How do I remove scratches from my phone screen?

how to remove scratches on glass

by Alex Gustman

Updated: October 27, 2021

Most smartphone screens are covered with durable tempered glass. Often prolonged or careless use leads to the formation of scratches that spoil the appearance. This article contains several recommendations that will help to eliminate minor scratches on the glass.

How do I remove scratches?

Scratches are removed by polishing the surface with abrasive materials, often pastes combining fine particles of minerals, metals, plastics or polymers. The effect is achieved by removing a thin layer of glass, giving the polished surface a pristine appearance. Deep scratches, however, often cannot be completely removed, as a substantial layer must be removed, resulting in the formation of indentations in the polished area.

There are also recommendations on the Internet using baking soda, tooth powder or toothpaste. However, such tips can often only increase the number of scratches or not solve the problem at all.

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Method 1: Installing a screen protector

The easiest way to hide minor scratches on glass is to apply a tempered glass or film screen protector. A protective coating with a silicone base will fill microscopic scratches on the surface of the glass, making the scratches barely visible or invisible at all.
Another option is a hydrogel film. The protective properties of such coating are worse than glass, but it is easier to install than ordinary glossy or matte film.

installation of protective glass

Method 2: polishing with a special paste

There is a special paste designed for gentle polishing of various surfaces. It usually costs less than a dollar and you can find it in DIY shops. You won’t be able to remove deep scratches, but minor ones will.


1. Before polishing, cover the clean areas of the glass and the holes in the smartphone with masking tape.

protection of the holes of the smartphone
masking tape protection

2. Apply some paste to the glass.

application of abrasive paste

3. Use a dry cloth to wipe the glass in a circular motion.

polishing abrasive paste

4. The polishing time for minor scratches is 2-5 minutes, for deep scratches 10 minutes or longer. It is advisable to wipe off the paste every 2-3 minutes and assess the result.

5. Wipe off any remaining paste with a damp cloth.

glass cleaning

Method 3: display polish

The polish is a tube with a thick liquid. Its main task is to make the glass surface glossy and oleophobic. The polish is not able to remove scratches, but it will make the scratches less noticeable upon cursory inspection.


1. Apply a few drops of polish to the glass coating.

applying polish
polish on glass

2. Use a cloth or dry rag to rub the polish in with a light pressure for 3-5 minutes.

glass polishing

3. At the end of the polish, use a dry cloth to remove any residual moisture.

cleaning polished glass


Will t-cut remove scratches from glass?

The product removes superficial scratches by removing the top layer. With deeper scratches, the product is not very effective.

How to fix deep scratches on iPhone screen?

To remove scratches, remove the top layer of glass. An abrasive toothpaste will help with minor scratches. Apply a small amount of thick toothpaste to the scratched area. Then rub the glass with a soft cloth in circular motions for a few minutes. Wipe off the remains of the toothpaste with a cloth. If the scratch is still there, repeat the procedure.

Does wd-40 remove scratches from glass?

The product will help with minor scratches thanks to its polishing properties. Deep scratches cannot be repaired.


This article contains advice on how to remove scratches from your phone screen. Glass or a screen protector can help to hide minor scratches and minor scratches. Polishing with a special polish paste will help to remove minor scratches and make deeper scratches less noticeable. With polish, the scratches will not disappear, they will only be masked and become less noticeable.
What scratch removers do you know? Share your experiences in the comments below the article.

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