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by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 6, 2021

The map apps for mobile phones are probably one of the most useful among the huge number of all kinds of android applications. Both pedestrians and motorists may need a map to get to the right place. We have reviewed the most popular map apps for android, so you can choose which one is right for you.

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The navigator plots the optimal and shortest route, indicating the approximate place of arrival. To plot a route, you need to enter the address of two points. It is not possible to specify the location on the map. Only the endpoint can be specified.


Download HERE WeGo from Google Play


The application allows you to plot a route from one point to another on the map or by entering an address. Paths are marked in places on the map to shorten the route. Movement tracking is only available on the map.

MAPS.ME is the only navigator that takes into account changes in terrain when building a route. Thanks to this, it is easy to understand which section you need to go up, and where to go down.


Download MAPS.ME from Google Play

Google Maps

In Google maps, it is possible to build routes for walking navigation. To do this, you need to specify the starting and ending points of the route or mark both places on the map. At the same time, the program informs that not all factors may be taken into account in the process of building a route.

Google Maps

When building a route, the user is marked with one or more alternative routes with an approximate arrival time. If the orientation only on the map causes difficulties, the application provides instructions in steps: go a certain distance straight, or turn right after 150 m, or turn left after 80 meters, etc.

Download Google Maps from Google Play

Google Maps Go

Навигатор работает аналогично картам Google, потребляя при этом значительно меньше ресурсов мобильного устройства. The utility is also devoid of unnecessary functions.

Google Maps Go

The route is built by specifying two points on the map or by entering the corresponding addresses. As in the older version, the navigator builds several alternative routes with an indication of the approximate travel time.

Download Google Maps Go from Google Play


What is the best free GPS app for Android?

Google Maps or Here. Both navigators are well optimized and regularly updated.

Is Waze or Google Maps better?

Google Maps is rapidly evolving and regularly updated. The app is well optimized and available by default on any device. Waze contains several social features but is slightly inferior to Google Maps overall.

What GPS app works without internet?

Most apps work without the internet. A good option is the Here WeGo app.

Is there a free GPS?

All navigation apps work for free. It is sufficient to turn on the navigation in your device. If necessary, you can use the Internet to download additional data.

Which GPS app is most accurate?

Accuracy of location is not determined by the app, but by the navigation module inside the phone. The app only displays information.

What’s the best offline GPS app for Android?

Here WeGo is a good app for offline navigation.

Why is WAZE faster than Google Maps?

Google Maps requires the Internet, which affects the speed of location.

Is there a map app that works offline?

Yes, Here WeGo. The app can work offline with a previously downloaded map. Optionally, you can use the Internet to access additional information.

Can I use Google Maps without Internet?

Yes, if you have previously downloaded the card data to the phone memory.

How does the offline map work?

The phone determines the location via the navigation module and displays the coordinate data. The map is used to display and visually show the corresponding location.

Where can I find offline maps on iPhone?

You can download the HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation app or the maps me app from the App Store for free.


The applications considered will be useful for navigating the terrain when hiking and traveling. The most interesting navigator for pedestrians is MAPS.ME, because the program is well adapted for walking navigation. No less interesting applications are Google Maps and Google Maps Go. Both programs offer several alternative routes when building a route, as well as a detailed indication of the route.

And what program for walking navigation do you use? Share your opinion in the comments below the article.

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