Easy Way to Take Off Phone Case

an easy way to remove the case from the phone

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 29, 2022

A new case usually fits snugly against the phone’s body for the best fit. Sometimes a tight fit becomes a problem when you need to remove the case. From this article, you’ll learn an easy way to remove a case from your phone quickly and safely.

How to remove a silicone or rubber case

To remove a silicone or rubber case you need to pry one of the corners of the case, and then take the phone out. Follow these steps:

1. It is better to take a cover from a phone above the table. If the phone slips out, it will fall on the table. For added safety, lay a soft towel over it.

phone on the table

2. Take the phone in one hand. With your other hand, pry the case open in any of the corners.

case removal

3. Pull the edge of the cover and release a corner of the phone.

removed corner of the cover

4. Then pull the cover toward the other corner.

second corner of the cover removed

5. Release the adjacent corner of the phone and remove the cover.

almost removed cover
removed cover

How to remove a combination case

The combination case is made up of several parts. Therefore, you must first remove the hinged parts of the cover. Perform the following steps:

  1. Lay a soft towel on the table.
  2. Remove additional parts of the case – plastic cover or bumper.
  3. Hold the phone in one hand and lift the cover with the other.
  4. Pull the cover toward you and free the corner of the phone.
  5. Then do the same and pull the other corner free.
  6. Finally, pull the phone out of the case.

How to remove a shock-proof case

An impact shell is typically made of several materials: plastic, rubber, or silicone. Because of this, a shock-proof case is not as flexible as a silicone or rubber-only case. You will need to use more force to remove the cover. Follow these steps:

  1. Lay a soft towel on the table.
  2. Remove the hinged parts of the cover, if any.
  3. Place the phone on the towel, or hold it with one hand and try to lift the cover with the other.
  4. If you can’t get the corner of the case off, try starting in the middle of the case. You can use plastic phone repair tools.
  5. When you get the corner of the phone free, pull the cover to the side and pull the phone out.

How to remove a magnetic tempered glass case

A magnetic tempered glass case consists of two parts. Therefore, it is enough to disconnect one of the halves and take out the phone. Follow these steps:

  1. Place a soft towel on the table. Place your phone on the towel.
  2. Hold the bottom of the case with one hand, and use your other hand to grab the top of the case.
  3. Pull the top of the case up to disconnect the case. If you can’t undo the cover with your hands, slip a plastic card between the halves of the cover.
  4. It is convenient to slide the plastic card in places with holes – TRS or USB.

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The article described in detail a simple way to remove the cover from the phone. In most cases you need to pull the cover in one of the corners. It is desirable to remove the case over the table, as the phone can slip out of hands and fall. You should also always put a soft towel down for emergencies. And how do you take the case off your phone? Share your opinion in the comments below the article.

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