Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

best image editing apps

by Alex Gustman

Updated: March 7, 2022

The standard image editor on Android is a built-in application of the Gallery. At the same time, the basic set of tools allows you to apply a limited number of effects. This article will help you choose the best photo editing application for Android based on the main features of each program, advantages, and disadvantages.


  • The key features: editing images with preset effects.
  • Pricing: free with no advertising.
  • Android version required: 5.0.
  • Installation space required: 51 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 262 Mb.
  • Application version:
  • Latest update: April 14, 2020.

The initial Snapseed window is divided into 3 tabs:

– Styles.

– Tools.

– Export.

The “styles” tab contains 12 presets with different sets of effects for quick image editing. The most popular ones help you quickly brighten, darken, or turn the picture into black and white.

The tools tab contains effects for manual editing. A total of 28 tools are available, focusing on the advantage of normal photos. Several tools are aimed at editing portraits.

The standard image editor on Android is a built-in application of the Gallery app. At the same time, the basic set of tools allows you to apply a limited number of effects. This article will help you choose the best photo editing application for Android based on the main features of each program, advantages, and disadvantages.

You can apply effects manually using gestures. You can increase or decrease the effect by scrolling horizontally, and you can change the effect by scrolling vertically. All changes are displayed in real-time in the preview field. A reset button is provided to cancel the applied effects.

The Export tab allows you to save the modified image to the internal memory or to share it immediately via the selected application. The latter option is convenient when you want to send a photo to a particular contact or publish it on social networks without saving a copy.

The Snapseed settings only allow you to compress the photo when you save it to your device and resize it when you select the “Share” option. A guide is also available explaining which tools to apply to get a particular style.

snapseed app

Key benefits:

– Free distribution without ads and restrictions on functionality.

– Easy to navigate and work with effects.

– The ability to publish an image, bypassing the saving of the image in memory.

Main disadvantages:

– Few useful settings.

– Limited set and possibilities of editing tools.


Snapseed is the best option for quick photo editing, with the ability to publish photos online without saving them to memory beforehand. The application is free and ad-free, and its user-friendly controls allow even novice users to get the hang of it. At the same time, Snapseed has few handy settings, and the toolkit is only slightly better than the standard editor on Android gadgets.

Download Snapseed from Google Play

Photo Lab

  • The key features: automatic effects application.
  • Pricing: free with aggressive advertising and performance limitations. The PRO version costs 19.2 USD per year.
  • Android version required: 5.0.
  • Installation space required: 61 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 430 Mb.
  • Application version: 3.12.0 (7596).
  • Latest update: December 21, 2021.

Photo Lab lets you edit a portrait photo automatically according to a selected set of effects. For example, replace the background, add glitter, color correction, or create a cartoonish shot.

To edit, you need to select a set of effects, specify the image and wait for them to be applied. In the application, adding animation or overlaying text, changing the style of your images is available. You can save the edited photo on your device, send it via messenger, or publish it on the Internet without first saving it. In the free version of Photo Lab, all photos are automatically watermarked with the application name.

It usually takes up to 20 seconds to process a picture. Part of this time, you will have to look at the full-screen ads, which you can skip after 5 seconds. There are commercial pauses during photo processing as well as in the effects selection menu. Some effects are only available in the PRO version. Upgrading to the PRO version of Photo Lab costs 19.2 USD per year.

Photo Lab photo editor and art

Key benefits:

– Automatically process photos according to the selected set of effects.

– A wide range of effects.

– Possibility to publish the processed image without saving it.

Main disadvantages:

– Aggressive advertising that appears after each action.

– Some effects are not available in the free version.

– The app watermark cannot be removed in the free version.

– No settings.

– Few customizable effects.

– High RAM consumption.


Photo Lab automatically processes photos according to the selected set of effects. At the same time, the app is overloaded with ads that appear after each action. Besides, the watermark cannot be removed without a subscription. Some of the content is also inaccessible without a subscription. This forces users to look at other similar applications.

Download Photo Lab from Google Play


  • The main features: camera with overlay filters, photo editing tools, applying preset effects, Collages and templates.
  • Pricing: free with advertising. Premium access costs 8 USD for a year and 1.75 USD for a month.
  • Android version required: 6.0.
  • Installation space required: 240 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 798  Mb.
  • Application version: 3.4.62.
  • Latest update: July 26, 2021.

On the Pixlr home page, there are 4 buttons to go to a specific section:

– Camera.

– Photos.

– Collage.

– Templates.

“Camera” allows you to take photos in normal mode and with color effects. The application supports combined effects such as overlaying shapes and mosaics on the image.

The Photos section provides photo editing tools. You can use the brushes to manually remove noise from a photo and use image blur to hide certain information. You can also apply effects and stylize the photo, overlay images, frames, and text, change its background.

The Collage tab allows you to combine multiple images into a single one. The layout is selected automatically based on the number of images added. With the application, you can edit the layout, change its content, the angles of the images, aspect ratio, and background color.

In the “Templates” section, the user can use presets with selected backgrounds and frames. The application supports changing the frame size, color, aspect ratio, and rounding.

The app is free with unobtrusive ads. Subscription disables ads and provides access to additional stickers, frames, backgrounds, etc. A one-year subscription costs 8 USD, and a one-month subscription costs 1.75 USD.

There are almost no settings in Pixlr. It is worth noting the choice of the saving folder and the size of the image to be saved.

pixlr app

Key benefits:

– Customizable collages and templates.

– A wide range of editing tools.

– Presets with effects.

– Overlaying backgrounds and textures.

Main disadvantages:

– High consumption of RAM.

– Advertisements.

– Some content is not available without a subscription.


Pixlr is a versatile image editing tool. The application has a lot of effects, applied backgrounds, and filters. It also has customizable collages and templates. However, the app consumes up to 798 MB of RAM, and some content is not available without a regular subscription. Otherwise, the app is suitable for daily use.

Download Pixlr from Google Play


This article covers the best photo editing apps for Android.

The functional and versatile app is Pixlr. The user has a wide range of tools, presets, customizable collages, and templates. The most significant disadvantage is the high RAM consumption.

Snapseed is balanced and not overloaded with features editor. It does not contain ads and restrictions in operation, and the toolkit is sufficient for full-fledged image editing.

Photo Lab is interesting because it automatically applies effects based on a template, but the high RAM consumption and aggressive advertising spoil the impression.

What photo editing apps do you use? Share your opinion in the comments below the article.

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