the wide availability. It will not be difficult to find a film or glass, both for a new model and one that was discontinued several years ago.

Supershieldz packaging

The kit usually includes 2–3 glasses or 6 films. This will allow you to replace the damaged glass or film in a timely manner. Or you will not be left without protection if you do not glue the glass or the film the first time.

Whitestone Dome

Whitestone Dome

Whitestone Dome company specializes in the production of protective glasses for flagship smartphone manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Google and Huawei. Also in the company’s assortment, there is a limited offer of glasses for iPhone lenses, tablets and Apple Watch watches.

All Whitestone Dome products consist of glasses with an ultraviolet adhesive base. The kit includes an ultraviolet lamp that melts the glue and contributes to the uniform distribution of the adhesive base. Thanks to this, a strong and reliable connection is achieved. In addition, if there were scratches or cracks on the smartphone screen, the adhesive base will allow you to hide the negative effect as much as possible.


OMOTON glass

OMOTON company produces products with a combination of modern characteristics and affordable prices. The range includes both tempered glass and PET films with a thickness of 0.125 mm. The products are available for the most popular and widespread smartphones manufactured by Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Google and Huawei.

Among the features of OMOTON protective coatings, it is worth highlighting a configuration similar to Supershieldz. The box usually contains 2-3 glasses or films. If the first attempt to install a protective coating fails or the coating is damaged, additional glass or film will solve the problem.


Mocolo glass
  • Country of origin: China.
  • Feature: raw materials of Asahi Glass and Nippon Sheet Glass, models with curved edges and blue spectrum filtration, glasses with UV glue.
  • Availability: for most common models.
  • Products: safety glasses.
  • Average cost: ordinary glasses 3–10 USD, with UV glue 35 USD.

The manufacturer Mocolo produces glasses for the most common and popular phone models of different price categories. The thickness of all glasses is 0.33 mm with a transparency of 98 %. The raw materials for the production are the products of the Japanese company Asahi Glass and Nippon Sheet Glass.

The Mocolo range consists of several types of glasses:

  • 2.5 D tempered glass is the standard protective coating for most models, transparent or with a frame. It is characterized by high strength characteristics and an affordable price.
  • 3D glass-curved glass at the edges for certain Samsung and Xiaomi models. Provides improved protection compared to the installation of conventional flat glass.
  • Glasses with UV glue is a curved glass with a UV adhesive base. Allows you to securely fix the curved glass without special installation skills.
  • Mocolo Anti-Blue glass is a coating with a blue spectrum filter, which reduces the negative impact on the eyes.


Nillkin glass

Nillkin company produces protective glasses mainly for the most popular and common models from different manufacturers. The thickness of the tempered glass is 0.33 mm, ultra-thin models-0.2 mm. Raw materials of the Japanese company Asahi Glass are used for production.

The range of Nillkin glasses consists of the following models:

  • N – ordinary tempered glass with straight edges 2D.
  • N +– ordinary tempered glass with 2.5 D chamfers.
  • N+ PRO – tempered glass 2.5 D 0.2 mm thick.
  • PE+ – tempered glass 2.5 D 0.3 mm thick with a blue spectrum filter.
  • CP+ – glass with frames that cover the visible area of the front side of the smartphone.
  • AP+ – 3D glass with curved edges, made of polymers for improved protection.
  • CP+ MAX is a 3D “glass” with curved edges and a colored frame, with full coverage of the edges of the smartphone.
  • AP+ PRO – 3D “glass” with a wide bend, made of polymers.


Baseus glass

Baseus company specializes in the production of various accessories, to a lesser extent on glasses and films. The entire range is focused on Apple smartphones. There are several offers for Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones.

The Baseus product range includes:

  • Films and glasses to protect the camera lenses.
  • Glass thickness of 0.15, 0.23, 0.3 mm.
  • Curved 3D glasses.
  • Hydrogel and conventional films.
  • Glasses with a blue spectrum filter, anti-glare and confidential coating.
  • The Baseus PET Soft 3D Tempered Glass model is a glass in combination with a film consisting of six layers for maximum protection.


What is the best iphone xr screen protector?

Glass Elite+ made by ZAGG.

Which brand is best for tempered glass?

The best brands are ZAGG, Supershieldz, Whitestone Dome and

How do I keep my screen protector from coming off?

It is important to clean the screen thoroughly before installing the screen protector. It is also important to wipe the screen with a cleaning fluid or alcohol wipes once or twice a day to remove dust and dirt.

Can a screen protector be removed and replaced?

Yes, tempered glass screen protectors can be replaced. If the screen protector is worn out, then remove the old coating and install a new one. If you need to remove the screen protector for cleaning, you should use the adhesive that comes with the UV glass when reinstalling it.

Are screen protectors permanent?

Tempered glass screen protectors are quite durable and last several years. Protective films are less durable and need to be replaced after six months or a year, and sometimes sooner. If used carefully, the film can also last for several years.

How long do phone screen protectors last?

Tempered glass lasts for several years. The protective film lasts 6-12 months.

Does tempered glass screen protector really work?

Tempered glass effectively copes with the protection of the screen, protecting it from scratches, chips and damage from a fall or a hard blow.

What is a liquid screen protector?

The chemical composition of liquid glass creates a thin protective layer after it is applied to your phone screen. And some compositions give a strong oleophobic property. At the same time, the protective properties of the liquid screen protector are inferior to those of tempered glass or a plastic film.


The article describes the best manufacturers of protective glasses, in particular, the main features, advantages and disadvantages. The collected information will facilitate the selection of a suitable protective coating for a smartphone or tablet.

Do you use protective glass? Share your opinion in the comments, which is the best manufacturer of protective coatings.

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