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by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 8, 2021

Photos and videos from the smartphone camera are of particular value for many users. Therefore, in this article we have collected photo cloud storages that will help you synchronize and create a backup copy of photos in the cloud.

What is a photo cloud storage?

The photo synchronization service is a remote storage on the server designed for recording photos, videos and other images. The photos and videos created by the user are stored in a separate place, and if necessary, they are uploaded to any device. Thanks to this, it is easy to restore deleted or erased files from a mobile device.

Most of the services work in automatic mode. It is enough to activate the synchronization function, after which the received photo and video files will be automatically sent to the server. At the same time, it is important to provide the application with access to the Internet, and a sufficient amount of disk space is required on the server.

At the same time, cloud services should not be considered as a single source of secure storage of photos and other files. Unexpected output of disks on the server, which happens extremely rarely, leads to the deletion of downloaded files. Therefore, it is additionally recommended to store especially important photo and video files on a computer and/or external storage – a flash drive or a removable disk.

Google Photos

A free service for storing, viewing, sharing and processing photo/video files. Uploading images is available using a mobile application for Android and iOS, desktop programs for Windows, as well as Internet browsers.

To access the service, a single Google account is used – Gmail mail. 15 GB of shared cloud space is provided for free for all account services, including Google Drive. If necessary, the basic plan is expanded by purchasing additional space with a payment for a month or a year. For more information about the tariffs and disk space, see the official website.

The disk space is used when uploading photos in the original resolution. If you upload images in a resolution of up to 13 MP, the service provides unlimited space for photos. Starting from June 1, 2021, the service will stop unlimited storage of photos and videos. Files deleted from the server are placed in the trash, where they are stored for 60 days until the final deletion.

When using the mobile application, which is installed by default on certified Android smartphones, there is an auto-startup option in the settings. After activation, photos/videos are automatically uploaded to the server. In order to save mobile traffic, the download is available only when using a Wi-Fi network, in the original or compressed form. There is also a choice of folders with images, for example, screenshots or messenger files.

The Google Photos service also acts as a gallery. All the footage is automatically sorted by the shooting date. At the same time, it is possible to create albums with open access and demonstration to other users. And the built-in tools will allow you to process and improve the image.

google photos
  • Availability: Android 5.0+, iOS 11.0+, Windows 7+ .
  • The amount of cloud space: 15 GB is free for uncompressed photos.
  • Additional features: effects for photo processing, creating albums with shared and private access, selecting folders with images.

Download Google Photos from Google Play

Amazon Photos

The service combines the capabilities of syncing photos and videos from a mobile device, as well as making purchases on the Amazon marketplace. To access the service, mobile applications for Android and iOS are used, as well as a web client through a browser.

After registration, the user receives 5 GB of cloud space for uploading snapshots and videos. Users with a Prime subscription get unlimited storage space for photos and 5 GB for downloading videos, as well as additional privileges in sending and delivering goods, etc. An additional 100 GB of cloud space is provided for 20 USD per year, and 1 TB – 60 USD per year.

The application settings allow you to set the type of automatic file upload-Photos and/or videos. Additionally, the auto-start function is set during charging, which is convenient when the Internet speed is low. And there is also a choice of folders with images.

amazon clouddrive photos
  • Availability: Android 5.0, iOS 11.0, web client.
  • The amount of cloud space: 5 GB is free for all users. With a Prime subscription – unlimited space for photos and 5 GB for videos. Additional space for photos and videos – 100 GB for 20 USD / year, 1000 GB for 60 USD/year.
  • Additional features: separate download for photos and videos, the choice of folders with images, the option to download files only when the phone is charging, the choice of a network for data transfer.

Download Amazon Photos from Google Play

Microsoft OneDrive

The service is a cloud storage with the ability to automatically upload photos and videos. To access the service, a mobile client for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is used; a desktop program for Windows Mac OS; a web client for working through a browser.

After registration, the user receives 5 GB of cloud storage. The Office 365 subscription is required to expand the disk space to 1 TB. The subscription price is 5 USD per month.

The mobile app on Android contains the function of automatically uploading snapshots to the server. In the settings, there is a choice of a network for transferring files: only Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and a mobile network. It is allowed to select additional folders with files for automatic synchronization. There is a separate switch for uploading videos, so that only photos are sent to the cloud in an inactive state. A similar switch allows you to send files only while the charger is connected.

microsoft skydrive
  • Availability: Android 6.0+, iOS 11.3+, Windows 7+ and Mac 10.12+ .
  • The amount of cloud space: 5 GB of basic free storage. Extended space of 1000 GB for 5 USD per month.
  • Additional features: separate uploading of photos and videos, the choice of folders with images, the option to download files only when the phone is charging, the choice of a network for data transfer.

Download Microsoft OneDrive from Google Play


It is a free service for storing photos and videos downloaded from a computer or mobile device.

After registration, the user is allowed to upload up to 1000 files for free: photos in full resolution, videos in HD. Moreover, for some reason, registration is available only through the browser, and only authorization is available in the mobile client. Subscribing to one of the three tariff plans gives you access to unlimited storage. As a bonus, we offer ad blocking, downloading via a PC application and exclusive discounts on packages of editing tools.

It is worth noting that after signing up for a subscription, an automatic update occurs at the end of each period. Therefore, it is necessary to terminate the subscription renewal in advance, since the developers do not return the funds spent back.

In addition to storing photo and video files, the service allows you to view, share, and comment on pictures of other authors. And if the owner wants to download it to a PC or smartphone. The service allows you to protect users ‘ photos with a license, and also prevents downloading other people’s photos.

  • Availability: Android 4.4+, iOS 10.3+, Windows, Web browser.
  • The amount of cloud space: 1000 photos in the original resolution and/or videos in HD. Unlimited space 7.49 USD/7.49 EUR per month, 140 USD/115.92 EUR for 24 months, 72 USD/66 EUR for 12 months.

Download Flickr from Google Play


Photo synchronization services allow you to automatically create a backup copy of photos, videos and other images from a mobile device. Thanks to this, valuable photo and video files can be easily restored in case of accidental deletion, reset, loss or damage to the mobile device. At the same time, you should not rely only on cloud services to store important files. For complete reliability, it is advisable to store a copy of the photo/video on a computer or removable media.

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