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Updated: June 29, 2023

Often users of Android devices need to record the contents of the screen, for example, to create manuals, demonstrate errors in applications or services, create content such as game walkthroughs. In this article, we have collected various applications for recording video from the screen of smartphones and tablets and described their main features, advantages, and disadvantages.

We have selected useful and functional programs in a separate article Interesting apps for Android.

Screen Recorder

System requirements:

Android version required: 5.0+.

Installation space required: 43 Mb.

RAM usage: 221 Mb, 400 Mb with Google services.

Required approvals: access to memory, camera and microphone.

Pricing: Free with aggressive advertising.

The application allows you to record video from the screen, create screenshots, as well as edit the captured recordings and snapshots. You can overlay music, subtitles, a background picture. You can also trim unnecessary area in the video, edit the timing. In addition, there are functions for merging videos, editing images, and combining multiple pictures.

The settings allow you to change the video resolution within the screen width of your mobile device. You can also select the quality – up to 12 Mbit, frame rate within the screen capacity, set the orientation of the screen recording. In addition, you can select a folder to store the video, invert colors, stop recording by shaking the phone, and continue recording when the screen is turned off. Audio recording is only possible with a microphone.


The application will appeal to youtubers who record the playthrough of games, bloggers and journalists, because it has tools for overlaying video, as well as for editing the recording and adding visual effects. At the same time, the application is overloaded with ads that pop up after each action. Given the amount of memory consumed, to work properly the application will need a device with at least 2-3 GB of RAM.


System requirements:

Android version required: 5.0+.

Installation space required: 45 Mb.

RAM usage: 500 MB, 550 MB with Google services.

Required approvals: access to the device memory and microphone.

Pricing: Free with ads and severe feature limitations. 12.13 USD per month for access to all program features, 91 USD if you pay for a year. Internal purchases are 4.24 to 127.33 USD.

The program is designed exclusively for recording video from the screen of your mobile device. Its main feature is the extensive applied effects in video editing: subtitles, stickers, filters, sound effects, transitions, etc. Materials are uploaded separately. Access to most of the effects, as well as features in the free version of the application is blocked. Access is available when you pay for a month or a year.

Other limitations include recording video up to 1080p resolution. If the screen resolution is higher, for example, 1440 pixels, you can’t use it. In the free version, recording is only possible in 480p resolution. Bitrate and FPS selection is available in the free version, but it is not possible to turn off the watermark.

Optimization deserves special attention. During operation, the consumption of RAM goes beyond 500 MB. Therefore, a productive mobile device with a minimum of 3-4 GB of total RAM is required for smooth and stable operation.

XRecorder app.
XRecorder app.


The XRecorder editor allows you to work without a computer if you need to record a certain type of video. At the same time, access to most of the features is initially blocked. You have to pay 12 USD per month or 91 USD per year to access them, otherwise the application is completely useless. Given the low optimization, investing money in the app is worthless.

Download XRecorder from Google Play

If you like sharing videos of your virtual triumphs in mobile games, Android 11 may bring with it a much-needed feature for the default screen recording app in Android.


AZ Screen Recorder

System requirements:

Android version required: 5.0+.

Installation space required: 38 Mb.

RAM usage: 155 MB, 307 MB with Google services.

Required approvals: access to memory, camera, contacts, and microphone.

Pricing: Free with advertising. Disabling ads – 2.63 USD one time. Paid content within the program 1.7 – 10.31 USD.

The application allows you to capture video from the screen and create screenshots. If necessary, you can easily edit the finished video thanks to the built-in tools. For example, you can trim video and reduce timing, add a soundtrack, a sticker, a caption, or subtitles.

The program settings allow you to set the resolution and quality of video recording in accordance with the capabilities of the screen of your mobile device. The maximum video bitrate is 24 Mbit, which is 2 times higher than other reviewed analogues. Options are also available to display the control button to stop recording or set a pause, as well as setting the recording limit. In addition, a watermark or camera overlay is available.

AZ Screen Recorder
AZ Screen Recorder app.


AZ Screen Recorder is probably the best application for capturing video from the screen on your Android device. The editor contains a lot of useful effects, quality settings without limitation. The application consumes a small amount of RAM. Of the significant disadvantages only advertising which is disabled after the purchase of the PRO version for 2.63 USD.

Download AZ Screen Recorder from Google Play


This selection of smartphone screen recording applications will help you choose the best video capture utility. The built-in editor allows you to apply some effects or a soundtrack to a game playthrough, reportage or entertainment video without using a computer. AZ Screen Recorder leads the selection, both in terms of features and optimization. Ads are built into all apps, but AZ Screen Recorder has the lowest disabling price.

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