Forgot your Android Password? How do I Unlock the Phone?

how to unlock a mobile phone.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 15, 2021

Android offers many great features to safeguard our information. Unfortunately, those very protections can sometimes cause frustrations. The worst one we can think of: forgetting the password. Fortunately, we’ve collected several methods to resolve this particular problem.

Please note! If you have forgotten your phone password, you can’t unlock your phone without a hard reset, which means losing all your phone data. Only if your Android version is 5 or below you can unlock your phone without a factory reset.

Ways to Unlock an Android Phone if you Forget your Password

These are the following ways to deal with a forgotten password:

  1.   Try Google’s Find My Device
  2.  Android Forgot My Password
  3.  Recovery Mode (hard reset)

Way #1: Find My Device

This method will require a Google account along with using this link.

  • The link will have the user sign into their Google account that is connected to the device. 
  • Once logged in, click the ERASE DEVICE option.
  • Once the device has been scrubbed, the Android will restart. Turn the device back on. The Android will provide the user the opportunity to log back in and set it up as though the device were brand new.

We would like to emphasize this option doesn’t work if the user doesn’t have a Google account tied to their Android phone.

Way #2: Android Forgot My Password

This trick is only compatible with older Android phones, specifically ones carrying KitKat 4.4 or lower. Intentionally place the incorrect answer five times on the lock screen, and it’ll either prompt Forgot Pattern or Forgot PIN. Select the appropriate option, and the device will provide the opportunity to sign in to the Google account to complete the reset.

Way #3: Recovery Mode (hard reset)

Recovery Mode is the factory reset option. In other words, this selection will delete apps, photos, and other files on the phone. This method should be a last resort, especially if there are no backups.

To proceed with this step, turn the Android off via the Power button. After the Android has been deactivated, hold both the Volume down button and the Power button simultaneously until the phone turns back on. Start will be the word that appears on the screen.

Use the Volume down key to navigate the menu. Recovery Mode is what the phone cursor needs to highlight. Pressing the power button will select the mode when it is highlighted. The Android icon will display upon selection.

Once Recovery Mode has been initiated, press and hold the Power button again. During this process, tap the Volume up button once and release the Power button. From here, the next course of action is to scroll down to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option via the Volume down key. Use the Power button to select it and then reboot the phone.

By following these steps, the phone will be ready to be set up again with a fresh password.


In summary, Find My Device and Recovery Mode are both surefire methods to circumvent the password screen if the code has been forgotten. Android Forgot My Password is a fix only applicable to older Android devices. We still recommend learning the method. It can prove useful depending on the age of the phone in question.

Of course, we find the best solution is to keep a copy of the password available. Preventative measures are truly the most effective measures.

If the user has an Android device without a Google account connected to it, please be sure to link them together. We also strongly recommend making backups before the user potentially finds themselves in a lockout situation with their Android device.

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