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best apps for car onboard system

by Alex Gustman

Updated: March 7, 2022

Today, most cars are equipped with onboard electronics that allow you to monitor various engine parameters in real-time. You don’t need to visit a car service to check this data. It is enough to install the appropriate application on your smartphone or tablet. This article covers the best obd2 apps for Android: the description of their main features, advantages, and disadvantages.


Key features:

– compatible with most cars manufactured after 2000

tracking of various vehicle data

– temperature monitoring

– error code detection of technical problems


– Lite version with advertising is free

– PRO version costs 4.95 USD

Android version required: 4.1.

Installation space required: 15 Mb.

RAM usage: 140 Mb.

Application version: 1.2.22.

Latest update: January 13, 2018.

Torque contains various widgets for tracking information from the vehicle’s onboard system: acceleration time, direction, fuel balance in the tank, fuel pressure, etc. The widgets are shown on seven screens within the application. You can select the ones you need. It is also available to view the errors that occurred while you are on the road.

The app is compatible with OBD 2 of most cars manufactured after 2000. For Torque to work, you need to connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the OBD adapter. After synchronization, all information in real-time is displayed on the screen. You can use the app as an extension of the dashboard or as an alternative to a certain sensor on the dashboard that doesn’t work.

In the settings, you can select the unit of measurement, OBD adapter parameters, and technical parameters of the car to increase the accuracy of measurements. Also, you can set up the screen update rate to reduce power consumption.

The Lite version of Torque is free and contains ads. The PRO version has no ads and costs 4.95 USD.


Main advantages:

– Compatible with most vehicles manufactured after 2000.

– Extensive database with decoding of trouble codes.

– Transmission temperature monitoring.

– Customizable gauge panel.

– Tracking of various data in real-time: driving and fuel consumption.

Main disadvantages:

– High power consumption.

– The application is incompatible with some vehicles.

– The basic version contains unobtrusive advertising.

– Unpleasant design.

– When you exit the application, the position of the widgets often gets jumbled.

– The app automatically asks for a lot of permissions to work.

– The application does not work on current versions of Android.


Torque is a handy application that you can use to track various data in real-time and identify errors. However, the app has many bugs, crashes, or displays incorrect information. And given the lack of updates for four years, don’t count on bug fixes.

Download Torque from Google Play


Key features:

– fuel consumption tracking

– measurement of basic parameters during driving

– error monitoring and decoding

– overheat monitoring.


free of charge with limited features. The full version is 10 USD.

Android version required: 4.4.

Installation space required: 44 Mb.

RAM usage: 154 Mb.

Application version: 1.6.20.

Latest update: June 28, 2021.

HobDrive monitors key parameters and analyzes data from OBD2 adapters. It uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to the dashboard and GPS to collect statistics and display basic information during the trip. The application measures travel time, idle time, fuel consumption and remaining fuel, driving speed, etc. Fuel consumption accounting is available both for cars with a gasoline engine and for hybrids.

The application monitors errors that occur and also warns about engine overheating. Both functions are available only after purchasing a license. Other paid features include expanded graphical information display, work with the records of fueling and car expenses, as well as fuel consumption tracking at different time intervals. The cost of the license is 10 USD. According to the information on the page of the application in Google Play, all customers with a paid plan will get help with the configuration. Also, the developers guarantee a refund if your car is not compatible with the application.

In the settings, you can set up the connection between the app and the onboard system of your car. Besides, you can use one account to monitor several cars. It is also available to select the exact parameters of the car to refine the calculation of various information and change the color design.

HobDrive OBD2

Main advantages:

– No ads.

– Constant bug tracking.

– Overheat monitoring.

– Fuel consumption monitoring, power metering.

– Journey planning.

– Detailed interface customization.

– Developer support.

– Presence of settings for hybrid cars, cars with diesel and gasoline engines.

Main disadvantages:

– You must purchase a license to access all features.

– Unpleasant design.


HobDrive is a functional application for tracking various parameters during a trip. The application will help you plan the trip in detail, calculate fuel consumption, identify and eliminate emerging errors. For full access to all functions, you need to purchase a license, which, taking into account the active assistance of the developers, is quite a justified investment.

Download HobDrive OBD2 from Google Play

Carista OBD2

Key features:

– engine overheating monitoring

– monitoring and troubleshooting

– modifying vehicle behavior

– adjustment of various parameters.


free of charge with limited functionality. Subscription for 1 month costs 10 USD, 3 months is 20 USD, 12 months is 50 USD.

Android version required: 5.0.

Installation space required: 41 Mb.

RAM usage: 110 Mb.

Application version: 6.3.2.

Latest update: November 25, 2021.

With Carista OBD2, you can monitor various data in real-time, for instance, check to overheat of the engine and other vehicle components and the load on the engine. The application allows you to analyze the detected vehicle errors and troubleshoot the decoded codes. There are advanced diagnostics and configurations of the car behavior, such as automatic switching on of headlights when starting the engine or locking the doors while driving.

In the settings, you can set the units of measurement, select the sound effects for notifications, and set the preferred information display parameters.

Carista OBD2 is available for free. However, the basic version has limited functionality. Subscription for 1 month costs 10 USD, for 3 months is 20 USD, and for 12 months is 50 USD.

Carista OBD2

Main advantages:

– Tracking vehicle performance and the presence of faults.

– Supports resetting indicators.

– Advanced vehicle behavior tuning.

– Tracking of overheating and engine load.

– Display of various information in real-time.

Main disadvantages:

– Excessive limitations of the basic version of the application.

– High cost of a regular subscription.

– Incompatibility with some vehicles.

– Problems with license activation.

– Unable to change some regional settings.


Carista OBD2 allows you to monitor various vehicle parameters and make advanced changes to the operation of certain functions. The pleasant and user-friendly interface enhances the usability of the application. At the same time, the app has limited functionality in the basic version, while the subscription price is excessively high. In addition, the developers do not offer a trial period for familiarization and compatibility testing.

Download Carista OBD2 from Google Play


This article covers the best obd2 apps for Android. The presented applications allow you to monitor various parameters of the car during the trip. Also, you can detect and fix multiple malfunctions on your own without visiting a repair shop with the app. However, some features are not available in the basic version of the application. So, you need to purchase a subscription.

What OBD 2 apps do you use? Share your opinion in the comments section below the article.

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