Can your screen crack with a screen protector on?

Can your screen crack with a screen protector on

Updated: September 17, 2023

Most phone screen protectors keep your screen in perfect condition. Your screen will not get scratches, small chips, or even cracks if you use tempered glass. However, there are unusual situations when screen protectors cannot protect the phone screen. From the article you will learn whether the screen of the phone with screen protector can crack, why the screen of the phone cracks with screen protector, as well as how to prevent damage to the screen with screen protector.

Why did my phone screen crack even with a screen protector?

Any screen protector can absorb a certain amount of physical energy, for example, when the phone is hit hard or dropped to the ground. The remaining energy is absorbed by the screen module and the body of the phone. If the impact energy exceeds the safety margin of the screen protector and the phone screen, then the screen module is destroyed as a result of deformation. And destructions can be both superficial in the form of chips and cracks, and internal in the form of cracks of a screen matrix or other components.

Cheap tempered glass is easily broken by any drop.
Cheap tempered glass is easily broken by any drop.

Mechanical strength is affected by the type of screen protector and materials of the phone case. The strongest screen protector is tempered glass. Even the cheapest tempered glass is stronger than any PET film or hydrogel film. Tempered glass can withstand some direct blows on the screen, dropping the phone on the ground or asphalt. At the same time from personal experience we can note cases when tempered glass cracked together with the screen for the following reasons:

  • Manufacturing defect.
  • Loose fixation with the screen.
  • Presence of cracks and chips.

In most cases, tempered glass has been destroyed due to the presence of hidden and visible defects. As often users continue to use tempered glass with visible cracks and chips. Also cheap tempered glass is inferior in durability to tempered glass of well-known brands, because well-known manufacturers of tempered glass use chemical hardening methods, as well as provide the necessary quality control and tracking of possible hidden manufacturing defects. Therefore, it is better to give preference to quality tempered glass of well-known and time-tested manufacturers.

The presence of a quality phone case can also increase the overall mechanical strength of the phone. Because often the impact is on the vulnerable part of the phone. In this case, the case can absorb some of the energy of the impact and serve as an additional protection of the screen.

In some cases, however, cases can compromise the overall strength of the phone. For example, some cases are not designed to be used with tempered glass. Or you may need to use a smaller tempered glass case. Because the case can put pressure on the tempered glass and create an additional stress point. A phone case can also transfer impact energy to the phone case and cause hidden internal malfunctions. Therefore, it is important to choose a phone case responsibly.

Dropping your phone hard can cause chips and cracks.
Dropping your phone hard can cause chips and cracks.

Can your screen crack with tempered glass?

The screen of a phone with tempered glass can easily crack under heavy load. Because the strength of the screen and tempered glass is not infinite. Here are some examples of high stress:

  • Dropping the phone from a great height or at high speed.
  • Bumping the screen against a corner or on rocks.
  • High vibration.
  • Excessive pressure on the screen or compression of the case.
  • Abrupt temperature changes.

Based on personal experience, the two most common causes are dropping the phone and excessive strain. Usually users drop the phone on the move, the phone slips out of its mount on a bicycle or in a car. In such cases, the phone may hit several times before it stops moving erratically. One or more repeated bumps can damage the tempered glass and screen. To prevent such situations, you can increase the grip of your phone in your hand by using various accessories and anti-slip bands. Learn more from How to Add Grip to Phone Case?

Also, users can often sit on the phone or accidentally throw heavy things on the phone screen. For example, many users like to carry their phone in the back pocket of their trousers. If the phone is not pulled out of the pocket before sitting down, the excessive pressure can cause the phone to break and crack. As such a solution, we can recommend using a larger outerwear pocket or carrying the phone in a separate bag.


The strength reserve of tempered glass and the phone screen is not infinite. Therefore, a strong direct blow to the screen, high vibration or a fall on a hard and uneven surface can damage the tempered glass together with the screen. The presence of chips or cracks in the tempered glass and the use of a poor quality case can be an additional cause of screen damage. Any damage to the screen protector reduces its strength characteristics, and a poor quality case can create additional stress points or transfer the force of impact to the body of the phone. Therefore, it is important to replace worn tempered glass in a timely manner and to choose a case for your phone carefully.


How did my phone screen crack even with a screen protector?

The strength of tempered glass and phone screen is not infinite. Therefore, strong impact, high pressure or excessive vibration can easily damage your phone screen. Cracks and chips on tempered glass can also weaken the strength of the screen protector. Therefore, it is important to replace worn tempered glass at the earliest available opportunity.

Why did my phone screen suddenly break?

A strong shock, high vibration or a sudden change in temperature can damage your phone screen. In such cases, the screen may crack or the screen matrix may be damaged. Therefore, it is important to use your phone with care and avoid accidental drops. It is desirable to install a quality tempered glass, durable and reliable case.

Should I take my screen protector off if it cracks?

Damaged tempered glass loses its strength and effectiveness. Therefore, it is recommended to replace tempered glass if it cracks or cracks.

Does tempered glass crack easily?

Tempered glass cracks when it is subjected to high stress. Such stress can be a strong vibration, direct impact with a hard and heavy object or dropping the phone on a hard surface. The presence of hidden defects and excessive wear and tear of tempered glass can also be the cause of cracking.

What is the lifespan of tempered glass?

Most manufacturers do not specify a maximum lifespan for tempered glass. Because many users change phones faster than the tempered glass wears out. Therefore, manufacturers often offer a limited lifetime warranty. With proper care, tempered glass can consistently last 5 years. In most cases, the adhesive layer of tempered glass wears off faster than the tempered glass itself.

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