How to Clean a Leather Phone Case?

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 15, 2021

Leather has always been a premium material thanks to its pleasant look and feel. Covers made of this material will never go out of fashion. However, it can easily lose its shape and color if cleaned wrong or even as time goes by. Let’s see how to treat a leather phone case to preserve its look.

Precautionary measures

It is relatively easy to damage leather. Always make sure to:

  1. Test the cleaning method or solution of your choice. Pick a small, invisible cover part, and try it there first. Let it dry and scrutinize the surface before continuing.
  2. Never apply excessive pressure, avoid mechanical action. Clean it gently and slowly; otherwise, there is a chance to damage the leather or remove the protective coating.
  3. Use cotton pads or soft textile cloth, such as wool, fleece, felt, or flannel.
  4. Let the cover dry by itself at room temperature when you are done cleaning. Never put the case onto heating radiators, don’t use a hairdryer to avoid deformation.

Never leave the product under direct sunlight for a long time.

Using leather cleaners

Before starting, check if your case has a protective layer. To do this, put a drop of water onto the surface. If it absorbs it in no time, there is no finish at all. If this is the case, utilize only cleaning agents and make sure never to use water. Always consult manufacturer’s manuals on the bottles to ensure you are using the right cleaner and do everything right.

Alternatively, visit a store and ask an attendant to select the right cleaner for you. They should be able to give good advice based on their experience. If the price is too high, it is always possible to order the chosen solution from the internet instead of purchasing it.

How to disinfect a leather phone case?

The quick and fast answer is to use leather cleaners. There are, however, more common (and cheaper) ways to do that. Should your cover have a protective layer, wipe the surface up with a dry (or slightly wet) soft cloth. If you see a stain, address it immediately – otherwise, it will only be possible to remove it along with a protective layer. You can also contact the manufacturer to follow their directions since they know better the material they used and how to clean it with no damage.

To clean the cover from dust, dirt or moderate stains, one should:

  • try scent-free wet wipe or soft damp cloth,
  • use wet the cloth with soapy water if it does not work,
  • gently wipe the surface,
  • remove excess liquid with a soft towel or cotton pads,
  • let the cover dry at room temperature.

Avoid using alcohol or citric acid since they remove the dirt along with the protective coating. The contact can also result in non-removable stains, deformations, or discoloration. When it happens, the only remaining way is to buy a new case or rub more to make a ”vintage-looking” look.

Leather is a very soft material that can be easily ruined. Always check the manufacturers’ guides to avoid any damage to the product. The easiest way is to clean it using soapy water and a soft cloth. The right path is to find a suitable leather cleaner.

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Here we have described how to clean a leather phone case. Pay attention to precautions not to spoil the leather on your case.

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