How do I root Android 10?

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by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 7, 2022

Getting root access becomes more difficult with each version of Android. Old ways of rooting your phone don’t work and new methods, if they appear, only after some time. Here are three ways to how to root Android 10.

Important! The article gives general ways for a general understanding of rooting on Android 10. The exact steps for each method will differ for different Android devices due to file system differences or other differences.

Way 1: Magisk Root

  1. Unlock the bootloader of your mobile device.
  2. Install the appropriate custom recovery for your device.
  3. Charge the battery of your mobile device to 75% or higher.
  4. Then copy Magisk file to the phone’s memory and flash it through the custom recovery or flashing software for your phone model.
  5. After flashing procedure, reboot the system, open the Magisk Manager and check its functionality. Also check if you have root access.
Magisk Root

Way 2: KingoRoot APK

This method is for rooting an Android device without using a computer.

  1. Go to the official KingoRoot website. Download and install the application file on your Android device.
  2. Launch the app and click on the single button to get root access.
  3. wait for the rooting process to complete. If the root access is granted successfully, the text “Success” will appear in the app. Otherwise, it will read “Fail”. In this case, try again or try another rooting method.

Way 3: KingoRoot PC

  1. Go to the official KingoRoot website, where you can download and install the free app to gain root access via PC.
  2. Connect your mobile device to the PC via USB port. Use an original USB cable or one that supports data transfer.
  3. Enable USB debugging in the settings of the mobile device.
  4. Launch the KingoRoot app and click the button to get root.
  5. Wait for the process of obtaining root privileges. If it was successful, the message “ROOT SUCCED” will appear on the screen. If it was not successful, try again or use another method.


This article describes in detail how to root Android 10. The easiest way is to use the KingoRoot app. However, KingoRoot supports a limited number of mobile devices and is mainly suitable for smartphones from little-known Chinese companies. Rooting with Magisk Root covers more devices and will require more steps, in particular unlocking the bootloader and flashing Magisk.

And which method of rooting on Android 10 have you used? Share your opinion in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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