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by Alex Gustman

Updated: May 15, 2021

When you need to view or edit an office file, and there is no PC or laptop at hand, an Android smartphone will come to the rescue. Mobile devices allow you to easily work with Word documents, EXL tables, create and edit presentations. Let’s take an example of which application is best suited for this purpose: Polaris Office, WPS Office, and OfficeSuite.

No less useful applications we have selected in a separate article, where you will find the most interesting and functional programs for Android of different orientation.

Polaris Office

The app works on devices with Android 4.1 and higher. The RAM consumption is 119 MB. The basic version of Polaris Office is free, but it contains ads and a number of restrictions, such as a 60 MB quota for cloud file editing and working with a single device. Disabling ads will cost 2.7 USD.

Polaris Office

Upgrading your account to the Smart version, for 3.3 USD per month or 33 USD per year, increases the quota to 1 GB and extends synchronization to 9 devices. You can add annotations to PDF files and export them to the appropriate format. Search in a document, handwriting in different styles, setting a password, and removing ads.

The Pro version includes similar features, a difference in unlimited quota and document synchronization on 15 devices. The cost is 5 USD per month or 50 USD per year.

The home screen contains the saved documents and Create new file button, the search field and shortcut, as well as notifications. The latter displays incoming messages from internal chats and conversations with colleagues. Access to memory partitions; shared, important, or recent files-accessible via the hidden panel on the left. Cloud disks are also connected there to work with documents saved in other applications.

Polaris Office allows you to create, view, and edit: plain text and PDF files, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. Templates, slides, and charts are also provided for each file type.

From the settings, the app only has file synchronization options.


Polaris Office is really a functional editor that can work with common formats. At the same time, the application is saturated with advertising, and the work and navigation cause discomfort. Some functions do not work – images are not added to the presentation, text is not edited; in the tables, it was not possible to add data to the cell. Also, to remove the minimum restrictions, you need to pay a monthly subscription, at a price comparable to the purchase of a regular program. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this application.

Download Polaris Office from Google Play

WPS Office (Kingsoft Office)

It is a universal office editor for devices with Android 4.0 or higher. The WPS Office app contains unobtrusive advertising and additional content for sale. The RAM consumption is 68 MB.

WPS Office app.

The home page is divided into 3 parts. At the top is the toolbar, where there is a search shortcut and a switch between windows. The central part contains the saved documents and Create new file button. At the bottom is a panel for switching between the main window, with the added applications, as well as the authorization and settings window.

WPS Office allows you to view, edit, and create: presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and records. Digitization of texts is also implemented. There are no difficulties with viewing PDF files. A set of tools is provided for each type of document: fill; text style, size, and format; insert, align, and so on. Presentations and tables work correctly.

It is also worth noting the presence of a file browser that will find and display the supported files available in memory. A reading mode is available with the choice of a suitable background.

From the settings, the user can: set a password, change the appearance of the toolbar.


The WPS Office application works smoothly and stably, there are no difficulties with creating presentations or editing texts/tables. And due to the low consumption of RAM, the program is suitable for use on weak and budget devices. The only significant drawback is the presence of English localization only.

Download WPS Office from Google Play


The OfficeSuite app requires Android version 4.1 or higher to work. The RAM consumption is 79 MB. The basic version is free and has a lot of various restrictions, including advertising. The extended version costs 18.5 USD, with support for PDF and iWork Convert – 29.5 USD.

OfficeSuite app.

The home screen contains the added documents and a button to create a new file. To switch sorting and display the hidden window, there are corresponding shortcuts at the top. The hidden panel allows you to view the remaining disk space; open, create, or view recent files.

In OfficeSuite, you can create documents, tables, and presentations. The set of tools is standard and inferior to the same WPS Office. Templates with a set of styles are provided for presentations. Text digitization is also implemented, and you need to additionally install the appropriate application.

There are no settings as such. Of the useful ones, it is worth highlighting only the spell check settings.


OfficeSuite, like Polaris Office, is slowly sliding down. Advertising prevails over features, and a significant part of the functionality is available after the purchase of the PRO version at a cost of 18.5 USD. In addition, the application is inconvenient, often crashes and causes difficulties when working with tables.

Download OfficeSuite from Google Play


The article describes in detail the main features, advantages and disadvantages of office editors, which will allow you to choose the most preferred application.

What kind of editor do you use? Share your opinion in the comments below the article.

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