Best Phone Dialer Apps for Android

Best Dialer Apps

by Alex Gustman

Updated: September 3, 2021

To dial a cell phone number, most users use a standard application, which is often deprived of useful functions and features. Here we’ve described the best phone dialer apps for Android – five of the most interesting and functional applications of various designers. And the described main features, advantages and disadvantages will allow you to choose the most suitable application for calls. 

Truecaller: Caller ID and call recording

It is a dialer with the function of detecting and recording phone calls.

System requirements:

  • The system version is 5.1+.
  • The required memory for installation is 184 MB.
  • The RAM is 328 MB.

Additionally, it offers the registration by phone number, full reading and processing of phone numbers with addition to the application database. There are ads and in-app purchases.

To use Truecaller, it is needed to link a phone number, as well as provide access to phone numbers. After receiving such a permission, the service will copy all the information about phone contacts to a common database. If the phone number is included in the database, then when calling any Truecaller user, the contact name of the corresponding number will be displayed. The numbers remain unknown until one of the Truecaller users assigns a name to such a number. The service can also replenish the database of numbers and mark potential scammers.

The initial Truecaller window contains a list of recent incoming and outgoing calls, a search for numbers and a transition to the dial window. And immediately provides a quick transition to your favorite numbers, contacts and blocking. The blocking menu allows you to quickly set the preferred parameters for blocking numbers: blocking spammers, hidden and foreign numbers, as well as numbers not from the contact list.

Truecaller settings allow you to set reminders and notifications about missed calls and notifications about viewing the profile by other users. Setting up sounds and alerts. You can configure the backup of contacts, call history and other data to Google Drive.

Some of the functions in Truecaller are provided after a regular subscription is issued: 3 months for 5.25 USD and 15 USD for a year. The cost of the gold status is 130 USD per year. Having a subscription allows you to record calls, receive profile view notifications, view the profile of other users anonymously, disable ads and advanced functions for blocking unwanted numbers.

Truecaller: Caller ID and call recording

Main Advantages

  • Dialer and contacts in one application
  • Customizable blocking of unwanted and unfamiliar numbers
  • Automatic detection of the phone number
  • Flexible settings
  • Backup and restore contacts

Main Disadvantages

  • The service automatically adds all contacts to the database for determining calls.
  • The presence of advertising, some of the functions are not available.
  • Low optimization of the application.
  • The application may not recognize an unwanted number if such a number is not added to the database.


Truecaller is useful for users who suffer from frequent calls from spammers and scammers. The dialer app will determine the number due to the constantly expanding database, as well as allow you to permanently block annoying contacts. At the same time, for full use of the application, you shall provide access to contacts, which will automatically add all the numbers to the general database. In addition, some of the functions do not work without a paid subscription. In addition, Truecaller is not optimized enough and consumes a significant amount of phone resources. 

Download Truecaller from Google Play

Phone and Contacts by Google

Free dialer and a phone book with anti-spam protection

System requirements:

  • The system version is 9.0+.
  • The required memory for installation is 78 MB.
  • The RAM is 118 MB.
  • Additionally, there are no ads and no in-app purchases.

The Google phone is downloaded for free, does not contain ads and in-app purchases. In most Android devices, the application is installed initially and is used by default.

The initial window contains a search for contacts. There is also a tab of favorite numbers, recent ones, a phone book and a dialer. The application is simplified as much as possible, clear and accessible.

The settings allow you to set the display of contacts, quick responses and blocking of numbers. The one-touch application allows you to block calls from unfamiliar numbers, as well as activate the blocking of intrusive contacts. In addition, the application will warn the user about unwanted calls.

Main Advantages

  • Free download. There are no ads and no built-in payments.
  • Clear and non-overloaded interface.
  • Ability to block incoming calls from unknown numbers in one touch.
  • Filtering spam and unwanted numbers.
  • Optimization of the application at a high level.

Main Disadvantages

The application is not supported by all models.

It requires Android version 9 or higher to work.

The call filter may not detect all the numbers of robots and spammers.


The Google Phone dialer app is the best option for users who prefer an application without ads and mandatory subscriptions. The application is carefully optimized and works properly on low-power and outdated models. It also contains a filter that blocks unwanted unknown numbers. At the same time, the dialer only works on Android version 9 or higher.

Download Phone and Contacts by Google from Google Play

True Phone Dialer

It is an app for calls with a phone book and a call recording function.

System requirements:

  • The system version is 4.0+.
  • The required memory for installation is 39 MB.
  • The RAM is 103 MB.
  • Additionally, there is a disabled ad.

The initial window of True Phone is divided into several tabs: favorite contacts, phone for dialing, contact list and groups. The interface is extremely clear and will not cause difficulties in using the application.

The settings section allows you to set the preferred application parameters. In particular, adjust the size of the text and elements, the display of contacts and the call screen.

The dialer app is downloaded for free, but contains ads. Disabling ads for 6 months will cost the user 1.86 USD. To disable advertising on a permanent basis, you need any payment amount – 4.8, 6.3 or 7.4 USD. 

