Can’t Format Micro SD Card

unable to format the memory card

by Alex Gustman

Updated: May 6, 2021

Sometimes when formatting the SD card, there is a failure or error that prevents you from finishing or performing the formatting. Even if you cannot change the drive under warranty, do not rush to throw it away. Our article will offer you 3 solutions to fix problems with formatting SD and microSD cards.

Method 1: Formatting in the Disk Management utility

Formatting is not possible if all processes and operations are not completed on the map. In this case, the standard formatting method will not work — the system will report that the disk is busy. You need to use the built-in Windows Disk Management utility.


Tap the Start button, and then enter diskmgmt. msc in the search. Or, in the control panel, open the System and Security section, and then select Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions.

A list of connected drives will appear in a new window. You need to select the connected SD card, open the context menu with the right mouse button and select the Format… action.

In the new window, select the Formatting Options, and confirm the action.

Important! Malicious programs often interfere with formatting. Scan the drive for viruses.

Method 2: formatting in third-party programs

Programs designed for the purpose of formatting storage devices offer more features than standard utilities in Windows. Some applications, the HDD Low Level Format Tool or MiniTool Partition Wizard, allow you to perform low-level formatting of the flash drive to completely delete the recorded information.

SD Memory Card Formatter
SD Memory Card Formatter.

Third-party programs for formatting flash drives often help format cards that were previously used in DVRs or other equipment. The main problem of such drives is protection against overwriting. Therefore, only complete deep, so-called low-level formatting usually helps to restore the performance.

The simplest program for formatting is SD Memory Card Formatter, developed by the SD Association. The utility will automatically find SD drives, which will allow you not to worry about erroneous deletion from hard drives. And in the program window, you only need to select the type of formatting – Fast or Full.

Another useful program is the MiniTool Partition Wizard. The utility supports fast, full, and low-level formatting. It also includes tools for detecting and eliminating errors.

To check for errors, select Check File System in the left panel.

Method 3: Formatting in proprietary utilities

SD card manufacturers have appropriate programs for formatting or restoring the drive. Applications are usually distributed free of charge and without additional conditions. Visit the manufacturer’s official website to find the appropriate program.

JetDrive Toolbox.
JetDrive Toolbox.

An example of such a program is Transcend JetDriveToolbox. In the utility, just select Format, specify the disk and confirm the formatting.


How to format micro SD card on computer?

Right-click on the repository and select Format, then specify the formatting options.

Do I need to format micro SD card before use?

If the card hasn’t been used before, it doesn’t need to be formatted. After inserting the card into the phone, you will be prompted to format it, if necessary.

How do you unlock a locked micro SD card?

Connect the card to PC. Open “My Computer”, right-click on the storage, select “Unlock”.

How do I reset my micro SD card?

Disconnect and reconnect the memory card to the device.

How do I fix a corrupted micro SD card?

Format the card. If the manufacturer provides diagnostic and debugging software, download and use it.

How do I remove the write protection on a microSD card without a lock?

Format the drive. Perform a low-level format, or format the drive in a device where protection has been installed. Also look it the properties of the card in the Security tab, it is possible that the “write” option is disabled.

How can I remove the password from my memory card?

By formatting the card, if there is no important data on it. Another way to remove the card password is to disable it on the device where it was set.

Can’t format my 32gb micro SD card and files keep coming back after I delete them.

Most likely, the card does not work and cannot be recovered.

How many times can I format an SD card?

Each memory card has a certain lifespan, which affects how many times it can be formatted. The card will probably withstand several hundred formatting.

How do I remove write protection from micro SD card Samsung?

Format the drive. Perform a low-level format, or format in a device where protection was installed. Also look in the card properties, maybe in the security tab the write function is disabled.

How can I fix a memory card that Cannot be formatted?

This problem usually occurs after use in DVRs. The device prevents the drive from being overwritten. In such a case, formatting should be performed in such a device. If the card is in SD format or installed in an SD adapter, the formatting may be hindered by a switch on the side of the drive. The card may also have become unusable.

Why can’t I format my SD card on my Android

There may be several reasons. The card is not supported by the device. The recording lock on the side of the card is on, or the card is faulty.

Why can’t I format my SD card to FAT32?

FAT32 is used for cards up to and including 32 GB. For drives with 64 GB or more, exFAT is used.

How do I format a memory card that cannot be formatted with CMD?

Perhaps the card manufacturer’s site has tools to restore the card. It is also possible that the card is already broken and cannot be restored.

What’s the best way to format an SD card on an Android phone?

Install the card in the phone. If the system does not prompt you to format the drive, go to memory settings. Open the memory card and select Format. The system will select the most appropriate formatting options.

How do I format my micro SD card on my laptop?

After connecting the card, open “My Computer”, right-click on the card and select “Format”. Then set the formatting parameters and confirm the action.

Format micro SD card allocation unit size?

Each device selects the preferred data block size during the formatting process. When formatting via a PC or specialized programs, the block selection ranges from 512 bytes to 64 MB.

How to format micro SD card using CMD?

At the command line, type format F:, where F is the volume letter assigned to the card. Additionally, you can specify settings: /FS – file system, /Q – quick format. In this case, the command could be: format F: /FS:NTFS /Q. Press “Enter” to format.


If you can’t format a micro SD card try one of provided above methods. Do not rush to throw the drive away. Use built-in, third-party, or proprietary SD card formatting applications. Also, check the drive for viruses and errors.

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