How to Change Android Lock Screen?

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by Alex Gustman

Updated: June 30, 2021

One of the main features of Android is that users can customize how it looks and acts. Even security options such as Lock Screen can be altered in multiple ways. One can set or change the display picture, show or hide notifications or completely turn the protection off. Let’s learn how to change the Android lock screen to make it look exactly the way you want.

Using gallery

It is possible to change the lock screen to display any picture of your choice. One can do that by visiting the picture gallery, making changes to the device settings, or tapping on the home screen. Here is the first way:

1. open the picture gallery and choose the image you wish to use,

app gallery

2. tap three dots (or horizontal lines) located in the right top corner,

picture selection

3. choose Set as (or Use as) option from a drop-down menu,

save as

4. crop the picture and confirm changes.

cropping app
setting the image on the screen

You will have the opportunity to apply the same picture to both home and lock screen or choose different wallpapers for both of them.

Modifying Settings

To set up custom wallpaper in Settings one has to:

1. press cog icon in the notification shade,

Launcher menu call

2. type Wallpaper into the search field,

selection of the image change menu

3. choose the picture,

picture selection
setting picture as

4. press Set Wallpaper, crop, and confirm.

setting the picture on the screen as

Names and locations of menu items can vary slightly depending on the phone manufacturer and Android version.

Using home screen

The same procedure can be done by pressing and holding a free spot on the home screen. When pop-up emerges, pick Styles and wallpapers. The system will offer a wide selection of different pictures one can choose from. After you find the image, select it, adjust, zoom, and confirm. Every device manufacturer gives the possibility to download free-of-charge or paid pictures. You can use your pictures as well.

Changing the lock type

There are three main ways to protect your phone content from prying eyes:

  • PIN code that comprises of numbers,
  • custom password with letters, symbols, and digits,
  • the graphic pattern on the grid of dots.

One can choose any of them by entering the Settings and typing Screen lock into the search field. Here you will also be able to turn the feature off completely by selecting “None.” “Swipe” option is self-explanatory – one will need to give the display a swipe to get in.

screen lock
screen lock options

Modern phones with fingerprint scanners give their owners a faster way to get past the lock screen. To use it, you need to record a finger image that will be used to unlock the device. The scanner is typically located on the display home button, on the display or rear side of the phone. By using fingerprint, user does not see any lock screen at all.

Third-party applications

It is possible to install Google Play apps that mimic the design introduced in different devices. For example, one might like the way the lock screen looks on iPhone. Some applications offer different clock and notification styles or widgets, as well as different background wallpapers. Find the one you like in Google Play, install, and delete should it fail to meet your expectations.

Further customization

There are some more options one is free to adjust. For example, Google experts know that there are different user opinions concerning notifications. Some love to see them on lock screens, whereas others opt for more privacy. The solution is to change this setting by typing the Lock screen display into the search and choosing a Lock screen menu item. You will then be able to:

  • allow or forbid all notifications,
  • hide the most sensitive ones only.

One can also input a text message that will appear on display right below the clock. This might come handy if someone finds the device – in this case, there will be no other way to identify the owner. The feature is located under Advanced Settings in the Lock screen display.


Android is a user-friendly system. Everyone can customize the look and feel of it by modifying settings. A lock screen was made to protect the device. As a result, users see this feature hundreds of times every single day. Good news that it is possible to change the way it looks and acts.


How to change the lock screen password on an android phone?

Open the system settings, then the “security” section. In the next menu, select “Screen lock”. Then enter the old password and then the new password.

How to change the lock screen background?

In the gallery or another app, select a picture and apply the action to set as a background on the lock screen.

How to set a lock screen on android?

Open the system settings, then the “security” section. In the next menu, select “Screen lock”. Then enter the password and select the type of lock.

How to customize the android lock screen?

You should use apps from Google Play that have a screen lock feature. The background and button layout can be changed in these apps.

How to change screen lock sound on android without root?

You should use apps from Google Play that have a screen lock feature.

How to change the clock on the android lock screen?

Open the system settings, then the screen. Under “Screen saver”, select the clock and adjust to your personal preference.

How to change lock screen apps?

Install another app with a screen lock function.

How to change the name on the lock screen?

Using the search in the main menu, find the item “Owner information”. Open the menu and add the text that will be displayed on the locked screen.

How to customize the lock screen on android?

Install another programme with a screen lock function. Select your preferred settings in the programme settings.

How to change lock sound on android?

Replace the files in the folder /root/system/media/audio/ui

Can’t change lock screen wallpaper android

Reboot the device. If the problem persists, use other image-changing software.

How to change the lock screen on an android phone?

Using the search on the device, open the screen saver item. Select the screen saver type – colour, picture or clock.

How to change the time format on the android lock screen?

Using the search on the device, open the screen saver item. Select the clock and adjust it to your personal preference.

How to change lock screen text color android?

Change in the screen settings. This function is only present on some smartphones.

How to change android lock screen icons?

The icons change feature is present in third-party lock screen apps.


Here we’ve described how to change lock screen android. You can do this by using the Home screen, Gallery, phone settings, and third-party applications.

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