How Do You Get The LifeProof Case Off Your Phone?

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by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 27, 2022

Sometimes our devices need extra protection. Smartphone nowadays is a means of communication and is also the way of showing our life to everyone willing to look. For example, if you love adrenalin and often use your smartphone to make extreme videos, the probability of your device falling is very high. The same applies to situations when you love surfing and live by the ocean. To extend your phone life cycle, you might need a proper phone case to save your device and wallet.

LifeProof is an American company owned by OtterBox. It releases extra-protection covers, including waterproof and anti-shock models. It’s relatively easy to put them on to enhance safety. However, you might face a real challenge when you try to set the phone free. Let’s have a look at how to do that in more detail.

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Case types

As of now, LifeProof sells the following case types:

  1. FRE and NUUD – most sophisticated models ensure protection from water and dirt by IP68 standard. They are also prepared to withstand massive impacts and boast of the screen protector and (even) touch screen. It might be the best fit for people dependent on adrenaline if they have an extra hundred dollars to spend.
  2. NEXT – covers protected from impacts as well as dirt and snow. You will not be able to submerge the phone into the water, meaning it is not for surfing. However, winter sports fans might find it useful.
  3. FLIP and SLAM – anti-shock models for active lifestyle people. No water protection, but the phone will survive after falling from your hand’s height. They are also more conventional-looking – especially the FLIP model.

According to the manufacturer, all their products are compatible with wireless chargers. This means you will not need to take any of them off if your device supports Qi. Their covers are currently released for Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones.

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How to open the LifeProof phone case?

After you take your LifeProof case off, it should retain its features entirely – unless you break something during the process. This means you will be able to apply it afterward when you need it again. To open the LifeProof case, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the lid covering the charging port on the bottom of your device. It is easy to open with your bare hands. Do it gently since the case will not be waterproof anymore if you break it. If there is no lid, proceed further.
  2. Have a closer look at the bottom edge of your phone. Find the narrow slots typically located at both sides of charging ports. Keep in mind that there also might be only one slot available since this depends on the case model.
  3. If you preserved the original package, use the plastic opener to twist the cover apart. Alternatively, take any solid plastic object or a coin.
  4. When it opens, carefully tear apart to detach the top and bottom sides of your case.
  5. To set your phone free from the top part, move to your bed. With the device facing up, softly press with your thumb to the middle of the screen. Simultaneously pull the bottom edges of your case upwards and apart.

LifeProof cases can be useful in certain situations for active people. However, they also might be tough to remove. Perform all the actions carefully to prevent damage to both your phone and the case.

durable protective case


Here we have described how to take off a LifeProof phone case. Follow our instructions, and you will open the case without problems.

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