How to Clean Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

clean tempered glass screen

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 7, 2021

The tempered glass screen protector is designed to keep your smartphone screen undamaged in case your phone falls. This is why many smartphone users install a screen protector on their expensive devices. But over time, the tempered glass screen protector gets dirty, and the phone starts to look bad. Of course, you can remove the old screen protector and install a new one. However, if you do not want to spend extra money, you can clean the old screen protector. Here you will learn how to clean the protective glass, as well as what cleaning agents to use.

Which cleaning products should I use?

The most accessible cleaning agent is the disposable cleaning wipes, which are often included in a set with tempered glass. Usually, there are two in the set. One wipe is soaked in the cleaning agent, which effectively removes dirt from the glass. Another one is dry for removing streaks.

wet and dry glass cleaning cloth

There are also disposable alcoholic wipes, which allow you to cope with various persistent contamination, as well as some bacteria. In this case, excess moisture will have to be removed with a paper tissue or any other rag.

Notebooks or monitor screen cleaning wipes will also work. Such wipes are larger than those designed for mobile electronics screens. Are on sale more often in a bank or a package, in quantity beginning from 10 pieces.

Especially for regular screen cleaning, there are kits with cleaner, brush, and microfiber cloth. The set is universal and is suitable for cleaning mobile electronics glasses, monitors, photo, and video equipment.

How to clean tempered glass?

Wipe the safety glass with an alcohol wipe or a damp cloth to remove dirt, dust, and greasy streaks. Then wipe the glass with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture and stains. There’s no need to take off the screen protector.

If you use a screen cleaning kit, do the following:

Apply the cleaning fluid to the glass. To do this, place the mobile device on the table and then spray the cleaning fluid over the screen surface from a short distance (20-30 cm).

silicon based residues on the protective glass

Use safety goggles so that the cleaning fluid does not get into the eyes when spraying. 

protective glasses.

Wipe the protective glass with a napkin.

the first stage of glass cleaning

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places or crevices.

final stage of glass cleaning

If you used a reusable cloth to wipe the screen, wash it, and dry it. Wash the cloth every time after you finish cleaning the screen, as the remnants of dried-up dirt on the cloth may scratch the safety glass.

How to clean the inside of a screen protector?

If dust or dirt gets on the adhesive side when installing the tempered glass, the glass must be cleaned or air bubbles will occur during installation. To clean the sticky side of the screen protector, remove the protective film and place the adhesive side up on a flat surface. Use one hand to hold the film with a plastic card or another non-sharp object, and the other hand to pick up debris and dirt with the adhesive tape.

Can you clean and reuse tempered glass screen protector?

Tempered glass can be re-glued several times as long as the adhesive base is not damaged. If the adhesive layer is broken, a special gel can be used to restore it. The best option is to buy cheap 3D glass. It comes with a UV gel to fix the glass. You need to apply a few drops in the place where the glass does not adhere to the screen. Then use the included lamp to dry the gel. This method allows you to securely and accurately fix the tempered glass to the screen. Another solution to this problem is simply to replace the tempered glass with a new one.

Why do you have to clean the safety glass?

When you use a smartphone, greasy streaks from your fingers, sweat, and dirt form on its surface. At the same time, the glass surface serves as a favorable environment for the development of various bacteria.

Best way to clean tempered glass screen protector

To clean your screen protector, a display screen care kit is a good choice. In addition to the cleaning fluid, the kit usually includes a microfiber cloth and a brush. The wipe will effectively clean the screen, and the brush will remove debris from hard-to-reach places. To clean the screen, apply a small amount of cleaner to one side of the wipe, wipe the screen, and then use the other dry side of the wipe to remove any remaining moisture.

How often should the safety glass be cleaned?

You should clean the glass and the body of your mobile device each time you return home. If possible, you should wipe the glass several times during the day, especially if you use your phone during eating.

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How to keep your screen protector clean?

It is necessary to wipe the screen regularly with cleaning fluid for display maintenance. Preferably a few 3-4 times a day after prolonged use.

How do I get the dirt out from under my screen protector?

The protective film must be lifted or removed, and then the dirty area must be cleaned. Reinstall the film on a dust-free and degreased screen.

Will dust under the screen protector damage the phone screen?

Dust does not damage the screen. If, however, under the film accumulated abrasive debris in the form of sand or other dirt, then the screen can form micro-scratches. Therefore, it is better to regularly clean the protective coating and avoid heavy dirt.

Which glue is used in tempered glass?

The type of adhesive backing for each glass may vary slightly. 3D glass uses a UV adhesive that is cured by the ultraviolet rays of a lamp. In conventional glasses, the adhesive backing may contain different compounds, including glycerin or silicone. Or it can be a gelatinous silicone.

How do I keep my screen protector from peeling?

You should clean the protective cover regularly and keep the edges of the protective cover free of debris. It is best to use a cleaning kit for cleaning your monitor or TV screen. Or use the alcohol wipes that come in a kit with a new glass or film.

Can you reuse a plastic screen protector?

Can be used if the adhesive layer is not damaged. But usually, the protective film becomes unusable after removal.

Can I use isopropyl alcohol to clean tempered glass?

Yes, you can. It is better to use alcohol wipes that come with the new film or glass. These wipes are also sold separately at various retailers.


This article describes in detail how to clean hardened glass. The described method is suitable for both tempered glass screen protectors and directly for your smartphone screen module. Regular screen cleaning will make your smartphone screen not only pleasant to look at, but also safe, as cleaning reduces the number of bacteria on the screen surface. It is therefore important to clean the safety glass regularly, at least when you return from the street.

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