How do I unlock my phone if I forget the pattern lock?

how to unlock your smartphone if you forgot your graphic password

by Alex Gustman

Updated: November 5, 2021

If you’ve forgotten your Pattern Lock and can’t unlock your phone, then calm down and don’t panic. Here we’ve gathered up-to-date and effective ways to help you unlock and regain access to your smartphone.

Method 1: Through the low battery menu

This method is simple and works on most mobile devices. The main disadvantage is the need to drain the battery to 15%, which is quite difficult without the ability to load the smartphone. If you manage to drain the battery, at the 15% mark a window will appear with a notification about the imminent discharge of the battery.

Do the following steps

  • Select the “More” option “Power Saving Settings” or “Power Management”, as the suggested option differs from phone to phone, but the essence is the same.
  • When you get to the Battery Status menu, go back to the settings section.
  • Go to the “Security” menu, where you can disable the lock.

Method 2: Deleting password via ADB Run

If USB debugging is enabled on the phone, ADB Run will help to remove the password.

Do the following steps.

  • Connect the phone, run the program. Wait for a connection.
  • In the main menu select 6.
  • Then choose method 1. Or method 2, if the previous method did not work.

Method 3: Unlocking with Dr.fone Unlock

The Dr.fone – Unlock program allows you to remove 4 types of screen locks, including the graphical password.

drfone toolkit

Method 4: Reset Settings

The cardinal method is to clear the phone to the factory state, which will delete the lock and all personal information at the same time. Learn more about how to perform a recovery mode reset.

data reset confirmation

Method 5: Remove blocking via TWRP/CWM

TWRP or CWM recovery preinstalled will help to remove the graphical password and save all user information. Learn more about how to disable the lock via TWRP Recovery in this article.

twrp recovery

Method 6: Contact a service center

If the above methods didn’t help or you need to save personal information, then contact a service center for help. They may be able to solve the problem because they have proprietary utilities that are not available to ordinary users.


How do I unlock the Pattern Lock without resetting?

Use the additionally installed password, unlock via fingerprint scanner or face recognition. You can use programs to unlock your phone using a PC. If you have super user rights on your phone, you can delete the lock files before starting the system.

Is it possible to bypass the Pattern Lock on Android?

With certain security holes, it is possible to bypass the blocking. Also if you have root rights or use specialized programs.

What happens if I forget my graphics key?

You will not be able to unlock the device. You need to remember the combination or use other unlock methods.

How do I get around screen locks without losing data?

Use other unlocking methods: password, fingerprint or facial recognition. To use another unlock method, you need to set an additional unlock type in advance.


This article describes in detail how to unlock your phone if you forget the graphical password. The described methods are the most relevant and effective, suitable for most modern models.
And what unlock methods do you know? Share your experience in comments below the article.

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