How much does tempered glass cost?

tempered glass price

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 27, 2022

The cost of tempered glass varies from 1-55 USD. You will learn the difference between cheap and expensive tempered glass screen protectors in this material.

What does the cost of a screen protector consist of?

The price of safety glass, like any other product, is usually made up of three main parts: the margin, the cost of production and the trade markup.

The more intermediaries (in the form of sellers) between the producer and the buyer, the higher the cost of the product.

The margin should be understood to be the manufacturer’s mark-up for each tempered glass produced. For example, the production cost of one glass in a batch is 2 USD, then at a margin of 10% the producer receives 0.2 USD for each tempered glass sold. Then the producer sets a certain mark-up in fixed figures, e.g. 0.3 USD for each glass.

Production costs – the total costs that the producer incurred in the process of manufacturing the product. The category of costs usually includes:

  • Payroll
  • Depreciation
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing and transporting raw materials.
  • Payment for consumables and packaging.
  • Payment for inputs – electricity, water, etc.
  • Quality control, etc.

Trade markup – the difference between retail and wholesale prices. Usually, the manufacturer is not engaged in direct sales of finished products, and sells a batch of glass to retailers or small stores. The latter, in turn, increase the price as much as necessary to cover costs and make a profit from the sale.

tempered glass with cutouts

What are the differences between expensive and cheap tempered glass screen protectors?

The main difference is in the production technology of the composition, as well as real and non-real characteristics. Production technology should be understood as a series of technological processes used in the manufacture and processing of products. For example, producing flat glass in the form of a rectangle is the least expensive process, requiring a minimum of time and equipment. For glass with cut edges or tempered glass with rounded corners or with cut-outs for the camera and speakers, additional equipment or tools are required. The most difficult process is making curved glass, often referred to as 3D.

tempered glass thickness

More important are the raw materials used in tempered glass production. Glass blanks with undesirable impurities in their composition impair transparency and lead to distorted colour rendering and other anomalies. The value of such tempered glass is lower than that of its transparent counterpart. The durability of thermally tempered glass is also lower than that of chemically tempered glass. In addition, the cost increases if composite materials are used in the composition, which increase the strength of the tempered glass screen protector.

tempered glass on smartphone

Another factor affecting the price is the specifications shown on the packaging. Whether the tempered glass is USD 1 or USD 50, the manufacturer will always specify a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and a high-quality oleophobic coating. In reality, the highest quality glass barely reaches 7 units. Inexpensive glasses have no oleophobic coating at all.

How much does tempered glass cost?

Without going into the details of price formation, production costs and resale markup, the price of tempered glass in the store ranges from 1-50 USD.

Tempered glasses priced at 1-3 USD are sold mainly on Chinese marketplaces. For such a price, it is difficult to find a protective coating of acceptable quality with normal transparency and availability of packaging.

cheap tempered glass

For 3-5 USD the tempered glass is clear enough and usually in a package, not in a normal bag. For that price, you will seldom find glass with a chamfer on the edges.

For 6-10 USD there is acceptable quality glass with chamfers and high transparency. And American companies such as Supershieldz and Omoton put in a package of 2-3 glasses, which at the same price is somewhat more profitable than a single glass of Chinese brands.

7-15 USD costs curved 3D glass. Up to 35 USD cost composite protective coatings with extreme edge bending. Such glass combines several materials to improve strength and wear characteristics. Also, for example, ZAGG offers a limited lifetime warranty for its products.

35-50 USD is the price of glass with a UV adhesive backing and extreme edge bending. The protective coatings are completed with a UV lamp, which evenly distributes the adhesive base and ensures a secure attachment of the glass over the entire area.


Do I need a tempered glass?

If the phone is actively used, it is worth fitting toughened glass. It is also worth fitting glass to keep the screen in its original condition.

What’s the difference between tempered glass and regular glass?

Tempered glass is thermally or chemically hardened, increasing its strength by up to 5 times. Tempered glass also contains an additional film to retain splinters in case the glass breaks.

Is tempered glass toughened?

Yes, the glass is tempered because it has undergone a chemical or thermal hardening stage.

Does tempered glass scratch easily?

Glass is difficult to scratch with large objects by accidental contact, e.g. keys or coins. Glass is usually scratched after contact with abrasive sand particles.

Is tempered glass harder to break?

Yes, tempered glass is more difficult to break because tempered glass is up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. The most vulnerable part of tempered glass is the corners and edges on the ends. Therefore, if your smartphone is dropped on a corner, the glass is more likely to break than if the screen is dropped on the floor.


This article describes in detail how much tempered glass costs. The price ranges from 1-50 USD, which is mainly influenced by the shape, type of hardening, transparency, quality of the adhesive backing and oleophobic coating. In most cases, the price of acceptable quality glass starts at 5-7 USD.

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