Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 27, 2021

Successful users use notes to organize their tasks and capture important ideas. This collection will let you know about 3 useful apps for taking notes and daily tasks on your android phone.

Google Keep

It is a convenient, functional and free note-taking app for storing notes and important things. It does not contain ads and in-app purchases. It works on Android OS 4.1 and higher.

The main screen has notes, search, and a toolbar for adding new entries. In addition to the usual reminders and to-do list, Google Keep can add drawings, voice reminders, photos and images. Widgets are also provided for the location of information on the desktop screens. In addition, there is a choice of one of 8 background colors for each note.

The hidden panel on the left allows you to select notes or reminders, view archived and deleted records. You can create folders called shortcuts for grouping and sorting notes. If the records are saved in another account, then you should change the user at the top of the screen. To avoid data loss, it is necessary to activate synchronization.

The settings contain the parameters of reminders and lists, the permission of sharing and the preview of links.

Google Keep app


Google Keep is the undisputed leader and the best choice for everyday use. It includes five types of added notes, changing the design, functional widgets, cloud synchronization and regular support. It’s also free and without ads.

Download Google Keep from Google Play


It is a simple and functional note-taking app for organizing and storing: notes, records, documents and other text, image and audio files. It works on devices running Android 4.1 OS or higher.

There are no ads in Evernote, but there are some restrictions within the selected subscription. This mainly concerns the number of synchronized devices, the volume of traffic, search capabilities, the creation of business cards, offline notebooks, etc. The basic subscription is free, Plus one costs 1.44 USD per month or 0.95 USD per month when paying a year in advance, Premium one costs 2.47 USD per month or 2.13 USD per month for registration for a year.

The initial window displays the added notes and the scheduled to-do list. To create a new event, it is needed to click on the “+” button and select the type: text note, handwritten text, reminder, audio, attached file or snapshot. This allows you to work in the traditional way, using a stylus, as well as scan documents, receipts, business cards, etc. The application uses cloud synchronization, so that the data is available on other connected devices.

In the hidden window on the left, new notebooks are created for grouping cases, application settings, a file sharing section and a work chat. The latter allows you to communicate with colleagues or other users directly from the application.

The settings section allows you to view traffic usage statistics, set a PIN code, and select parameters for notepad and notes pages, and set values for data synchronization and notification display.

Evernote app


Evernote is a powerful tool for managing, organizing and storing various information. It will do for study, work goals and everyday life. At the same time, the capabilities of the basic subscription are excessively reduced in order to force the user to use paid offers.

Download Evernote from Google Play


It is a simple and not overloaded note-taking application for text notes and a to-do list. It is downloaded for free, but it contains ads that can be disabled for 4.8 USD. The minimum Android version to install is 4.0.3.

The home screen contains a search field, a window with added reminders, and a button with creating a new note. There are settings and a list of folders in the hidden window on the left. The latter allows you to distribute reminders and other tasks into categories. There are 5 types of sorting and setting a password inside each folder. Initially, several popular folders were added, which are edited or deleted as necessary.

For specific data – birthdays or shopping lists, the corresponding fields are provided. The products added to the basket or products from the list are marked. There is a reminder setting.

The application supports manual data saving in the Google Drive cloud, automatic backup settings to the cloud or to the memory of a mobile device,  as well as sending the database by email.

The design changes in the settings, while the choice is limited only to gray and pink options. A 4-digit password is set for the application. The font size, the time of reminders and the setting of the position of the new item are selected.

ClevNote app


ClevNote combines functionality and simplicity of the interface well. It is pleasant to work with the application, in particular due to the ability to mark completed items from the list. At the same time, the program is often closed and contains intrusive advertising.

Download ClevNote from Google Play


Note-taking apps will allow you to collect and store various ideas, plans, task lists, etc. In this case, it is less likely to forget something important. And thanks to the description of the main features, advantages and disadvantages, it will not be difficult to choose a suitable app for notes on your android phone.

And what program do you use? Leave messages in the comments below this article.

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