How to Change PIN on Android?

how to change the pin code on an android smartphone.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 15, 2021

Password protection was made to enhance security and privacy levels. Smartphone has become a digital data storage that keeps our deeds in secret. The tool is simple and effective – the phone does not let anyone access the home screen without knowing the answer set by its owner. If you still do not know how to protect your smartphone from other people’s eyes, let’s find out how to change the PIN on an Android device.

Looking into Settings

An obvious place to check is the Settings menu list. One can access it by finding a gear icon on their home screen or in the notification shade. From here, there are two main ways:

  1. The fastest is to look at the very top of the display. You can type “lock screen” and confirm the selection by pressing the magnifier icon on the right bottom corner in the search field. This will take you directly to the place where you can choose from the three options offered.
  2. Scroll down until you see any menu item containing a Lock screen in its name.

There are three main protection layers that you can use:

  • PIN – set of numbers,
  • password – unlock code can use digits as well,
  • graphic pattern.

Alternatively, you can disable the lock screen completely by pressing “None” or only remove the password by choosing “Swipe.” More sophisticated devices will also offer face recognition feature as well as a fingerprint or eye iris scan.

Changing PIN on different devices

Evolution has changed the way Android looks. There are also systems based on Android that look and feel differently. Besides, the versions have slightly changed menu items, which can complicate the inexperienced user’s life. For example:

  1. The majority of old versions hide the Lock screen feature under Security. Samsung devices are slightly different and have it under Lock screen and Security – Type.
  2. In the 7th and 8th versions, the feature slightly changed its location and moved to Settings – Screen lock and Security – Screen lock type.
  3. The latest 10th version became clearer – option in question is accessed directly from under the main Settings.
  4. Lineage OS is one of the custom systems that can be installed by one of the previous device owners. Some people consider it beneficial to have a new Android on an old phone. Here one can find it under Security – screen lock gear icon – lock screen shortcuts.
  5. The respective menu item is put to Lock screen and password in MIUI – system owned by Xiaomi.

When you find it, choose the desired protection method, confirm the old PIN, and set a new unlock way. Confirm your password, PIN, or pattern. Should you need more details, learn How to Remove Screen Lock PIN on Android.

A password is required if you keep sensitive data on your device. If you keep it activated, there are better odds your data will not be used against you if the phone is lost or stolen. It is worth looking into smart ways of unblocking, such as fingerprint or Smart Unlock. These features are useful but require more attention to keep the intruders and data thieves away.


Here we’ve described how to change the PIN on android. You can do this in phone settings, how we’ve shown above.

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