How do I enable Bluetooth on Windows 10?

how to enable bluetooth in windows 10

by Alex Gustman

Updated: November 20, 2021

With Bluetooth it is convenient to connect various devices wirelessly, in particular a mouse, keyboard or headphones. Therefore, this article describes in detail how to install Bluetooth in your Windows 10 computer.

Connecting the Bluetooth module

In order to use Bluetooth, you must ensure that a Bluetooth module is built into the computer’s motherboard. If there is no Bluetooth module, there are two ways to equip your computer with a Bluetooth connection:

  • USB adapter.
  • PCI card.

The adapter connects via a free USB port on the computer, providing a quick and easy connection. This method is more suitable for inexperienced users who do not want to disassemble their computers. This method is also suitable if there is no suitable free PCI port on the motherboard.

The card is plugged into the PCI slot of the motherboard. To install it, you need to remove the cover of the system unit and plug the card into a free port. This method is intended for advanced users. PCI card usually provides more coverage and communication speed.
If the drivers were not installed automatically after connecting the Bluetooth module, you must download and install them manually. To do this, you need to visit the manufacturer’s official website or use a driver installation program.

How do I turn on Bluetooth?

For the wireless network to work, you must activate the module in one of two ways:

  • In the system settings.
  • From the support center.

Instructions on how to activate Bluetooth in the system settings:

  • Click the “Start” button.
  • Next, select the “Settings” section.
  • Then select “Devices”.
  • Under “Bluetooth and other devices” activate the Bluetooth switch.
activation of bluetooth in settings

Instructions on how to activate Bluetooth in the support center:

  • In the clock area of the taskbar, select Support Center.
  • In the expanded pane, click the “Bluetooth” icon.
activating bluetooth on the quick settings panel

How do I connect the device?

The first time you connect the device to your computer, you must pair it. The procedure is performed once. The next time a connection is established automatically when a previously paired device is found in the network visibility area.


  • Switch on Bluetooth on the device. To do so, activate the toggle in the settings or with the button on the body. For headphones, it is required to hold the switch for 3-5 seconds, until the indicator light turns a different color.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your computer using the “in system settings” or “in the support center” method.
  • Follow any instructions that may appear on the screen.
  • If necessary, enter the password – 0000 or 111


How do I install Bluetooth on my PC?

A module with USB or PCI connection is suitable. In the first case, it is enough to install the transmitter in a free port of the computer. In the second case, install the board in a free PCI port on the motherboard.

How do I download Bluetooth drivers to my Windows 10 computer?

If the drivers are not installed when you first connect them, then it is worth visiting the manufacturer’s website.

No Bluetooth button on your Windows 10 computer?

The shortcut usually appears in the taskbar after the drivers are installed.

How do I install Bluetooth on my Windows 10 laptop if I don’t have it?

An adapter with USB connection, such as the ORICO BTA-403, is suitable.


This article describes in detail how to install Bluetooth on your Windows 10 computer. The information will be useful to users who have decided to reduce the number of wires going to the computer and provide additional comfort when using a PC.

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