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by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 9, 2021

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to transfer data to other devices? The present compilation includes interesting applications that will allow you to quickly send or receive information via wireless communication modules.


The app allows you to share: installed programs, images, music, videos and files from the phone memory. Accordingly, the recipient is also obliged to install the Xender utility on the smartphone.

There is no similar program for the computer, but there is an Internet service that will allow you to quickly and easily transfer files to the computer. The principle of operation is similar to WhatsApp. You shall open the official page of the service in the browser, scan the barcode, and then download the files from the phone to the computer or vice versa.


Brief features:

  • The type of data transmitted: applications, files, images, music and videos.
  • Minimum Android version to install: 4.0.
  • RAM usage: 120 MB.


There are no ads in Xender and low RAM consumption. At the same time, the program needs to refine the interface and eliminate errors. 

Download Xender from Google Play


The utility allows you to share installed applications, photos, music and videos. You can also send documents, archives, phone numbers and other types of files. To get the information, you need to scan the QR code that is generated at the time of sending. The program also allows you to migrate another phone with Android or iOS OS.

It is worth noting that the Zapya utility is overloaded with various functions. In particular, advertising collections and applications. Some ads in full-screen format are closed only after 5 seconds of viewing.


Brief features:

  • The type of data transmitted: applications, images, music, videos, files and contacts.
  • Minimum Android version to install: 4.1.
  • RAM usage: 305 MB.


The idea of transferring files using a QR code looks interesting. We are also pleased with the possibility of migration and transfer of contacts. But the creation of a group or access point for the exchange of information complicates the app, which is already overloaded with unnecessary functions and advertising.

Download Zapya from Google Play

Send Anywhere

The utility allows you to share the main group of files: installed programs, pictures and photos, as well as videos and music. It also supports sending phone numbers of the directory and other files from the drive.

To send it, a 6-digit digital key is used, which shall be entered in the app. If the recipient is nearby, it is enough to scan the QR code. A web service is used to exchange files with a computer. Moreover, the site is also suitable for exchanging files between computers. However, it is worth noting that the time to receive information is limited to 10 minutes. After the time expires, the link becomes invalid.

Send Anywhere

Brief features:

  • The type of data transmitted: applications, images, music and videos, contacts and other files.
  • Minimum Android version to install: 4.2.
  • RAM usage: 367 MB.


Send Anywhere offers a simple and convenient way to transfer files inside the app. And there is a convenient web service for exchanging files with a computer or between computers. One of the significant disadvantages that is worth noting is the advertising only.

Download Send Anywhere from Google Play


The service allows you to share files inside a mobile app, through a web interface, as well as a computer program. Various data transfers are available, including phone numbers and messages. It also supports the transfer of files in whole folders. There is also a set of useful tools: remote camera shooting, phone search, screen capture and video recording.

When using the service for free, some restrictions apply:

  • The quota for remote file transfer is 200 MB. Premium subscription means no restrictions.
  • The size of the sent file is 30 MB. Premium subscription is 100 MB for the web and 1000 MB for the desktop application.
  • The number of smartphones connected to one computer is 2. Premium subscription provides 6.
  • Folder transfer is not available.
  • Remote phone search is not available.
  • Remote use of the camera does not work.
  • Advertising is active.

The cost of a premium subscription is 2 USD per month. An annual subscription will cost 20 USD or 1.67 USD in recalculation for each month.


Brief features:

  • The type of data transmitted: all types of files, as well as messages, call history and folders.
  • Minimum Android version to install: 4.0.
  • RAM usage: 200 MB.


AirDroid is an interesting and functional service, with a pleasant and user-friendly interface. The user has access to a lot of interesting features that are not available in other file sharing services. At the same time, the basic subscription has strict restrictions on the amount of information transmitted, and some functions are not available.

Download AirDroid from Google Play


The present compilation contains the best Android apps for data transfer, which will simplify the exchange of information between smartphones and a computer. 

The top in our compilation is AirDroid. It provides nice interface and wide functionality. At the same time, the set of features is significantly limited without a paid subscription. Therefore, the program is relevant when you need to send up to 200 MB of information.

A less functional service, but without restrictions on the amount of files transferred is Send Anywhere. The ease of use outweighs the presence of advertising and a noticeable consumption of RAM.

In the role of catching up – Xender and Zapya. There are no ads in Xender and low RAM consumption, while the program is not sufficiently debugged. And Zapya is oversaturated with advertising, and also needs a decent amount of RAM.

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