How strong is tempered glass?

what is the strength of tempered glass

by Alex Gustman

Updated: October 27, 2021

Tempered glass is actively used in the mobile industry to protect the phone screen and body due to its high strength. In this article, you will find out how strong tempered glass is compared to ordinary glass and what the safety limits of tempered glass are.

What is the strength of tempered glass?

Compared to conventional glass, the impact resistance of tempered glass is up to 5 times higher. Compared to chemically toughened glass, the difference is up to seven times. The bending and tensile strength of tempered glass is up to 10 times greater than that of ordinary glass, comparable to that of steel. This resistance is due to the occurrence of molecular stresses on the surface of the glass, which is obtained by quenching. In the case of chemically hardened glass, this effect is achieved by replacing sodium ions with potassium ions.

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Some smartphones with tempered glass can withstand a fall from a height of up to one meter on a hard surface. More often without consequences do impact-resistant phones with IP69 certification, which usually use tempered glass with an increased thickness. There are exceptions, when the glass is broken when falling from 30 centimeters on the concrete floor. And it is not uncommon for glass to break easily on impact-resistant smartphones when dropped from heights of up to one meter.

All this to say that while tempered glass increases the impact resistance of your phone, it does not guarantee perfect protection.

You can read more about tempered glass on Wikipedia.

Vulnerabilities of tempered glass

The most vulnerable part of tempered glass is the side edges and corners. Therefore, dropping your smartphone on any corner or side in most cases ends up with cracks or chips. But when falling flat, the glass is often not destroyed, provided there are small stones and other protruding objects. If the phone falls flat, however, both the phone and the glass are often intact, provided it falls on a flat surface.

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The best way to protect the glass and screen is to use a cover or bumper, reinforced with rubber or other material on the edges. It is also important that the edges of the cover protrude 1-1.5 mm over the glass. This will prevent the bumper from absorbing the impact of the fall on a flat surface, rather than the glass.

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How strong is 4mm tempered glass?

Compared to ordinary glass, tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger.

How strong is 6mm tempered glass?

6 mm tempered glass is up to 5 times stronger than a conventional glass of the same thickness.

How strong is 10mm tempered glass?

10 mm thick tempered glass is capable of supporting a weight of 1,100 lbs.

Is tempered glass heat resistant?

Tempered glass can withstand temperatures of 572°F, while heat-resistant glass can withstand temperatures of 1292-1832°F.

What are the main types of tempered glass?

There are 4 types of glass: Annealed glass, Heat-strengthened glass, Tempered or tempered glass, Laminated glass.


This article describes how strong tempered glass is. After chemical or thermal hardening, the strength increases by up to 7 times compared to normal glass. Because of this, in most cases, the glass is not destroyed by falls or shocks. There are exceptions that lead to cracks or chips. And to protect the vulnerable areas of tempered glass will help cover or bumper with reinforced side edges.

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