Does the iPhone X need a tempered glass screen protector?

do i need glass for iphone x

by Alex Gustman

Updated: October 29, 2021

Some owners of mobile electronics use a smartphone without a screen protector, while others necessarily install tempered glass screen protector. From this article you will learn whether it is necessary to apply a tempered glass screen protector on the iPhone X.

Why do you need an extra tempered glass screen protector?

The screen of each generation of Apple smartphones is protected by sapphire or chemically hardened glass. The strength of such glass on the Mohs scale is 6-8 out of 10, so in theory, it is not easy to scratch it. Yes, and conventional tempered glass for a couple of dollars strength rarely exceeds 5-6 units, because of which such a glass is more susceptible to scratches.
In fact, the factory glass is covered with barely noticeable scratches as it is used, which can be seen only under certain conditions – at an angle or in bright light. But if used carelessly or dropped, deep scratches will form, visible upon superficial inspection. Therefore, additional, even less strong tempered glass will take all the negative effects and the phone screen will remain intact.

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Does the iPhone X need an additional protective glass?

More likely yes than no. Additional tempered glass will prevent the formation of scratches on the front side, which will inevitably appear after a few weeks or months of use. And in the case of a shock or fall, most of the mechanical energy will be trapped by the additional tempered glass. Another benefit of the screen protector is the price. Replacing scratched tempered glass will cost $3 to $5 while replacing the glass of your phone screen will cost up to $100.

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In addition, the tempered glass screen protector paired with a case will retain the original state of the smartphone. If you are selling or exchanging your iPhone X for a new model, this smartphone will bring you more money. And the savings can be used for other needs.

You will not need the tempered glass screen protector, only for users who change their smartphone every 6-14 months. Or the owners that do not pay attention to the presence of a few scratches, chips or cracks.


Why do iPhones have glass backs?

The back of the iPhone is made of glass for wireless charging. Compared to plastic, glass is better at dissipating excessive heat. Also glass is not as actively covered by microscratches during the use of the smartphone.

How do I protect my iPhone screen?

Install a tempered glass screen protector. Also available for sale are cases with additional protection of the screen, for example, a case.

Is iPhone X screen scratch proof?

Glass is scratch-resistant, but abrasive particles and contact with hard objects can damage the glass surface.

Do iPhone screens get scratched easily?

It’s pretty hard to scratch the glass.

Can I use iPhone without tempered glass?

You can use the phone without the screen protector if the risk of scratches or accidental damage to the screen is not a concern.

How can I protect my iPhone without screen protector?

Yes, if you use a case that protects the screen. For example, a bookcase.

Do I need screen protector for iPhone 6?

If you want to prevent scratches on the screen, then it is worth using a protective film, or better tempered glass.

Does the iPhone oleophobic coating wear off?

During the use of the phone oleophobic coating erases partially, but does not disappear completely.

Can you remove the screen protector from your iPhone?

You can remove the screen protector if you don’t need it. But it is better to use a screen protector to prevent damage to the screen.

Does Apple recommend screen protectors?

No, the company never recommends using any screen protectors.

Does screen protector affect Apple pencil?

Most films and glasses do not affect the operation of the accessory in any way.

Is iPad screen protector necessary?

If the iPad is only used indoors, it is not necessary to install a screen protector. If you move the iPad regularly, it is worth installing a film or tempered glass.


The article contains an answer to the question whether the iPhone X needs a tempered glass screen protector. Such an accessory will come in handy for owners who prefer to preserve the original appearance of the smartphone. But users for whom the iPhone X is something of a working tool for the short term, or those who aren’t particularly upset by a couple of new scratches, will find buying an extra glass to be an unnecessary waste of money.

What do you think, do you need to install a tempered glass on your iPhone X? Share your opinion in the comments below the article.

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