How to connect bluetooth headphones to PC or laptop

how to connect headphones to pc

by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 14, 2022

The use of wireless headphones paired with a PC or laptop is becoming more and more popular. A wireless headset provides the freedom of movement, allows you to receive voice and video calls, play music and sound from videos. It is also a convenient way to watch TV without disturbing others. There are many options for using this device, so from this article you will learn how to connect bluetooth headphones to the computer.

Features of connecting headphones via Bluetooth

For the headset to work, you must pair the accessory with a wireless module. This module is installed by default in most laptops, as well as in some PC motherboards. If such a module is not installed, it is possible to buy a Bluetooth adapter.
Two types of adapters are available:

  1. Internal, which connects to the peripheral PCI port
  2. An external one that connects to a USB connector

The internal adapter is an expansion card and is designed to be installed in a PC case. There are compact versions, with a basic set of features, as well as advanced, including a massive antenna and Wi Fi router. The data transfer speed and capabilities of such devices are higher, but the price is more expensive. It also requires a free PCI port.

The external module is similar to a USB flash drive and is often no more than a wireless mouse dongle. The price of such devices starts from 2-3 USD and they do not require getting inside the case for installation. At the same time, in comparison with internal PCI adapters data transfer speed and capabilities are lower.

Instructions on how to connect bluetooth headphones to the computer on Windows 7 and 10

1. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the computer, install the drivers. In most cases Windows will automatically search the online database and install it.

2. Once the device is ready to use, a Bluetooth icon will appear in the notification area, right-click on the icon and select “Add Device”.

Connection selection
device type - headphones

3. Turn on the wireless headphones in detection mode, and then select the device on the computer. After adding the headset, you will see a message asking for drivers.

search box
found device

4. If a password prompt appears during the pairing process, enter the standard combination “0000” or “1111”. In case of error, check the instructions and find the manufacturer’s password. Your device is ready to work.

Important notice! In case of the lack of sound in the headphones the reason is that driver software is not installed or not working properly. If so you will need to manually install the software, so download the program from the manufacturer’s official website. Consider the same for external/embedded adapters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect bluetooth headphones to PC without an adapter?

For a wireless connection, you can install a bluetooth PCI adapter on the motherboard. Some bluetooth headphones also support an additional wired connection via cable.

Why are my bluetooth headphones invisible to my windows 7 laptop?

The first connection requires pairing – hold the headphones power button for 3-4 seconds. Problems with further connections are often solved by rebooting the notebook.

Why can’t I connect wireless headphones to my computer via bluetooth?

Probably there are no drivers installed or the drivers are not working properly


If the drivers are correctly installed, setting up and connecting the bluetooth headphones to PC or laptop takes 2-3 minutes. Failures and incorrect operation occurs only with cheap USB and PCI adapters, coming without any provided software. Windows detects the devices correctly, but as automatic drivers are not suitable, there is no sound broadcast.

It is necessary to look for the appropriate software, which is problematic and sometimes not possible. Therefore, when buying a plug-in adapter, you need to pay special attention to this parameter. Connecting headphones on a laptop is easier, since the adapter is often built in, and it is easier to update the drivers.

If you still have questions, in the block below “User comments” you can ask the author a question, leave a comment or share your experience. We will try to answer.

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