How to Clean Mobile Back Cover?

how to clean mobile back cover

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 27, 2022

When you buy a new mobile phone, it looks perfect. Not only the screen of the phone, but the whole phone shines. It seems that if it were possible, you would never touch it so as not to leave fingerprints or greasy marks. Unfortunately, after only five minutes of use the phone is covered with fingerprints, dust and greasy streaks. But you can bring it back to perfection with just a swipe of a wet cloth or a microfiber cloth.

But how do you restore a brand-new look to your phone when you’ve been using it for a long time and the phone case has become very dirty? Fortunately, there are two easy ways to clean the mobile back cover, even from ingrained dirt.

Alcohol Wipes

The effective way to remove grime from the mobile back cover is to use alcohol wipes. Alcohol wipes usually come with a screen protector, but they can also be purchased separately at any mobile accessory store.

To clean your phone body follow the next steps:

  1. take out and unwrap an alcohol wipe
  2. wipe the mobile back cover
  3. remove moisture residue with a dry cloth 


Another way to clean your phone back cover is to use an eraser. The eraser does not damage the phone cover, so you can use it to clean phone cases made of plastic, wood, leather and some other materials.

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Here we’ve described how to clean a phone cover. You can use either of two easy ways to clean your phone body or phone case at home. Use alcohol wipes or an eraser to bring it back to its original shiny appearance.

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