How to Bypass The Screen Lock on Android Using The Camera?

how to remove the lock

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

Android OS provides the installation of several screen unlocking methods. If one method failed for various reasons, another method will help you remove the lock. These instructions will tell you how to remove the lock using the camera, as well as other most common methods.

Removing the screen lock using the camera

If there is an activated unlock by scanning the face, to remove the lock, just tap the power button, and then point the camera at the face. The reading process takes up to 1 second. Therefore, if you have a saved face sample, the screen lock will be immediately removed.

It is important to note that this type of unlocking is often implemented due to the front camera without infrared illumination, which does not allow the smartphone to distinguish the face without sufficient lighting. In addition, this method of unlocking may not work if there are significant changes in the owner’s face or if there are problems with the camera.

Removing the lock by entering a password

Before adding a picture of the face, the smartphone asks you to enter a password with a mandatory confirmation. Therefore, to bypass the face scanner lock, just tap the Enter Password field at the bottom of the screen.

Removing the lock in the Dr.Fone app – Screen Unlock

The desktop application for Windows and Mac supports removing 4 types of screen locks without losing data integrity. To do this, you will need a computer with the program installed and a data cable. After connecting and pairing the phone with the PC, you will need to restart the device in recovery, and then confirm the password deletion via the PC.

At the same time, the application does not work with all existing models of Android devices, but it is worth a try.

Removing the lock via TWRP recovery

If the bootloader is unlocked on the smartphone and the custom TWRP recovery is installed, this method will allow you to disable the lock before the system boots. You will need to delete the files that are responsible for locking using the file manager. For a detailed description, see these instructions.

Removing the lock in the service center

Alternatively, contact the service center, where there are usually advanced programs for working with a smartphone. For help in the workshop, you may be required to pay a certain amount of money, which, on the other hand, will allow you to save data on an internal storage device.

Removing the lock by resetting the settings

This method involves formatting the phone’s memory and returning to the factory state. You will not be able to restore the information, but any screen locks will also disappear. Detailed instructions are described in the Reset Settings on Android article.


How to override lock screen on android?

You need to go Settings, choose Security and tap Screen Lock. Enter your current password or pattern. Now you can choose “none”. We showed how to do it in detail in this article.

How to skip lock screen android?

Unlock the screen with the fingerprint scanner or front-facing camera. Or disable the lock in the settings, which is not secure.

How to bypass android lock screen using cmd?

If USB debugging is not enabled in the settings – no way. If debugging is enabled, the ADB RUN utility will help.

How to bypass android lock screen using emergency call?

Select “Emergency call” and then go to the menu. This method is available on some older models and does not work on most devices.

How can I bypass the screen lock (swiping lock) of an Android phone with a broken screen?

Use the fingerprint scanner or front camera to unlock the screen. You can connect a computer mouse via OTG.

How to bypass android lock screen without computer?

If you have ROOT rights, delete the files responsible for locking the screen in recovery. Or contact a service center. Resetting (hard reset) will also help, but will erase all data on the internal memory.

How to bypass android lock screen without reset?

Contact a service center.

How to bypass the android pattern lock screen without Google account?

Contact a service center. A reset will also help but will erase all data on the internal memory.

How to bypass android lock screen without losing data?

It is better to go to a service center. But we described some ways here.

How to bypass lock screen on android 9.0?

All the methods in this article are relevant.


The article describes the current methods of how to bypass the android lock screen using the camera. Face-scanning unlocking works if this authentication method is added in advance. Also, with this method of unlocking, you can enter a digital password in case of an emergency. Otherwise, unlocking will have to be carried out using other methods.

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