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Best Player for Android

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 13, 2021

To customize the sound playback to your taste and enjoy your favorite music on the way, it is needed to download the player app on your Android phone or tablet. Standard built-in audio players are deprived of functions and often limit the music capabilities or playback settings. The selection will give a detailed look at the most popular players for Android, note their advantages and disadvantages and at the end we will summarize so that you can find the most suitable audio player for you.


According to users, Poweramp is the best music player for Android. It does not contain ads, it is downloaded for free, but it works for 14 days in the trial mode. After that, you need to buy a permanent license at a price of 4 USD.

The player reproduces popular music file formats, including: alac, flac, ogg, tta, ape, aiff, etc. It supports the cue markup file. It allows adjusting the high and low frequencies. It also contains a fully customizable 10-band equalizer and 16 presets.

The application can play music only from the memory of a mobile device. Therefore, listening to songs from the local network, cloud or radio is not available by default. Only if you “mount” the folder to the file system.

The player window contains buttons for quickly navigating to folders, controls and songs of the folder being played. There are repeat, shuffle, score buttons, as well as standard tools: pause/play, go to another song and folder.

In the drop-down list, you can select a preset, search, view words and tags, sleep timer and settings. It is worth noting that this audio player is rich in adjusting the parameters of covers, sound and music library. There are settings for a headset/wireless headphones and a lock screen. It supports changing the graphical interface, due to downloadable shells, as well as customizable widgets.

Poweramp App


The Poweramp application justifiably occupies a leading position among music players. The player allows you to comfortably listen to music in most well-known formats, configure sound effects, design, lock screen and other parameters. The general disadvantages are not significant.

Download Poweramp from Google Play


Free music player without advertising and the need to purchase a license. It works on the Android platform from version 4.0 and higher.

The AIMP audio player claims support for 23 music formats, including flac. A convenient 10-band equalizer is available. 17 installations have been prepared, as well as the creation and saving of user settings is supported; music streaming from the network. There are no other sound change effects.

The music player window displays the cover, the number of the track being played, and the total number of tracks. Repeat and shuffle buttons; pause/play, forward and backward, rewind slider.

The music library is played through playlists. Therefore, you need to manually add an album, a folder, or several folders. For convenience, switching playlists is implemented by using left/right gestures.

The hidden window on the left allows you to go to the equalizer, set the sleep timer; select a playlist, bookmarks, queue and settings. From the settings, it is worth noting the choice of settings for the headset button, changing covers and entering proxy server parameters.

AIMP app


In terms of musical capabilities and reading formats, AIMP is not much inferior to Poweramp, and in some places it is on a par. But there is a noticeable failure in the number of settings and functions. At the same time, AIMP allows you to play music from the network with built-in tools, which Poweramp cannot do. And working through playlists seems better. And the AIMP player is completely free and does not contain ads.

Download AIMP from Google Play


It is a simple, non-overloaded and at the same time functional BlackPlayer player. It is downloaded for free, but contains some restrictions. The cost of the full version is 0.3 USD. Minimum requirements for installing Android 4.1 and higher.

The player supports basic formats: mp3, wav and ogg. It includes a 5-band equalizer, 10 preset settings, a bass amplifier and a 3D virtualizer.

The audio player window contains standard control buttons, a rewind slider, repeat and shuffle buttons. You can also view the lyrics of the song, download and change the covers.

In the settings, the user has access to extensive parameters for changing the design and transition effects. Changes to the themes and background of the player window, interface, and audio. The assignment and control of the headset buttons and the lock screen are supported.

BlackPlayer app


The BlackPlayer player is not overloaded and offers comfortable navigation. It contains useful functions and settings. And the RAM consumption is 2 times less than in PlayerPro and JetAudio. On the other hand, Poweramp and AIMP are still far away.

Download BlackPlayer from Google Play


The player runs on Android 2.3.3 and higher firmware. The basic version of JetAudio player is free, but it contains intrusive ads and paid add-ons that cost 0.95-2.86 USD. The extended version includes some additional features and costs 3.81 USD. There are no ads, but there are similar ones, as in the basic version of the add-on, at the same price. It is worth noting that the add-ons for each version are purchased separately. Therefore, the purchased add-ons in the free version are not suitable for a paid program.

The player plays a lot of music formats, including flac, APE, TTA, etc. It contains a 10-band equalizer (20-band in the extended version) and 37 presets. It allows you to configure sound effects using JetAudio, through the AM3D sound amplifier, Bonjiovi DSP, Crystallizer, as well as view selected effects in one window. At the same time, the duration of the effects is limited to 30 seconds, after which there is a shutdown, and an offer to purchase an add-on.

The screen with the player contains the usual controls, as well as some settings for quick access: a sleep timer; detailed information about the track, including a search on YouTube; controls, etc. For additional navigation and search for songs, there is a corresponding panel on the main page of the player.

The number of configurable parameters of the application is not less than the number of sound effects. The user can change the display of music, the player interface, the lock screen and music playback. In addition, there are installations for smartphones with an integrated DAC.

jetAudio app


According to the level of greed, the JetAudio designers have bypassed the Chinese designers. The basic version is limited in capabilities, which does not allow you to fully evaluate the advantages of the application. In addition, advertising and an obsessive offer to buy the full version of the application are annoying. Also, the purchased add-ons in the basic player are not suitable for the extended version. On the other hand, such a large number of settings and sound effects have not yet been collected in any player.

Download jetAudio from Google Play


The application positions itself more as the largest database of song lyrics, where translation and editing by users is available. Musixmatch also allows you to sync texts in other players and services: Youtube, Poweramp, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. It is downloaded for free, but there are restrictions in the form of advertising and saving texts for viewing without the Internet. The cost of a monthly license is approximately 1.6 USD, for a year temporarily 11.6 USD. The license must be updated regularly.

The number of understood formats is significantly inferior to Poweramp. Therefore, listening to music in flac or a more exotic extension will not work. There are no problems with mp3 and aac. The built-in 5-band equalizer includes 10 presets, and also supports saving user settings. Controls for bass amplification and adding a 3D effect are available.

The initial window of the audio player is divided into tabs, where songs are sorted by: albums, genres, artists, folders, compositions and playlists. Unnecessary categories are disabled in the settings, creating your own category is not provided. In the hidden side window, it is worth noting the function of determining the composition and FloatingLyrics – showing texts in other applications.

The settings are limited to the headset and FloatingLyrics settings. There is also a “black list” item to exclude scanning folders with short signals: notifications, ringtones and an alarm clock.

The player screen allows you to display 2 options for displaying the words of the song. It contains repeat and shuffle buttons, as well as buttons: pause/play and switch songs. There is an option for LyricsCard-creating your own cover. Edit song mixing and sleep timer.

Musixmatch app


The Musixmatch player will allow you to find out the content of songs and sing with your favorite artist. At the same time, an inconvenient display of the text will take some time to adapt and get used to. In addition, the banner to purchase a license is too intrusive and wildly annoying. Sometimes you have to close an advertising offer 2-3 times a minute. In addition, it is required to update the purchased license annually. And due to the weak capabilities of the equalizer and limited support for formats, the player is not suitable for music lovers.

Download Musixmatch from Google Play


Here we have reviewed the best free apps for listening to music on android. Each app has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can download any of them from Google Play.

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