Can a cracked phone screen be harmful?

Can a cracked phone screen be harmful

Updated: September 17, 2023

Any crack in the screen is harmful to the whole phone. The crack may cause the phone to work worse or it may stop working after a while. There are situations when a phone with a cracked screen can work properly for years. So let’s find out whether a cracked phone screen can be harmful, what is the danger of a cracked screen and what to do with a cracked phone screen.

Can a cracked phone screen cause damage?

Any crack on your phone screen can potentially cause damage to both the phone and the owner. Even a small and harmless crack can get bigger over time. Therefore, you should not ignore a cracked phone screen. The potential harm of a cracked screen to the user can be as follows:

  • Cutting or pricking the skin of the finger.
  • Damage to the skin of your face (when you touch the cracked screen glass of the phone to your cheek).
  • Explosion or ignition of the phone.
  • Electrocution.
  • Loss of important data.
  • Sudden stop working of the phone.

Sudden stop working of the phone and loss of important data

From personal experience, the most common problem with a cracked screen is that the phone suddenly stops working and then loses important data. In most cases, the screen stops responding to user commands, the screen does not switch on or use the phone is not possible due to the effect of ghost touch. Often the breakdown occurs at the most inopportune moment because of which the user is left without communication. As a result, the user cannot receive an important call or message. Even worse, to call friends or family for help. In addition, important user data may be affected. Therefore, you should always create a scheduled backup of your data.

Cutting or pricking the skin of the finger or face

Cuts and other damage to the skin of your fingers or face are less common. Because most phone screen modules are made with tempered glass. And in tempered glass, cracks rarely form sharp edges. As a result, it is very difficult to cut oneself while the possibility of such damage is still present.

Explosion or ignition of the phone

It is very rare for a phone to explode and catch fire or electrocute the user. The cracked screen itself does not cause an explosion or electrocution, but can only be an indirect cause. As the strength of the screen is reduced at the cracked area. As a result, excessive pressure on the damaged area can break the screen and damage the battery. Moisture or sweat trapped in the crack can also cause a short circuit and lead to more serious damage.

Cracks and chips on the phone screen.
Cracks and chips on the phone screen.

Is it bad to leave a cracked screen?

If left unattended, a crack can grow over time as the phone is used. If the damage can be isolated at the initial stage, a complete replacement of the screen module may be required over time.

To isolate a small crack, it is often sufficient to fix the damaged area with tempered glass. The tempered glass will help to reduce the load on the damaged area of the screen and distribute the load over the entire area.

If the damage is substantial, then the crack can be sealed using a clear UV glass repair adhesive. UV adhesive can firmly fix cracked areas of glass and stop further cracking. Therefore, if used correctly, UV adhesive can reduce visual damage and extend the life of your phone. At the same time, such repairs should be carried out by an experienced technician. If you lack experience and knowledge, you can easily break not only the screen, but also the whole phone.

Can I still use phone with cracked screen?

It is advisable not to use a phone with a cracked screen, as such a phone can potentially break at the most inopportune moment. If it is not possible to change or repair the phone at the moment, then it is possible to continue using the phone with care. In such a case, it is important not to subject the damaged phone to excessive pressure and vibration. Do not allow it to fall to the ground, exclude excessive pressure in a pocket of clothes or bag. Also do not leave the phone under the pillow during sleep. It’s also important not to let moisture get on the crack.

The best way to use a cracked phone is at home. In a home environment, the phone will not be subjected to excessive strain and is less likely to finally break the phone. It is also possible to use a phone with a damaged screen sensor at home, for example when connecting a wired or wireless computer mouse.

A cracked or chipped phone is not safe to use.
A cracked or chipped phone is not safe to use.

Will a cracked phone screen get worse?

Any damage to the screen over time can cause your phone to get worse. As a result, the phone will cease to function fully or you will need to invest more money and time in repairing the phone. Therefore, it is important to localise screen damage or replace the screen module in time. More information can be found in the article Will a cracked phone screen get worse?

Can phones leak radiation?

All phones emit radio frequency energy. This is not radiation like solar radiation in space or radiation inside a nuclear power plant reactor. Radio frequency energy is safe for humans. The vast majority of people do not feel the effects of radio frequency energy. Only a few people sensitive to various radio frequencies may feel slight fatigue or other discomfort.

In the United States, radio frequency energy is handled by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC for short. This independent government agency sets minimum allowable RF energy limits for telephones and other electronics that work with various wireless networks or communications. The FCC has set a limit of 1.6 watts of radio frequency energy absorbed by the human body (SAR) per kilogram of human weight. If a phone or other device exceeds the 1.6 W/kg limit, it will not be able to be certified by the FCC and approved for use in the United States.


Any crack on the screen of a phone can cause potential or indirect harm to the owner of the phone. Usually, the harm of a cracked screen is limited to sudden loss of image due to which it is impossible to use the phone. Also it is impossible to access some important information without a pre-made data backup. In rare cases, you can cut or damage the skin of your fingers and face. In very rare cases, a crack can cause additional damage to the phone and can lead to serious consequences: phone fire, battery explosion or electrocution. So it is worthwhile to localise or repair any damage to your phone screen in good time.

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Is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen?

It is not advisable to use a phone with a cracked screen. However, you can use the phone if the cracks are not large. It is important to use the phone as carefully as possible. Excessive overloading and vibration should be avoided. Avoid dropping the phone on the ground or exerting strong pressure on the damaged screen area.

What are the dangers of cracked screen?

A cracked screen can potentially or indirectly harm the owner of the phone. Potential harm can include sudden loss of functionality, loss of important data, damage to the skin of the fingers or face. Indirectly, a crack can lead to deterioration of the technical condition of the phone, which can cause a fire, explosion of the phone battery or electrocution of the user. Therefore, it is important not to ignore cracks on the phone screen and take care of repair or replacement of the screen in time.

Should I replace my phone if the screen is cracked?

In case of minor cracks, you can often do with a light repair or isolation of the damaged area. If the damage to the screen is significant, then the screen module will need to be replaced.

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