How to Check App Activity Android?

how to check the activity of programs

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 21, 2021

People use applications without thinking about what they consist of and how they work. Developers, however, know that each app is made of multiple activities. Briefly speaking, they add more functions to the programs making them more useful for the consumers and thus more popular.

When it comes to releasing an app, it is vital to thoroughly test it to make sure all the functions are working fine. Every item included in the program should do what it is supposed to do exactly the right way.

Several mandatory steps have to be done to start running the tests using PC programs. It is required to input the app package name to identify the exact piece of software. It is best to check the list of activities, especially the main one, since it will be necessary to launch a testing program. There are multiple solutions available to check this information. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Using command line

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is the set of programs that establish a connection with an Android device through a computer using the command line. This is an excellent tool widely used by app developers, and (most probably) you already have it installed.

ADB is typically a part of Android SDK – a set of tools allowing to develop applications. Assuming you have it on board, do the following to get the app activity name:

  • put APK file to any destination inside your computer,
  • launch command line,
  • enter aapt d –values badging PATH where PATH is your APK file destination.

This will basically read the .xml file containing the data you need. Look for the word activity since this is what you need. Check out the article How to get app package name in Android to see other commands you can use to extract both package and app activity names.

You can get app activity information by other means using your computer as well. The entire process is described in detail in the article How to find app package and app activity in Android). ADB is one of the common solutions utilized to check the app activity name. Yet, you can use one of the more straightforward ways. Let’s check them out.

Using APK Info

Multiple Play Store programs allow reading the details about apps installed on your device. Installing one of them is one of the fastest methods available to check the main activity name and access to the entire list of activities. Briefly speaking, you have to:

1. Find one of such programs in the Play Store.

program search apk info

2. Install it.

installing the program on a smartphone
application launch

3. Check the required information in dedicated fields.

Select application.
Select application.
Scroll down.
Scroll down.
selection of activity
list of activities

The process is intuitive. However, should you need more information on this method, it is available in this article How to find app package and app activity in Android.

Testing is a vital app development stage. However, certain information is to be entered to help the program you use for this purpose to locate the correct application among the others installed on your smartphone. There are several solutions to find these details out – some of them are very simple, whereas the others are more advanced. The handiest tool for reading complete information about any installed app is one of the APK Info programs available in the Play Store.

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