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Updated: July 14, 2021

Navigation in a smartphone is an integral function of most Android owners. The navigation helps easily to find a place on the map and plot a route, find out the necessary time for the road and the presence of traffic jams, see the working hours of a certain institution and reviews. This article will tell about the best navigators for android, consider their main features, advantages and disadvantages.

Google Maps

The application plots three route options – for personal cars, public transport and walking. For convenience, there is a view of the map type in the form of a diagram, satellite images and terrain. And also an overlay layer for viewing: interchanges of public transport, traffic jams on the road and the presence of bike paths. Also in the main menu, there is a field for quick search, viewing attractions and other public places.

For the full operation of the navigator on android, you need the Internet.  At the same time, you can download a certain section of the map to use the program without the Internet.

The Google Maps program is not overloaded with unnecessary functions. It contains a minimum number of settings and does not cause confusion.

The application is free and you do not need to buy an additional extension. There is a non-aggressive and unobtrusive advertising.

During operation, the RAM consumption reached 319-326 MB. The system settings specify the maximum RAM consumption – 356 MB.

Google Maps

Impressions of the app

Google Maps is a convenient and not overloaded application. For the full functioning of the service, the Internet is necessary, while the developers have added the option of downloading a certain section of the map for use outside the network. The best option for novice users.

Download Google Maps from Google Play

Google Maps Go

The Google Maps Go navigator allows you to plot a route for a personal car, walking, cycling and public transport. You can view the map from the satellite, the presence of traffic jams and public transport routes. A quick search and a detailed description of public places are supported.

An internet connection is required for the navigator to work on the phone. Use outside the network is not provided.

The Google Maps Go navigator is designed for the Android GO version and low-power devices. Therefore, everything superfluous has been removed from the program.

The program is free of charge. It does not require the purchase of additional extensions. There is non-aggressive and unobtrusive advertising.

In the work of the navigator, the RAM consumption did not exceed 75 MB.

Google Maps Go

Impression of the app

Google Maps Go is an optimized version for low-power devices. Therefore, the program works perfectly on smartphones and tablets, where there are only 1 GB of RAM. At the same time, the program cannot be used without the Internet.

Download Google Maps Go from Google Play


The application works in two modes-maps and navigator. It is possible to get the optimal route for personal cars, public transport, taxis, bicycles, hiking and services with transportation services. Informing about public places on the map is poorly implemented. For that, you can view traffic jams and public transport interchanges. If the speed limit is exceeded, the navigator informs you with an audible signal.

An internet connection is required for navigation and services to work. At the same time, the offline mode is supported, after downloading the map.

The HERE WeGo application is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, it contains a minimum of necessary settings.

The navigator is free, with unobtrusive advertising. Maps are also downloaded for free.

The running application consumes 273-319 MB of RAM. In navigation mode, the memory usage reaches 382 MB. The system settings specify the maximum RAM consumption-471 MB.


Impression of the app

HERE WeGo is the best option only for navigation. The application is not overloaded with unnecessary functionality and settings, which will appeal to novice users. Also, taking into account the high RAM consumption, the navigator fully works on a smartphone with 1 GB of RAM.

Download HERE WeGo from Google Play


The navigator plots five route options for personal car, taxi, public transport, bicycle and walking. There are no descriptions of public places on the map. At the same time, the program implements the installation of a marker for adding a personal description.

The Internet is not required for work. It supports downloading maps for navigation without an internet connection.

The program does not look overloaded. There are not many settings, there is almost no confusion when using the navigator.

Navigation and maps are free. At the same time, there is enough advertising in the program. For disconnecting for a week, the developers ask 1.14 USD, for a month – 1.64 USD, for a year – 4.42 USD.

In the navigation mode, the RAM consumption reaches 309 MB. The maximum RAM consumption is 392 MB. During operation, the smartphone is noticeably heated.


Impression of the app

MAPS.ME includes a well-developed cartographic service. At the same time, the program consumes a noticeable amount of resources, and the smartphone is noticeably heated due to the high load. Also, the presence of advertising with the need for regular disconnection is not happy.

Download MAPS.ME from Google Play


The navigator is designed more for use in cars, motorcycles and taxis. The program is also focused on the social component, where users report road accidents and other events in real-time. There are no marks of public places on the map yet, but a search by category is available – parking lots, cafes, shops, etc.

For full-fledged work, you need access to the Internet.

The program contains a minimum of settings, so it is not overloaded with unnecessary functionality. Sometimes there is confusion when working with the application.

The program is downloaded for free, there are no internal purchases.

RAM consumption is 230 MB, during navigation — 309 MB, maximum — 345 MB.


Impression of the app

The navigator Waze is focused on working in a car and contains a minimum of necessary functions. And since the program is built on social service, constant access to the Internet is necessary for full functioning.

Download Waze from Google Play


What is the best GPS on Android?

Google Maps or Here. Both apps are quite well-designed and contain detailed maps. In addition, the apps are optimal for building a route by car, by public transport or on foot.

Best GPS tracking android app

This application will allow you to track the location of items or a device. It will also help you track your child’s or parent’s device.

Best GPS for android offline

A great option for the Here map. The program is regularly updated, support the download of maps of different countries. Works offline and with the Internet.

What are the best navigators for the auto?

HERE WeGo, Google Maps, MapsMe.

What is the best offline navigation for android?

Good offline navigation is HERE WeGo. Google Maps can also work offline if you download a section of the map beforehand.

Does Google have marine navigation?

No, there is no marine navigation. Therefore, you should use specialized apps for maritime navigation.

Is Navionics app free?

The app is paid. However, the developers provide a two-week trial period to get acquainted.

What is the difference between iNavX and Navionics?

Navionics creates interactive vector charts, while iNavX creates raster charts.

Is Waze or Google Maps better?

Google Maps is better because it is more advanced. It contains detailed descriptions of waypoints. Waze navigation is also not bad. The emphasis of the program on the social component and the possibility of competition from the journey.

What GPS app works without internet?

Any offline navigation, such as HERE WeGo. The program works offline after downloading the map, and can also work with the Internet to display additional information.

Is there a better GPS than Google Maps?

HERE WeGo. The app is free, with no in-app purchases. Works independently or with the Internet. Allows you to download free maps, as well as build a route for a car, public transport or for foot navigation.

Is Waze or Google Maps better?

Google Maps looks more convenient. It is necessary to use both apps to select a convenient application.

Is Google Maps better than Apple Maps?

Both apps are good. Since Apple Maps uses vector graphics, the satellite view looks more photographic. And Google Maps has a more realistic view.

Which map app is most accurate?

It is not the application that affects the accuracy, but the navigation module. As for the accuracy of the route, Google Maps and Here provide a fairly accurate and high-quality routing.

What is the best off-road GPS app for Android?

You should use HERE WeGo.

Can I use Google Maps Navigation offline?

Yes, if you pre-load a certain section of the map into the cache.

Can Android GPS work without Internet?

Yes, it can. The Internet is not required for GPS operation. However, the Internet will help speed up location detection and improve accuracy.


The article contains the best navigators for android phones. The main features, advantages and disadvantages, terms of use, whether an Internet connection is required, etc. are described. You just have to choose which navigator is better to install on android.

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