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Updated: June 29, 2023

Feeling awake often helps with a smooth wake-up from the short sleep phase. This article compiles the best sleep tracking apps that analyze short and deep sleep phases, snoring and talking in your sleep, as well as containing a soft wake-up feature.

Sleep as Android

A smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking.

System requirements:

Android version required: 6.0+.

Installation space required: 63 Mb.

RAM usage: 233 Mb.

Optional: availability of Internet, watch or bracelet with heartbeat tracking, access to memory and microphone.

Sleep as Android is an alarm clock that analyzes sleep using the smartphone’s built-in sensors. It requires you to set a wake-up time, enable sleep tracking, and place the phone next to the bed. The app records the user’s movements in bed and displays the corresponding sleep phases in a report. Sleep as Android is also compatible with most smart watches and bracelets.

The app records sound during sleep to track snoring and sleep conversations. Lullabies help you fall asleep to different melodies. Also, for a soft wake-up, the sound of the alarm clock increases gradually, and the melody is played during the rapid sleep phase. At the same time, the developers recommend that the phone is connected to a charger, as various modes of operation can lead to a complete discharge of the battery.

The app contains a host of customizable settings that allow you to set your preferred sleep and wake-up settings, interaction with wrist accessories, and backup.

The app is free and ad-free. However, cycle tracking features and integration with wrist accessories are available in a 2-week trial period. To unlock it, you must purchase the PRO version of the app for 7.5 USD.

Sleep as Android app.
Sleep as Android app.

Main advantages:

– Alarm clock with soft wake-up function.

– Sleep analyzer.

– Integration with wrist accessories.

– Sound recording during sleep.

– Backup.

– Extensive useful settings.

– No ads.

Main disadvantages:

– You need to buy the full version of the application to fully use all the features.

– Some add-ons are paid.


Sleep as Android is a functional alarm clock that allows you to monitor the state of sleep through the built-in phone sensors or wrist accessories. The app will also help you detect the presence of snoring or talking during sleep, as well as falling asleep to a pleasant melody and waking up smoothly. There are no significant disadvantages, if we do not take into account the need to buy the full version of the application and separate add-ons.

Download Sleep as Android from Google Play

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

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An alarm clock with sleep analyzer and soft wake-up.

System requirements:

Android version required: 6.0+.

Installation space required: 146 Mb.

RAM usage: 298 Mb.

Optional: availability of Internet, access to microphone and memory.

Sleep Cycle has three modes:

1. Soft wake-up alarm clock. The alarm sounds at the set time interval during the fast asleep phase.

2: Alarm clock without soft wake-up. The alarm sounds at the set time interval.

3. No alarm, only sleep analysis. The app only analyzes sleep quality without waking up.

The app analyzes sleep quality using the accelerometer or microphone. When using the accelerometer, the phone should be placed on the bed, and when using the microphone on the bedside table. In both cases, the app tracks the user’s movements in bed to analyze deep and short sleep phases. Sound recording is also available to track snoring.

The “History” tab allows you to track sleep changes by day, and statistics allows you to visually compare the different values over a certain period.

The settings allow you to set your own ringtone or select one of the sounds offered in the application. Set the backup options, enable the weather, and play a sound to help you fall asleep faster.

The application is free, contains no ads, and some of the features in the basic version are not available. The full version will cost 30 USD for a year of use. In return, the user gets: a sleep improvement tool, sleep statistics, snoring detection, waking up in the phase of light sleep and 15 additional melodies for the alarm clock.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app.
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app.

Main advantages:

– Tracking sleep phases by accelerometer or microphone.

– Possibility to use an alarm clock with light wake-up or only sleep monitoring.

– Snoring monitoring.

– Sleep quality statistics.

– Backup.

– Pairing with Google Fit.

– Data backup.

– Set a ringtone to go to sleep better.

– No ads.

Main disadvantages:

– Some of the features don’t work without an annual subscription.


Sleep Cycle can be used as an alarm clock or as a sleep quality analyzer only. The analysis is available both through the accelerometer and the microphone, eliminating the need to keep the phone on the bed. However, some of the features, including advanced statistics, are not available in the basic version and require a one-year license.

Download Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock from Google Play

Sleep Time

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An alarm clock with sleep phase tracking.

System requirements:

Android version required: 5.0+.

Installation space required: 39 Mb.

RAM usage: 315 Mb.

Optional: availability of Internet.

Sleep Time tracks sleep phases by an accelerometer and needs to be placed directly on the bed. After the first night, the app displays statistics with fast and deep sleep phases as well as overall sleep quality.

When you set the alarm, the screen displays the time to sleep before the alarm goes off. You can also set a melody to speed up sleep. In the basic version, the noise of the sea surf is available, after the subscription the number of sounds is expanded. Monthly subscription costs 10 USD, yearly is 30 USD. After subscribing, the user also receives printable sleep quality reports and ad deactivation.

There are no useful settings.

Sleep Time app.
Sleep Time app.

Main benefits:

– Sleep quality analysis.

– Displaying the duration of sleep before the alarm goes off.

– Ability to play melodies to speed up falling asleep.

– Sleep quality statistics.

Main disadvantages:

– The presence of ads.

– High consumption of RAM.

– Some functions are unavailable or limited in the basic version.

– No useful settings.


Sleep Time contains a minimum of necessary functions that do not require careful study. It is enough to set the alarm clock and turn on a soothing melody at will. At the same time, the application is poorly optimized, contains ads and some restrictions without a regular subscription.

Download Sleep Time from Google Play

A good night’s rest is very important to one’s health. Those who don’t get enough may not feel great during the day. Smartphones can help you understand why. Most sleep tracker apps let you do things like track how much sleep you get every night. Others record your snoring and some even make you put your phone in the bed to see how often you toss and turn. From there, you can go to a doctor to get help or adjust your sleep habits accordingly.



This article contains the best sleep tracking applications. The presented applications will analyze the quality of sleep, identify snoring or talking in your sleep, as well as help you fall asleep faster with a relaxing melody.

What sleep tracking app do you use? Write the name of the application in the comments below the article.


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