Best Reader Apps for Android

Best Reader Apps

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 15, 2021

In this collection, we will consider applications for reading books in electronic format (txt, fb2, etc.) on android. Let’s find out the key features, the main advantages and disadvantages.


The reader supports up to 13 book formats, as well as ZIP and GZ archives. The distribution model is free and without advertising.

The program’s start window greets the reader with the last page of the book read. Окно запуска программы приветствует читателя последней прочитанной страницей книги. The latter allows you to open or find books, configure the program, enable text scrolling or activate reading a book.

In the settings, individual text display parameters and color design are set. The speed and effects of automatic page turning, setting up an additional toolbar, etc.


Final score

AlReader does not stand out for its modern design, but it contains the necessary set of functions for reading books of different formats. The program is free, without ads and with a sufficient set of settings. There are no significant drawbacks, except for an outdated interface and sharp jumps in RAM consumption.

Download AlReader from Google Play

eReader Prestigio: Book reader

The application supports 10 main formats of e-books, as well as 3 audio formats. The reader is downloaded for free and does not contain any noticeable advertising. At the same time, the developers ask for 3 USD for disabling advertising, which may appear over time.

eReader Prestigio

The eReader Prestigio interface looks nice and modern. The home page is a shelf with previously added books. If desired, the standard design is easy to replace, a total of 5 color schemes are supported. It is not necessary to specify a folder with books, it is enough to mark the format, and the application will find books according to the specified criteria. Adding books is also available from Google Drive, OneDrive or DropBox cloud storage, as well as from the network library. The latter contains up to 50,000 books in different languages with mostly free access, but after pre-registration in the service.

For easy reading, the scrolling, font size and style, background and text color are configured in eReader Prestigio. Moreover, the main parameters, the size, font and orientation of the screen are changed in a pop-up window, which eliminates the need to switch to full settings.

The app also supports audio playback of text. The voice, tempo and other parameters are adjusted individually.

Final score

eReader Prestigio is a functional reader with a modern and pleasant design. At the same time, the application is poorly optimized and often freezes. I am not happy with the consumption of RAM. In some cases, the RAM usage reaches 536-609 MB, which simultaneously significantly heats the phone and accelerates the battery discharge. Therefore, until the developers fix such problems, it is better to use analogues.

Download eReader Prestigio: Book reader from Google Play


It is a free reader with unobtrusive advertising. It supports 4 most common e-book formats-fb2, ePub, PDF and DjVu. Moreover, the last two formats are available only after installing additional modules.


The FBReader home page contains several categories for sorting books. The poor visual design is easily changed due to the addition of the “FBReader Bookshelf”, which needs a separate installation. At the same time, the add-on increases the consumption of system resources of the mobile device.

Individual book display settings are available in FBReader. In particular, the font size and style, background color and text. It supports adding bookmarks, searching and navigating to a specific chapter. Reading aloud is also available, but only in the paid version of the app.

Final score

FBReader lacks a modern interface because it contains a set of necessary settings for easy reading. Some functions are not available in the basic version, and the developers do not allow you to get acquainted with the features of the paid version of the program. If the fb2 format support is enough for you, then the free version is enough for normal reading. Otherwise, it is better to consider an alternative application.

Download FBReader from Google Play


Is there an Android eReader?

There are plenty of reading apps available for Android, such as eReader Prestigio and AlReader.

Does Android have an ereader?

The system supports reading certain text formats. The separate applications for reading e-books cope better with reading.

What is the best EPUB reader for Android?

Prestigio eReader and AlReader support this format. Also in the applications are flexible settings for each user.

What’s the best eBook app?

There is definitely no better application. For example, eReader Prestigio stands out with its pleasant interface, and AlReader is interesting with its wide settings.

What app do I need for an eBook?

It’s worth starting with AlReader. If design is important, then Prestigio eReader. Another alternative is FBReader.


The considered programs for reading fb2 on android will allow you to launch your favorite e-books on a mobile device. It is better to entrust such a task to AlReader, since the program is free and moderate in RAM consumption. FBReader will also do, provided that you read books mainly in fb2 format.

And what programs do you use? Leave the names of your applications in the comments under the article.

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