How do I use Bluetooth headphones?

how to use bluetooth headphones

by Alex Gustman

Updated: November 19, 2021

Wireless headphones are equipped with individual control systems. Some models have split navigation buttons, others have paired buttons that perform multiple functions, and still others replace the physical buttons with touch-sensitive buttons. Such design features often lead to difficulties in connection and operation. You will find out how to connect and use various Bluetooth headphones in this article.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones?

The first time the wireless headphones are connected to a smartphone, computer or laptop, pairing must be performed. Thereafter the headphones will automatically connect to the previously paired device once Bluetooth is activated.

How do I pair my headphones?

Hold down the power button until the indicator light activates, continue to hold the button until the indicator light changes. It normally takes 3-5 seconds to hold the button. The indicator light flashes more frequently in pairing mode than when the headphones are already connected to the phone. On some models of headphones with three buttons, the centre button must be held down for pairing.

  • Wireless split-type headphones are activated automatically when removed from the case.
  • Activate Bluetooth operation on your mobile phone or other device. When pairing to a smartphone, open the system settings.
  • Select the Bluetooth section.
  • Move the switch to the active position.
  • From the list of devices found, select the corresponding headphone model.
  • To pair, enter the passcode 0000. In rare cases the combination 1111 or another set of digits specified in the manual is used.
  • If the pairing is successful, you will hear a beep or other notification on the headphones.

Instructions for reconnecting:

  • Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  • Briefly activate the wireless headphones by holding down the power button.
  • Separate headphones are activated automatically when removed from the case.
  • Wait for the connection.

How do I control my Bluetooth headphones?

Most actions are carried out with the individual keys: switch the headphones on and off, answer and disconnect a phone call, change the volume and switch track.

For a detailed description of how to do this with specific headphones, please refer to the instructions.

In some cases, for example on Motorola Moto Surround headphones, certain buttons perform several actions:

  • The “+” or “-“ buttons increase or decrease volume when pressed.
  • Briefly holding down the “+” or “-” button toggles the track forward or backward.
  • A long press on “+” or “-” fast-forwards or rewinds the song.
  • Holding down “+” and “-“ at the same time will change the equalizer
wireless headphones motorola
headphone controls
pause and play button
call answer button

In headphone models with combined buttons, usually three, each button performs a specific action. For example, the Motorola Verve Loop 200 headphones use the following combination of actions:

  • Holding the centre button down for a long time activates the headphones or puts them into pairing mode.
  • A normal press of the centre button is used to pause and play. Also to answer and end a call during a phone call.
  • Pressing the centre button twice forwards and three times forwards shifts tracks.
  • Pressing the “+” or “-” buttons increases/decreases the playback volume.
  • During a call, holding down “+” and “-” at the same time disables the microphone.
  • During a call, holding down “+” or “-” at the same time rejects the call.
  • Holding down the “+” or “-” button in idle or playback mode allows you to give a voice command.
  • Holding down the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time during playback switches the equaliser preset.

Headphone models with separate control buttons use touch controls. After pairing, the headphones removed from the case connect automatically. Disconnection will occur automatically when the headphones are placed back in the case. As an example, let’s take the Motorola verve headphones navigation:

  • One tap on the earpiece – pause or play.
  • Double tap – toggle the track forward.
  • Triple tap to switch track backwards.
  • Long press for 3-6 seconds – change EQ settings.
  • During an incoming call, one tap to answer and a double tap to reject the call.
  • In standby mode, long hold – activates the voice command function.
headphone music control module


How do I charge wireless headphones?

Via MicroUSB connector or wireless charging. The TWS headphones are charged in a dedicated case using the built-in battery.

How do I connect 2 pairs of headphones at once via Bluetooth to my phone?

Pair and activate each headset in turn, but not all smartphones support this function. For TWS headphones, simply remove both headphones from the case.

What if the bluetooth headphones connect separately?

The headphones must be re-paired. To do this, remove the previously paired headphones from the smartphone, then reconnect the headphones. You should also synchronise the headphones – leave them in the case for 30 minutes.

Why can’t my bluetooth headphones connect to my phone?

The first time you connect, a pairing procedure must be carried out. If this does not work, restart the phone and try again.

How do I use bluetooth headphones on my computer?

Just like on your phone – with the control buttons on your headphones or in an app on your PC.


This article describes in detail how to use Bluetooth headphones. In particular how to connect and pair the Bluetooth headphones to your phone for the first time and afterwards. Also, how to operate the Bluetooth headphones with separate, combined and touch buttons.

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