Can I use my iPhone while charging?

using the phone while charging

by Alex Gustman

Updated: June 6, 2021

iPhone smartphone owners often use the mobile device while charging. This article will let you know whether such an operation is possible and what are the consequences for the smartphone.

Is it bad to use your iPhone while charging?

Using your smartphone while charging is not prohibited. Any prohibitions aren’t also mentioned on the corresponding page of the official website of the manufacturer. Yes, and when charging the phone, one way or another continues to function. Therefore, an additional load while maintaining the optimal operating temperature will not hurt.

As for the terms of use, the Apple website recommends operating the phone at room temperature, without going beyond the optimal value: from 0 to 35°C. But to use the phone in the temperature range exceeding the optimal values, and even with the use of a charger, has negative irreversible consequences for the battery. Therefore, charging the battery at a high temperature is not allowed, including using it when charging.

iPhone charging

How to properly use your iPhone on a charge?

If you need to use your smartphone on a charge, it is important not to allow the battery to overheat. Because when charging, some of the non-accumulated energy is converted into heat, and the additional load during user use only increases the temperature of the battery. Therefore, when using the iPhone on a charge, you should not play, as well as exclude other working scenarios that lead to heating.

It is also advisable to use a smartphone on a charge without using a case. Because some cases interfere with the dissipation of excess heat, which accelerates the heating of the battery.

What are the consequences of overheating the battery?

Exceeding the temperature leads to undesirable chemical reactions inside the battery, this accelerates the ageing and wear of the battery. As a result, the battery capacity is reduced, which leads to a reduction in battery life. It also reduces the life of the power supply, which may require replacement before the due date.


This article describes in detail whether it is possible to use the iPhone while charging. In compliance with the optimal battery temperatures, it is not prohibited to use the smartphone while charging. At the same time, it is needed to remember that charging contributes to an increase in temperature, which is summed up with the temperature that occurred during intensive use of the phone. As a result, the high temperature reduces the service life and maximum battery capacity. Therefore, when using the iPhone on a charge, if there is such a need, exclude games and other heavy scenarios that lead to additional heating of the battery.

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