Do screen protectors crack?

Do screen protectors crack

Updated: September 7, 2023

A tempered glass screen protector is the most effective and reliable protection for your phone screen. However, the strength of tempered glass is not infinite and over time the protective coating cracks. In this article I will tell you why tempered glass cracks, whether cracked tempered glass works and what to do with cracked tempered glass screen protector.

Does tempered glass screen protector crack?

The tempered glass screen protector may crack under certain conditions. Usually, a crack occurs as a result of a protective reaction under excessive external load. Such loading includes: high pressure, direct impact of great force or impact when dropped on the ground, etc. Thus, the cracking, chipping, and complete destruction of tempered glass is your phone’s screen protection mechanism: the phone screen should have shattered, but the force of the impact was taken by the screen protector.

There are cases when tempered glass cracks randomly or under not high load. To this leads to:

  • Manufacturing defect of tempered glass.
  • Incorrect installation of tempered glass.
  • Additional load on the tempered glass.
  • Excessive dirt on the edges of the glass.
  • Uneven fixation of the tempered glass.
  • The tempered glass has deep scratches, micro-cracks or a small crack.
  • Influence of vibration, climatic, weather and temperature conditions.
Cracked tempered glass after dropping the phone on the ground.
Cracked tempered glass after dropping the phone on the ground.

Do screen protectors work after cracking?

Cracked tempered glass loses all or part of its protective properties. At the cracked area and within 1-2 inches of the crack, the effectiveness of tempered glass is almost nil. A damaged area of the tempered glass may prevent scratches from appearing on the phone screen. At the same time, the damaged area will not be able to withstand a strong impact or dropping the phone on the ground.

An undamaged area of tempered glass can remain functional. A part of tempered glass can reflect some external impact: pressure, direct impact or contact with sharp and hard objects. In general, such damaged tempered glass is not effective, moreover it is dangerous for the phone screen and the phone owner.

Cracked and chipped tempered glass after dropping the phone on the ground.
Cracked and chipped tempered glass after dropping the phone on the ground.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace the cracked tempered glass at the first available opportunity. Read more in the article How to Remove a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Do screen protectors break easier than phone screens?

Generally, the tempered glass screen protector is damaged more easily and more frequently than the tempered glass of the screen module. The difference in durability is due to design features, type of materials used, and manufacturing quality.

Tempered screen module glass is usually manufactured using a chemical tempering process. As a result, the initial strength of the glass is superior to that of thermally tempered glass. In addition, the rigidity of tempered glass is greater due to the overall construction of the screen and phone frame. Thanks to this tempered glass screen module can withstand more stress without breaking.

It is also worth remembering that any protective coating is a consumable product with a limited service life. Therefore, manufacturers of protective coatings are focused on creating cheap tempered glass so that users can replace a damaged protective coating without significant monetary investment.

In areas of chips and cracks, the strength of tempered glass is reduced.
In areas of chips and cracks, the strength of tempered glass is reduced.


A tempered glass screen protector is the most durable and effective solution for protecting your phone screen. At the same time, the reserve of tempered glass strength is not infinite. Strong external impact, direct impact or impact after a fall often lead to the appearance of cracks on tempered glass. Cracking is a natural process and a reaction to excessively strong external impact. Additional stress on the tempered glass, a hidden manufacturing defect, incorrect installation of the screen protector or the effects of temperature and weather conditions can cause cracks to appear suddenly. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the protective coating can often help to prevent cracking.


Will tempered glass screen protector prevent screen from cracking?

If your phone screen is cracked, then installing tempered glass can slow the spread of cracks or stop the cracks from spreading completely. Each case is different, so the benefits of using tempered glass on a damaged phone screen will also vary.

Why does my glass screen protector keep cracking?

Micro cracks and chips cause tempered glass to crack. If the toughened glass continues to crack, then there is already a crack in that area of the glass. With further stress on the glass, the crack will only increase. Therefore, it is better to replace the damaged tempered glass. If the new tempered glass also cracks after replacing the old one, then consider the possible reasons that may cause the screen protector to crack: manufacturing defect, incorrect installation of the tempered glass, additional pressure on the glass, etc.

How long does a screen protector last?

Any tempered glass can last 2-3 years. The service life of tempered glass is influenced by the conditions of use and the intensity of use. Weather, temperature and climatic conditions have a significant impact on the service life of glass. An environment with a high sand content leads to the rapid formation of scratches. As a result, many deep and shallow scratches can form on tempered glass in 6-12 months. Excessively dry climate can damage the adhesive backing of the glass and worsen the fixation on the phone screen. In addition, active and careless use of your phone can cause the tempered glass to peel off after a few months.

What to do if screen protector cracks?

A cracked screen protector must be replaced. Because the protective properties of cracked tempered glass are significantly impaired. In addition, additional stress on the crack will contribute to crack enlargement or the appearance of new cracks. Repair of the tempered glass screen protector is neither possible nor advisable.

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