How do I know if my PC has bluetooth?

how to find out if the computer has bluetooth

by Alex Gustman

Updated: November 6, 2021

Some PC motherboards contain a Bluetooth module that allows you to dispense with the need for a USB or PCI adapter. In this article you will find instructions to help you determine whether or not there is a Bluetooth module in your computer.

Ways to check if your computer has a Bluetooth module.

There are two ways to find out if your PC has Bluetooth:

  • 1. In the Device Manager.
  • 2. In the motherboard specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

The device manager option is relevant when the computer is assembled and working. Also, the method does not require you to look through the motherboard documentation to find detailed information on the manufacturer’s site. The second option is more suitable for users who are just looking at the purchase of the motherboard or have not found the exact information about the presence of the Bluetooth adapter in the Device Manager.

Instructions to check in Device Manager.

This method is valid for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


  • Right-click the context menu on the “Computer” shortcuts.
  • Select “Properties” in the action list.
  • In the next window on the left, select “Device Manager”.
  • Look for Bluetooth in the list of connected devices.

Instructions for checking on the manufacturer’s website

  1. Find out the exact name and product number of your motherboard, including the revision. The information can be found on the board itself and on the box. The program Aida64 will also help you to see the exact information.
  1. Go to the manufacturer’s official web site. In the search box, enter the motherboard’s name.
  2. Then go to the advanced features tab and check for Bluetooth.
motherboard specifications on the manufacturer's website


How do I install bluetooth on my PC?

Connect the USB adapter or install the board with the module in the PCI slot of the motherboard.


This article describes in detail how to find out if your PC has Bluetooth. If the computer is on, the corresponding information is available in the Device Manager. For more detailed information, as well as at the stage of purchase, it is better to look at the website of the motherboard manufacturer.

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