True Phone Dialer

Main Advantages

  • Simple and not overloaded application interface.
  • Ability to record calls.
  • Flexible settings
  • Low requirements for installing and using the application.

Main Disadvantages

  • Advertising Availability


True Phone is suitable for daily use thanks to its intuitive interface. The application is optimized for working with two SIM cards, and flexible settings will allow each user to set the most preferred parameters. At the same time, there is advertising in True Phone, which will require certain attachments for permanent blocking.

Download True Phone Dialer from Google Play


A phone dialer with contacts and a number identifier.

System requirements:

  • The system version is 5.0+.
  • The required memory for installation is 79 MB.
  • The RAM is 336 MB.
  • Additionally, there is access to the contact list, there is advertising and internal purchases. 

To use Drupe, you need to grant various permissions, including calls and incoming messages. Also, when the application is first launched, it requests permission to send personal contacts to the servers in order to increase the database and improve user identification. The offer can be rejected, but there is no guarantee that the contacts will not be forcibly copied in case of refusal.

The Drupe menu is divided into several tabs: contacts, favorites and call list. At the bottom of the screen there is a search and a dial button. The control is built on gestures. You need to pull the contact icon and move it to the corresponding action button, for example, a call or messages. By default, a floating button is displayed in the phone menu for quick activation of Drupe.

Drupe settings contain an extensive number of parameters, including design, one-hand controls and support for two SIM cards. You can also record calls, block unknown and unwanted numbers.

At the same time, changing the registration and blocking unwanted numbers requires a subscription.  The subscription for a month will cost 1.45 USD, and for 6 months – 4.05 USD.

Main Advantages

  • Identification of the number due to the expandable database. Ability to refuse to provide contacts to the general database.
  • Gesture control, quick access to the application.
  • Extensive customizable settings.
  • Support for the operation of two SIM cards.
  • Record calls and block unwanted numbers.

Main Disadvantages

  • There is no guarantee that the application will not forcibly copy all personal numbers to the database.
  • Need for a regular subscription.
  • Some features are not available without a subscription.
  • Advertising Availability
  • Low optimization of the application.


The Drupe dialer with a floating button allows you to quickly switch to calls from any menu or application. The settings contain an extensive number of parameters, and gesture control will make it easier to control with one hand. At the same time, the application is poorly optimized, some functions are not available without a subscription, and there is also a risk of forcibly copying contacts to a common database to improve the ability to determine numbers. 

Download Drupe from Google Play

CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

The phone dialer for identifying numbers, blocking and recording a conversation.

System requirements:

  • The system version is 5.0+.
  • The required memory for installation is 91 MB.
  • The RAM is 508 MB.
  • It additionally provides a forced copying of contacts to a common database to improve the identification of numbers.

For CallApp to work, you need to bind to a phone number, Google account or Facebook account. The application will automatically copy all the contacts in the phone book to a common database to improve the detection of calls.

The initial CallApp window contains a list of contacts, a button for dialing a number and 5 tabs:

  • CallApp+: Identification of contacts from messengers.
  • Spam: Spam management and blocking of unwanted numbers.
  • Shop: Disabling ads and buying various add-ons – ringtones, design, covers and shells.
  • Call recording: Listening to recorded conversations.
  • Statistics: View the statistics of conversations and calls made.

It is worth noting that there is no dialer in CallApp. Therefore, the number is dialed using a built-in or third-party dialer application. The application allows you to identify incoming calls due to a growing database of contacts. Each user who joins the application automatically gives all contacts to the database.

The settings of the dialer contain the minimum content of the parameters. In particular, you can activate the automatic recording of the conversation with each call, as well as configure the design.

However, some of the features are not available without subscribing or purchasing the full version. The Premium subscription for a month will cost 1.5 USD, for a year – 6.5 USD, and the full version on a permanent basis – 9.3 USD. The cost of themes, cards and other customization costs an average of 1-1. 5 USD per unit.

CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

Main Advantages

  • Call recording.
  • Conversation statistics.
  • Blocking spammers.
  • Detection of an incoming call.

Main Disadvantages

  • Low application optimization and high resource consumption.
  • Paid customization and customization of the design.
  • Forced copying of all numbers to a common database.
  • The application is overloaded and causes difficulties in using.


CallApp contains call statistics and supports automatic call recording. There is also an extensive customization of the design, where each element shall be purchased separately. The application forcibly copies all the numbers to the server. CallApp is also poorly optimized, and RAM consumption reaches 500 MB. Therefore, such an application is not the best choice for use on low-power smartphones.

Download CallApp from Google Play


The article contains the best five phone dialer apps for android. The described features, advantages and disadvantages will help you choose the most preferred app for making calls. The best phone dialer app in the selection is Google Phone due to the minimal content of the necessary functions, a clear interface and high-quality optimization. The worst dialer in the selection is CallApp, due to poor optimization, oversaturated and poorly coordinated arrangement of functions.

And what kind of dialer app do you use? Write the name of the application in the comments below the article.

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