How Do I Clean Gorilla Glass?

by Alex Gustman

Updated: May 12, 2021

It is vital to keep your portable device clean at all times – especially during a pandemic. A smartphone screen is typically one of the dirtiest spots in your apartment – including toilets. Since we contact the display multiple times a day, we have very little choice but to learn how to clean it properly.

Gorilla Glass is one of the most popular glass brands. Well-known smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Lenovo, or Xiaomi, release most of their devices in collaboration with Corning – the company behind it. Hopefully, Gorilla screens have a good factory oleophobic layer that ensures a seamless cleaning process. Let’s have a look at practical ways to do it, though.

Common “don’ts.”

Before we start, let’s learn the wrong ways to be able to avoid them. You absolutely should not use:

  • household detergents, sprays, chemical-based products,
  • abrasive surfaces and agents to avoid scratching the display,
  • any solutions with ammonia,
  • kitchen or paper towels that leave lint – you will need to run again to get rid of it.

It is worth noticing that friction is the enemy of the oleophobic coating – layer that protects the display from grease and provides it with a slick feel. Don’t clean with extensive pressure; avoid using your clothes. T-shirts, as well as jackets or jeans, do pick up grease and oil from the body. This means that you will have to rub the surface several times, shortening the oleophobic layer’s life.

No studies are confirming that alcohol can harm the display. However, according to users’ feedback, the oleophobic layer starts wearing off faster. It is essential to destroy all microbes on the surface, though.

Wiping with cloth

Microfiber is the safest tool to deal with Gorilla Glass. It is designed to wipe off grease and fingerprints without excessive friction. It will require a few gentle wipes in order to give the display a brand-new factory look. However, you need to use clean cloths only to make sure you do not need to wipe it up again.

Using liquids

Oftentimes it is hard to clean a display with cloth only. In this case, dampen it with distilled water. To safely sanitize the screen:

  • mix an equal amount of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol,
  • dampen the microfiber with the solution,
  • gently wipe the screen several times.

Be cautious not to spill any liquid inside the hearing holes or dynamics since this can harm your device.

More expensive methods

There are portable UV sanitizers available on the market that help kill most bacteria and germs. These are designed for mobile devices and will make it possible to disinfect the surface without even touching it. The major downside, however, is the price.

Dealing with screen protector

Most display guards resemble tempered glass and thus are treated in the same fashion. You might wish to clean the sticky side when nasty air bubbles start appearing. Typically, this happens as a result of a mistake made during the mounting process. Micro dust particles creep inside and don’t allow the guard to adhere correctly. If you are to clean the protector’s sticky side, read the article How to remove air bubbles from the screen protector first.

Our devices do accumulate a tremendous amount of dirt and microbes. Since we touch them many times during the day, it is required to clean them thoroughly. There are several safe ways to do it. Should you follow an easy path, you can occasionally damage the oleophobic layer or even delete it. Then the display will get dirty faster. Besides, it will stop looking attractive, and fingers will stop sliding as seamlessly as before.


Can you polish scratches out of Gorilla Glass?

You can polish the glass to remove scratches or to reduce the visibility of scratches. It is important to polish carefully or the glass could easily be damaged.

Does toothpaste really fix scratches?

No. The presence of abrasive particles in some toothpastes can, on the contrary, lead to even more scratches. For polishing, it is better to consider specialised products such as sandpaper, or polishing discs.

Is Gorilla Glass 6 scratch resistant?

Yes, it is protected when in contact with large hard objects such as keys or coins. However, small and sharp hard objects in a pocket, bag or on other surfaces will, over time, cause fine scratches on the tempered glass.

How do you clean cloudy tempered glass?

Apply a screen cleaner to a microfibre cloth. Then wipe the glass pane several times. Finally, wipe off the moisture with the dry side.

Does alcohol remove oleophobic coating?

Concentrated alcohol can cause damage to the coating. Also active use of your smartphone accelerates the deterioration of the oleophobic coating.

Can I remove Gorilla Glass from my phone?

Removing the Gorilla Glass, which is part of the screen module, is very difficult. In most cases, removal will result in damage to the screen module.

Is Gorilla Glass 5 unbreakable?

Glass has a good resistance to breakage. However, it is easy to break glass with a certain amount of force.

Does Apple use Gorilla Glass?

Apple has partnered with Corning, but instead of using Gorilla Glass, it uses sapphire glass. The iPhone 12 example uses Ceramic Shield glass.


Here we have described how to clean Gorilla Glass. To avoid damaging phone screen use only recommended materials to clean the glass.

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