How To Clear Clipboard Android

how to clear the clipboard on mobile

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 16, 2021

The Android OS has a clipboard that allows you to store the last saved action or copied text in memory. In this article, you will learn what other features the clipboard has, as well as how to clear the clipboard on Android devices.

What’s a clipboard?

The clipboard is a storage in RAM designed for the temporary storage of information to be copied, pasted, or moved. In the clipboard data of different formats are placed, thus increasing speed and multitasking. For example, a copied text fragment is easy to transfer an unlimited number of times to different applications without the need for manual typing over and over. Copying exception only to cut out data. 

For compatibility reasons, data is copied in a format that is easy to read by applications. If this format is not supported, the operating system will convert the file format. Thanks to this, the copied text fragment is recognized by any other editor, and the graphic editor understands the image copied through the buffer, etc.

Some applications use physical space as the clipboard. The data is not stored in RAM, but on a flash drive, which is read if necessary. This process is called caching.

How to clear the clipboard android

Below are two ways to clean the clipboard in Android. The methods are relevant for all versions of the operating system.

System Reboot

The easiest way to clean the clipboard is to reboot your mobile device. Since the clipboard uses RAM, which works only when power is available, when power is turned off the RAM will be cleared, which will automatically clear the clipboard. But this method does not work for applications that use physical memory as the clipboard.

Cleaning the clipboard using applications

You can download and install on the android phone applications for cleaning the android system. These apps clear the cache and free up the RAM. Some cleaning apps also clear the RAM clipboard.

It is more convenient to use the cleaning app as there is no need to reboot your mobile device every time. In addition, only the application will remove cached data.


The article describes in detail how to clear the clipboard for an android. The easiest way to clear the buffer is to reboot the device, which will immediately remove the data from RAM. But it is inconvenient to reboot the mobile device every time. Therefore, it is much more relevant to use the app. The application will clear the data from RAM and clean the cache. However, it should be noted that not all cleaners support the function of cleaning the RAM buffer, or such a function is provided only when purchasing an application.

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